Angelica DeFalco, Grade 11

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And I could write an endless stream of letters

Flowing together on a thread,

Embedding them together to form a lovely poem

Without any of the writing, but all of the emotion.

Except, not even the slightest curves of the letters

Of our 26 lettered alphabet could nearly accurately

Describe, or even come near to my infatuation

Intoxication, or love for you.

The way I’m so enraptured in the way the ends of your lips

Curl upward when you smile,

Or the way your fingers move with such carelessness,

Or the way your eyes light up like skies

When someone says something you like, or you see

Something you love.

I’m not exactly positive what it is about you

That has gotten the strings of my soul tugging

Ever so slightly

At the sound of your name, or the innocence of your

Presence, like the presence of rain when you need it most.

My fingers can so easily entwine, and my stomach

So easily knot at the slightest thought of your arms around


With sand in between our toes, the stars at our fingertips,

The moon in our eyes, and



The pure innocence of our names stitched together like

A tree rooted to the soil beneath it, you keep me upright.

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