MHS Football Begins the School Year

Jen Geller

Marlboro High School is very school spirited and with football season now underway, it is a great time for students and staff to show their Mustang pride and support the team! As always, the MHS football team has been working extremely hard for this current season and is looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season has to offer all together both at home and away at other schools.

As a team, the MHS football players have put in a lot of time and determination to make this season the best that it can be. Workouts began back in June for the fall season as well as during the summer from 7:30-10 AM! Additionally, they practice or have a game every day of the week during the season except for Sunday’s beginning on August 15th. Typically at a practice, they practice their positions and also spend time conditioning and running.

Senior Bhanu Chadalawada has spent the last four years on the football team and thought it has been an absolutely amazing experience! He said, “My favorite thing is the family environment we have for each other. We all have each other’s backs.” This sense of being a family is seen throughout the entire football team both with the coaches as well as the players.

Mr. Dagato is the head coach of the football team. However, many other staff members work with the team to ensure they are able to do their best including the athletic trainer, Mr. Bramble. The captains of this year’s team are Chase Sandler, Tyler Tanen, Eric Vogel, and Mike Wolff. Together, the team has many people leading who are working hard towards a successful and enjoyable year both on and off the field.

Overall, this season looks bright for the Mustang football team and their passion and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Good luck during the rest of the season Mustangs! Keep up the hard work!