Once Upon A Time Season Premiere


Jen Geller

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For anyone who is a “Oncer”, this is a very exciting time. Once Upon A Time is returning for its fifth season right now and everyone is as excited as ever to find out what this season is going to consist of and what magical adventures the characters will be taking, this time around.

Overall, Once Upon A Time is a television show that began with the main character Emma Swan being called upon from her home to become the savior of a small town in Maine called Storybrooke where a spell has been cast and fairytale characters from all different movies and shows are trapped as people in the real world with other identities. This was the goal of the first season. Emma, “the savior” along with the son that she put up for adoption and now reunites with, Henry, saved Storybrooke with obstacles and traps along the way. This includes the mayor of Storybrooke (or the Evil Queen) Regina Mills. Regina had adopted Henry and this causes a conflict between Regina and Emma as to who should protect Henry since they are both technically his mother.

Throughout the seasons to follow many adventures would take place. We learn about “The Dark One,” who is Mr. Gold in Storybrooke (but really Rumplestilskin). He was an evil heart and will trick anyone on his or her path so that he can gain power and perform other selfish acts. However, at the end of season four, Mr. Gold appears to be dying; and so his evil spirit leaves his body. Unfortunately, Emma, the savior, would become the new Dark One, gaining this evil spirit, and this is where season five picks off. How will Emma control her new dark powers? This is the suspense that Oncers have been waiting months to find out and now it is slowly becoming reality as the show began again Sundays at 8PM starting September 27th.

For anyone who likes Disney, this is the show for them. For anyone who likes an adventure this is he show for them. For anyone who just likes a good laugh and a good time for friends, this is the show for them as well. Once Upon a Time is bound to leave you in suspense and wanting to know what happens next, episode after episode.

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