Yellowjackets Review


Ashley Ragone


In 1996, a New Jersey high school soccer team departed for a national championship on a private jet. However, before they could reach their destination in Washington, the plane crashed in the Canadian forest; they were lost for almost two years. In an exploration of the teenage psyche and complex relationships among the team, the show looks at how the girls live in the present, 25 years since the horrible accident. 

This show took inspiration from both real events and the beloved novel Lord of the Flies, common themes including being stranded, creating a new society, and, more gruesome, human consumption. This female-leading adaptation, which first aired in 2021, has already developed a strong following and rave reviews for its nostalgic yet haunting aesthetic. Popular captain Jackie, burnout Natalie, outcast Misty and other members of the team work to stay alive while taking care of one another and building alliances. The performances of acclaimed actors like Melanie Lynsley and Christina Ricci have been praised, also including newcomers Sophie Nelisse and Sammi Hanratty. This show provides a unique realm to get lost in, and shocking plot twists with every new episode.