Generation 2

Ethan Ng

(“Now to move on to a new world.”)


Main multiversal timestream: Post-reboot – Generation 1, new Earths: (Earth-00, 01, 02, Earth-Memory)


Generation 2: The Canon Legend of REBOOT


Chapter 2: Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10


Volume 6: A New World: Restart, To Battle We Boldly Go, Confrontation of Organizations – Past to Future


A New World: Restart

Activating… Hello, user. Welcome to the new OS (Operating Software): Universe identification: NCC-XS-PR-T. (New Canon Continuity Experimental Storyline Post Reboot Timeline) My intelligence agency is REBOOT. (Revised-Engine-Base-Objective-Order-Temporal-Space) I am Jay. (Justified Autonomous Y-alignment Intelligence) My partner is Waffle (Woof-Animated-Far-Fetched-Long-Extra) His physical body is modeled after a Pomeranian. His name was chosen from a raffle. Unfortunately, Pancake (Potentially-Attractive-Non-Conforming-Artificial-Kinetic-Extravagant) was too long of a name, so that name went to my android cat. Together with REBOOT, we battle the evil forces of the ones who seek to conquer the universe: ANCONA, who seeks to conquer the world. ANCONA stands for Ancona-Neo- Conquest-Operations-Non-Aligned. We are based on Earth-00. Earth-01 orbits us as a moon, and Earth-02 is a nearby world. All 3 Earth’s seem to be a copy of a world that existed a long time ago, according to old tablets found inside ancient cities under our planet’s surfaces. On our orbiting space station (The Merriweather), we discovered the multiverse, and the existence of other worlds. Along with that was the location of another alternate Earth. However, it was in my continuity. Therefore, I used a ship (USS Wayfarer) to go to that Earth. I found a planet designated Earth-Memory. The name was listed on a plaque on the planet’s surface. The whole world seems to be an enormous uninhabited city. I found this recorder, and I am speaking to it. There is a box over there. Wonder what is inside? I’ll take the risk of touching it. What is this- *Static* Switching to 3rd person POV… process complete. Jay and Waffle watched as the plot-proof box (plot-secure box) slowly unfolded. Inside was a small teleporter/mass changer. Jay pressed its controls and he got a look at what was under Earth-Memory’s surface. He gasped in awe as he noticed. Inside the planet there was loads of equipment and technology, along with many sealed doors. There was also a portal to the original Earth-9999, which survived. Then another agent from REBOOT arrived: Matt, Malfunctioning Artificial Tactical Tron. Something along those lines. Matt watched as an orb came out of the box and began to glow. The orb slowly changed into a robed man, wearing gold and blue. On his head was a milky white cap. The Curator slowly looked around, taking in his surroundings. Then he noticed Earth-00, Earth-01, and Earth-02 serenely orbiting their sun slowly. It’s worth mentioning that the sun was a Dyson Sphere at this point. The Curator cheered. “I live!!!” Then he looked behind him and noticed a glowering turtle. It was the Watcher, the unofficial relative of the Turtle of Power (Aka the Immortal Flying Ninja Turtle with a different name)! The Watcher then slowly vanished after some more glaring because he could glare, and he was exercising his right to do so. The Curator returned his gaze to Jay, Waffle, and Matt. He recognized everyone present as having been rebooted, except for Jay. He detected a subatomic signature that was a little similar to Ethan’s source universal canonical signature, but still significantly different, about 99% different. He assumed that Jay was a newly created inhabitant of this universe. The Watcher also noticed that Jay had a special new Nucleonic-Positronic-Atomatronic-Neutronic-Reactor equipped in his armor, Transmetal III armor, better known as Table Armor. Arjun also reappeared, after having disappeared into the Legacy universe for a very long time. Arjun didn’t recognize his surroundings, but he knew who Matt was immediately. Arjun: Advanced Rebooted Justification Unified Network. After Jay bombarded the Curator with questions, Matt decided to go investigate a mysterious whirlpool near a cliff. Arjun, not seeing Ethan, said, “Oh no! Anyways.” Then Matt went on his side adventure. Then Matt (Arjun left to go back to the Legacy universe, he is the realm’s appointed ruler after all) returned after a few days, and Jay went to finally finish hearing the Curator repeat his entire life story. Jay suddenly felt a flashback, and nearly collapsed as memories swirled around in his head. Jay felt the presence of a past being that was powerful and totally 1000% canonically correct. The being’s name… was Ethan, the OG Canon Epic Totalizing Homing Advanced Network. Ayan appeared from a portal. Ayan stands for Awesome Yodeling Amazing Ninja. Hank (Hazardous Anthem Not Kangaroo) also arrived on his mechadeer (Mechanical Epic Car Hapless Arithmetic Do Existence Excelsior Rebooted) which somehow survived the end of the universe. Yash (Yapping Annexed Shrieking Hopper) and Joe (Jester Obligated Etcher) also walked out of a portal nearby. Remy appeared, and (the returning character) Remy-CLASH also appeared beside him (Robotic Eagleye Managerial Y-Class Cyborg L-Series Androidal Super Humanoid). However, none of them had seen Ethan since the Great Reboot, which had restarted the continuity completely. They also didn’t know about Ethan anymore. The Watcher alone had a full memory of the old universe. He sadly remembered the sacrifice of Ethan, who had used 1000% of his power (A complete overload of his powers and even his complete lifeforce, along with all his multiversal selves and backup copy clones, (along with all his overpowered tech) in order to stop the universe from self-destructing after it collapsed in on itself. As the people around him began to vanish, Ethan used his last wild card in his inventory, which saved the world, at the cost of… Ethan himself. Even the Narrator had given himself up so the world could start all over again. (Sad music starts playing in the background, it’s very somber.) At the same time, Ethan retconned himself to save the world from corruption, it began falling apart, eventually returning to a state similar to the pre-Big Bang singularity. Ethan left behind a continuum-changer (a modified retconner) powered using his leftover lifeforce energy and modified the fate of the universe, rebooting everyone into a new world. Jay woke up from his minor coma and noticed the other REBOOT team members all assuming battle positions towards a portal that wasn’t there before. From that portal emerged Mr Ancona. His deer and bear army were visible behind him. From underneath his mask, Mr Ancona grinned evilly. Waffle growled. Remy grabbed his hook and book as his regular attire suddenly turned into a wizard’s cloak and hat, abruptly vanishing and becoming invisible. Jay was familiar with Remy’s strategy and smiled as extended his right arm to his left side. A ruler slid out from Jay’s right sleeve and began glowing blue. A yellow bolt of lightning came out of the sky and struck Jay. The smoke cleared, and Jay was fully covered from head to toe in golden Transmetal III armor, making Jay look like a knight. A long red cape billowed in the air behind him. Hank took one of his pencils and rapidly spun it, turning it into a pen as his armor changed into that of a soldier. Yash took two rods from his back and connected them, transforming them into a long samurai sword as his signature cloak generated. Ayan unholstered his deadly laser pointer as he donned his business suit. Matt pulled out an iron ax as his mecha-suit generated on his body. Joe began glowing, and moments later he was a glowing ball of light, from which the image of a cap-and-jacket-wearing man could be seen. It seemed that behind that cross-legged figure, a muscled figure levitated up and down as it faded in and out of reality. Waffle generated a jetpack from his body jacket and two laser pointers folded out on both sides of his helmet. (REBOOT’s armor generated from their masks. Masks were a big fashion thing at that point in time.) The Curator teleported away to watch. The deer and bears charged forward…


To Battle We Boldly Go

Mr Ancona had returned to menace the MANCM once again. This time, he had made ninja stars out of gingerbread. Mr Ancona also hired Miss Karen, a stereotypical person who screamed a lot and demanded to see your manager, regardless whether you had one or not. Her sonic powers managed to send Ayan flying. Suddenly, there was a huge flash from the corner of the room. The ball of light faded, and Joe became Joe-Joe Joestar. (In the previous universe, he became Joe Cena.) He then proceeded to throw a giant crane and multiple lawn chairs in a well-coordinated strike that trapped Mr Ancona under a load of furniture. Joe-Joe Joestar rubbed his hands in satisfaction. Suddenly, the pile of chairs glowed a bright white, and then out burst Mr Ancona, who was now in a bad mood! Ancona threw ten Ginjar-stars at Joe-Joe Joestar who, leaping up high to avoid them, was still hit and fell down to the floor. At that moment the crane fell down on Mr Ancona, who caught it and threw it at the recovering Joe. Joe-Joe Joestar was almost impaled by the crane when suddenly Hank ran into the fray as a heavily armored warrior and deflected the crane with a super pen shield. From the sky came Yash, who immediately swung his sword. Mr Ancona dodged the blow with minimal effort, striking Yash in the ribs and sending him rolling to cover. Meanwhile, the bears had managed to get enough hits on Hank that he had to make a pencil tower and get on top to recover. At that moment, Remy stepped out from his hiding spot by the door and stood in front of Mr Ancona, reading a book and chilling. Upon seeing him, Mr Ancona directed power beams at him. Remy stepped to the side and immediately Remy-CLASH appeared next to him. (Oh look, it’s a Trace reference! Challenge: Count every reference made in this story.) The two looked at each other and began running toward Mr Ancona, who promptly leaped into a portal. Remy-CLASH activated his hyperspatial infrared eyes to see into the pocket dimensions and began to search for where Mr Ancona was hiding. Remy-CLASH located him and immediately he and Remy began running to that place. However, it was only a heat generator left behind by Mr Ancona in his escape to fool all of them. Remy-CLASH left the room, leaving everybody else behind. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The floor splintered and cracked, a large gash splitting the once-pristine surface. Out of the opening, silhouetted by blinding white light, rose a single figure. As the light died down, the figure raised its head. All at once, Hank’s tower fell down two layers, but as the tower was made of sentient pencils, their shock did not last long, and they quickly built the tower back up. A sigh of relief could be heard from the top of the tower. Back to the figure. It was Salty Man, Mr Ancona’s mentor and the greatest evil villain of all time! (Not kidding. I’m back! It’s the Curator here, and today I’m going to tell you about Salty Man! He was rated number 1 on the list of 2022 Jay’s multiverse hidden villains! He taught Mr Ancona for many years in this new multiverse and is willing to do anything to win! Minus destroying himself.) Waffle bounded to his master’s side and tackled an advancing deer with his chainsaw-filled mouth. Jay lowered his head, and a shadow covered his face. Suddenly, from the shadow came a brilliant yellow light. The blast of energy knocked back many deer in the surrounding radius, and Jay flew forward with superhuman speed towards Mr Ancona, who took out his stapler and cup. Meanwhile, Remy threw his hook at Miss Karen, who screamed with so much force that the hook bounced back to its sender, who did a backflip behind a stack of books and began throwing lots of hooks from behind them. Matt drew his ax and charged at Salty Man, but ran into an energy field. Ayan got enough strength back to fight again, so he aimed his laser pointer at the energy field, penetrating it and landing a direct hit on Salty Man, who shrugged off the attack like it was nothing. (Alternate universe: Matt resorted to rapping, which scared Salty Man, who retreated as Matt threw tier list suggestions at him.) Mr Salty then proceeded to immobilize Matt with a handy net. Salty Man walked up to Ayan and lifted him by the neck, preparing to blast his head off. At that moment a pen flew past Salty Man’s head, and he turned around to see Hank, who drew his pen-sword, and Joe-Joe, who moved his hands in a complicated series of gestures that launched a massive beam of energy at Salty Man. Remy roared and launched himself out from behind the books, extending his arms in all directions and shooting bricks, which obliterated the surrounding buildings. Salty Man ducked and dodged the ultra-powerful stream of concrete that came immediately afterwards, which in turn fixed up the holes in the building that the bricks had previously made. Suddenly, in the air materialized a brick made from pure Transmetalnamium. Remy snapped again and the brick flew to the suit, joining with it, and positioning itself to sit in the center of the chest. Remy leaned backward and pointed his finger at Salty Man. The brick glowed, and a bolt of power shot out from Remy’s finger at Salty Man, which he (somehow) managed to dodge as it vaporized half of his bear army in a single blast. Remy pointed again, but this time Salty Man took out a mirror, which reflected the beam back at the Transmetalnamium brick, which then promptly disappeared as Remy picked up (materialized) his shield and went again behind the stack of books. On the other side of the battle, an angry Pomeranian unleashed a bark that surpassed Miss Karen’s Sonic Scream. However, then Miss Karen began to gain the upper hand, and her power began to throw back the barks. Suddenly, Remy appeared and threw his hook through the bark, boosting its frequency and power. Yash appeared next to Remy. Then, out of his pocket, a turtle came out and stood up and his hind legs, growing in size and becoming as tall as Yash. It was the Immortal Flying Warrior Turtle Of Power! The Turtle of Power stretched his arms and legs, glad to be free again. Then he noticed the bears and deer. With one swipe of his hands/paws/legs/limbs, he cleared out a large group of creatures headed towards him. Yash drew his sword and charged towards Miss Karen. He did not, however, anticipate Miss Karen to have strategically placed Speaker Mines in the area, which surprised Yash. However, he was skilled enough to dodge all the sound blasts, close in, and attack Samurai style. On an empty plain, Jay swung his ruler with blazing speed and destroyed a whole mountain in the distance. Mr Ancona barely dodged the powerful arc of energy, and quickly breathed a sigh of relief. Only to be bound in place by Jay’s tape roller, which fired double-sided and single-sided tape. The tape roller apparently had unlimited tape. (Note: Due to the special nature of this universe, strange, nonsensical, and confusing plot-breaking things regularly happen in every story. Actually, the tape roller is connected to an alternate universe made entirely out of tape, hence the unlimited tape.) Mr Ancona changed the ground around Jay into quicksand, but Jay used his ruler’s size changing function and escaped the trap. However, by that point, Mr Ancona had used his coffee cup cannon to free himself from the tape, and proceeded to bombard Jay with scalding liquid. Then Mr Ancona threw his Ginjar-stars and finished his attack by snapping his stapler rapidly, sending out goats that turned into staples that flew towards Jay, who defended himself by spinning his ruler (staff-size mode) in a rapid blur, which acted like a helicopter blade and knocked back the projectiles. However, he was still hit by the scalding coffee and knocked back. Waffle bounded over a hill and prepared to tackle Mr Ancona, but then Hank’s mechadeer did the job first by lowering its horns and trying to impale his lifelong torturer. Near Jay, Matt freed himself and changed his short ax into his typical baseball bat. Back to where Salty Man was. Remy whistled loudly and suddenly through the wall came what looked like a rocketship. It slowed to a halt, revealing itself to be the Nuclear Vending Machine Mark II. Remy opened the front and climbed inside, strapping himself into the lone seat within. He toggled a switch and the engines began spewing nuclear (non-radioactive, apparently) power out of the bottom of the craft. (It ran on Remy’s creativity, which in turn powered the motor. The fuel source was apparently endless.) Remy flew forward and smashed through Salty Man’s vanguard bears. Then Remy leaped out and let the nuclear vending machine sail into a crowd of deer, which were all promptly disintegrated by the following explosion. Remy then proceeded to summon a swarm of bees which stung the deer nearby. Then he stepped outside and dialed his factory, telling them to begin making a Nuclear Vending Machine Mark III, this time with brakes and landing wheels. (How many will there be???) However, Mr Ancona then threw his handy net again and trapped the Turtle, Matt, Ayan, Yash, Joe, Hank, and Waffle. Then he retreated along with Salty Man and Miss Karen. (Very, very interesting.) Remy-CLASH got to work breaking the net, and Remy called the team’s mobile headquarters to their location. Jay looked up at the sky. Suddenly from a warp-gate long-range mobile portal in the sky came a rocketship, resembling something like a long sword. The side of it was emblazoned with the initials of REBOOT. As it came closer, two parachutes ejected from the top. It began to rapidly burn through the atmosphere as it descended, and quickly came to a halt as it almost slammed into the ground. A very professional landing. A baby deer stepped out of the craft and ran over to Jay, who petted it and smiled. Suddenly Hank appeared, waving his pencils in the air like giant quarterstaffs. A surviving deer leapt out at him from the undergrowth (a lone bush) and Hank sent it flying to the moon and back with one mighty swing. Mr Ancona was already in his escape ship and Miss Karen was close behind him when suddenly, she tripped on a weed, was sent sprawling, ended up in front of the group as they advanced on her, and quickly teleported away. Salty Man had already retreated. Remy-CLASH quickly disappeared to follow Mr Ancona, but was unable to because he had an invisibility cloak. He reappeared at Remy’s side again to continue fighting, and together they cleared away the rest of the deer (of which there were two). Mr Ancona and Salty Man have gotten away, for now.) Out in deep space, a warp gate opened and closed. A lone ship called the Thunder Mark 0 (prototype/spare/special model/limited exclusive for the flying vending machine), freshly out of the factory, not much more than an escape pod, ejected through the gate into a different universe. The ship was singed and burnt, as if having escaped the wrath of some greater being. The ship appeared to be a large tubular machine, burnt at both ends and appearing like a ruptured blimp. There was one occupant, Remy, who, having nearly disintegrated himself and the universe in his chase for Salty Man and Mr Ancona, had finally found them. But he was in trouble. His ship had accidentally veered off course, created a couple dozen supernovas, and generated another galaxy from all of the debris. The ship’s main laser was destroyed. As the ship slowly came crashing to a halt on some remote planet, Remy caught sight of Salty Man and Mr Ancona on the planet’s surface. As the ship came to a full stop on the planet’s surface, Remy fired the hidden secondary laser. It caught Mr Ancona full in the chest, creating a giant crater under where he stood, and sent his body flying into the orbiting moon, forever leaving his face engraved into its surface. Salty Man advanced towards Remy and Remy whistled, knowing that he could not take him on alone. Remy-CLASH appeared beside him, and Naruto-ran directly at Salty Man. Remy used his magic staff to telekinetically grab the wreck of his ship and throw it at Mr Ancona, causing a huge explosion. Suddenly, Jay appeared, supposedly drawn by the destruction and kaboom out of his nap. He levitated and used the 10-minute exclusive power of Youtube Ads and began throwing ads at Salty Man. Mr Ancona immediately flew down from the moon and hit Jay backwards 20 miles. However, with the help of his retconner, Jay stepped aside at the last second. Then Jay spun around and ruler-yeeted Salty Man into Matt’s (he had just appeared) arms. Matt activated his super sugar rush, became Latte, and chucked Salty Man through the gates of reality and into What Did Not Exist. Just as Remy breathed a sigh of relief, there came a loud war-whoop as Salty Man burst out into reality again, riding a flaming chariot. On a double take, Remy realized that the chariot was in fact made of cardboard. Just as it halved the original distance between Salty Man’s emergence point and Remy, the chariot finally realized that cardboard burns quite well and fell to smoldering pieces on the planet’s surface, leaving only a steering wheel. Joe-Joe appeared and stood over Salty Man as he lay on the ground. Suddenly, Mr Ancona slammed into Joe-Joe, leaving him out for the count (he later teleported away, don’t worry). Mr Ancona then landed (and fell!) and stooped over Salty Man, helping him to his feet. It was at this moment in time that Latte, having had enough, ran over, shoved aside Mr Ancona, placed a little silvery ball inside of Mr Ancona’s pocket (nobody saw that), and began firing coffee into Salty Man’s face. Salty Man, however, realized that coffee and salt don’t gastronomically go very well together, and so he shot up into the sky standing on a giant cracker and began firing giant rainbow lasers everywhere (because why not). Remy ran toward him, lifting his staff above his head and shouting out magical spells. A rainbow laser struck the ground just in front of him and Remy used the explosion to TNT jump up into Salty Man’s general area. He then planted a C4, which was beeping, into Salty Man’s pocket (I wonder if he noticed) and then ran back down to the ground, barely avoiding a laser as he landed. Mr Ancona immediately teleported away, and Remy-CLASH went to follow him (we will see them again). Latte retconned to Salty Man’s side and put a large (200 lb. solid) lead cork into his mouth. Then he also leaped away. Salty Man, furious, took the cork out of his mouth. And dropped it immediately (it was 200 lbs, seriously). It (unfortunately, or was it?) hit a geyser, and that geyser erupted towards Salty Man, at which point he realized that he had a C4 in his pocket, screamed, and teleported away before he would be destroyed. The C4 fell out of his pocket during his teleportation and Jay picked it up and, opening it, revealed the fact that it had no batteries, and that only the detonation light was blinking. Suddenly Latte reappeared on the scene, but, having run out of sugar, was just plain old Matt now. He flew to the sky on a large record disk (courtesy of Salamander and Iguana Records Inc. and Co.), opened a warp gate, and disappeared through it. He then swiftly came back, dragging Mr Ancona with him, who turned out to have had a secret tracker on him from when Matt had shoved him aside (remember?). Jay and Remy congratulated him with open arms as he brought Mr Ancona back down to Earth, literally. Jay then took Mr Ancona and placed him inside of an empty cell. The heroes all warpgated back to the REBOOT Headquarters back on Earth-01. Mission successful, one villain down, one more to go. However, as the others left the room, Jay suddenly spasmed and fell. He then slowly rose again. As Mr Ancona stared at Jay, his eyes began glowing with fire, and Jay became enshrouded in shadow. “I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. YOU WILL FEAR ME, THE SHADOW OF GOODNESS. I AM EVIL ITSELF, THE AGENT OF DESTRUCTION. NOW, YOU ARE GONE. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF EXISTING. MY TIME HAS NOT YET COME, AND I WILL HAVE TO PATIENTLY WAIT MY TURN. HOWEVER, FOR YOU, I HAVE A GIFT. AHAHAHAHA…” With a dark smile, Jay (or what was inside him, controlling him) took out a remote from a hidden spot in the wall and pressed a red button. The floor beneath Mr Ancona slowly began splitting into two halves and retracting. Mr Ancona looked down far below and saw spikes, saws, claws, flames, and other assorted terrifying items. Mr Ancona looked back up at the shadow-engulfed figure watching him, and then fell into the void below with a terrible scream. Then the floor closed, and Shadow Jay pulled out a small detonator from his pocket. After a few minutes where he listened to the sounds of the area, he pressed the button. Shadow Jay walked away calmly from the outpost prison as the whole place was vaporized behind him. Then the shadow faded from his body, and Jay was left standing there. He was confused when he turned around and saw a smoking crater behind him. Then Mr Ancona’s stapler landed in front of Jay, burnt and crumpled. As the others rushed back to his location (attracted by the noise), Jay had no idea what had just occurred. (However, we do, don’t we?) He did, however, remember what Matt had been up to in that mysterious whirlpool earlier…


(Also, by the way, there is something called a convenient music box. It flies around under the cloak of invisibility and plays music to fit the theme at the moment. It’s why music plays in so many shows.)


(Matt’s submarine from earlier will matter later. No, really. It will play a major role in the plot.)


(Hank will be taking a long break from fighting deer. He will return someday. Just you wait.)


(If you read this sentence, you likely used up at least three seconds of your life. Sorry. Not.)


(Prepare for it. Be ready, for they are coming now, and they will not stop until all has been completely destroyed. The first stage of the darkness is invading. The multiverse of the MANCM is under attack.)


Into The Deep End (recounted by Matt)

At the edge of the deepest ocean abyss, the Dark Trench: “Ok well, I guess this is it,” said Remy while he aimlessly stared into the dark abyss that was below him. “Yep, let’s do this,” Matt replied while he squeezed on his underwater-use bat. Jay spoke up. “Hold up guys, we need to come up with a plan. Remember, stick with each other. We conduct our studies, and we are out. If you see the great Kraster, let everyone know. Kraster is the Kraken’s older brother and at least the tenth strongest monster on this planet. His face has eight tentacles streaming from his chin. His mouth widens to reveal 14 rows of serrated, razor sharp teeth, each being the size of a human. He stands on two legs and is covered in suction cups. Kraster is 500 feet tall and 300 feet wide. However, we need to make sure we have our maps and radar scanning plots updated.” Matt slapped on his backpack and replied, “Yeah, yeah, we know.” They were in a building that was floating on the edge of a steep cliff. They were suspended, no less than 1,300 feet in the air. The floor of this building was constructed with (10-feet) thick glass, so they saw the gigantic whirlpool far below them. “Guys, are you sure about this? These studies are important, but this is practically a death sentence, Kraster is insanely powerful.” Ayan complained. Jay shook his head while gripping a clipboard in his hand. “STUDIES NEED TO BE CONDUCTED, KID.” Remy, Matt, Jay, and Ayan were gathered in a circle. The sky was dark and gloomy, and the whirlpool below was raging. Lightning struck, rain stormed down. “Ok, everyone follow me,” Matt said. He led them to a corner where there was a trapdoor on the floor. He swung it open and pointed for the group to go down into. Deeper in the observatory, the team arrived at the dressing room. Matt pointed toward a corner with 4 parachute backpacks on a desk. “Put them on,” Matt ordered. Their suits adjusted to fit each team member’s body as they put on the parachutes. “These are special parachutes that I like to call drill parachutes. There is a button on the left arm strap of the backpack. If you click it, you will fly or “drill” down to the ground at lightning speed. Aside from that, it is a parachute.” All of the team now walked over to the edge of the metal platform. They looked down and saw a metal dock far below them. “So what’s the plan, we jump, Matt? You get to tell us what to do, since I appointed you as leader of this mission.” Jay commented. “Yes, jump, activate the parachute, then quickly press the drill button after about 10 seconds of falling,” Matt answered, “Like this,” he continued. Matt took a deep breath in, held it, and then blew it out in one quick puff. He looked down and jumped off the platform. Everybody started to look down. Matt was skydiving through the air at lightning speed. He activated the parachute which quickly stopped his fall. Then he clicked a button and drilled all the way down until he was close enough to the ground and activated the anti-gravity boots. He safely landed on the doc. Jay followed suit. Then Remy tried it and almost got impaled by a pillar of stone. When it came to Ayan, he waited a little too long to drill to the ground. This caused him to be blown by the wind. He was zooming across the sky, out of control due to the strength of the wind. After a while, he gained control and got a rough landing where he lost his balance and fell on his back. “Oww,” he uttered, rubbing his back. “Hey, are you okay? Did you not hear that you need to press the button as soon as the parachute opens? Like, come on. Oh well, at least it didn’t EXPLODE like most of our newer prototypes do,” said Jay, with a sideways glare at Remy, who whistled and looked away. “Alright, follow me. This is going to knock your socks OFF,” Matt said. Jay proceeded to sit on the dock and start taking his socks off, only to realize he had his suit over his shoes. “No, you fool. I mean, you will be amazed.” Matt laughed. “I have my submarine that I like to call the S.S. Dababy. Picked this baby up years ago, never really used it. It is made with insanely thick and durable titanium.” Matt said. The streamlined metal tube protruded from the surface of the water. A cockpit compartment and some antennas stuck out of the top, along with a hatch. Some fins and a set of propellers and maneuvering thrusters extended from the sides of the ship. Matt walked up to the edge of the dock and hopped on the top of the submarine. He swung open the hatch and let Jay, Remy and Ayan jump in. He followed, then he snapped the hatch closed. In the cockpit, Matt powered up the sub’s propellers. As Matt drove the submarine near the whirlpool, the current was getting stronger and stronger. Then, the Dababy got sucked inside it. They were getting thrown around and Matt was losing control of the submarine. Lower, and lower they went. After a minute or so, Matt regained control of the submarine then kept driving lower and lower. This lake was 1,000 feet or so in length; however it is unimaginably deep. As they suspended further and further down, cries and roars could be heard. When they reached the bottom, Matt left the control center and went into the back. A duplicate of Falco was now wide awake and walking around. After giving Falco a nice little scratch under the ear, he went to the corner where there was a scanner. Matt put his hand to the scanner. “SCAN APPROVED, PLEASE PERFORM NEXT TASK,” a robotic voice said from the computer. A section of the wall opened up revealing a pincode. Matt entered the code. “SCAN APPROVED, PLEASE PERFORM LAST TASK,” the same droning voice announced. Matt took off his goggles and placed them into the newly revealed scanner. It scanned and after a moment, “ALL SCANS AUTHORIZED, WELCOME, MATT,” the robot voice announced. A closet door opened, and inside were 5 suits (One being a spare which had some experimental equipment). “Put these on. They will protect your body from popping like a grape due to the pressure down here,” Matt commanded. Everyone put them on (after removing their parachutes) and then Matt spoke, “So, we are going to go swimming. Make sure you have your lights, know your location on the map, use your propellers wisely, focus, stick together and we should be fine. If you click a button right here on the forearm,” Matt pointed to a button and everyone watched. “Click it and the radio will start to buzz. After 3-5 seconds or so, you will be able to communicate with the whole team.” Everyone turned their flashlights on. Matt opened the latch to a small chamber. “This is the chamber that prevents water from getting in the ship, so make sure not to open both the doors at once. Oh yeah, one more thing on your right forearm there is a small sonar. It’ll help you navigate,” Matt said. Everyone got into position, and a moment later, Matt closed the inner hatch, opened the outer hatch, and water rushed in. Everyone swam out and Matt closed the latch remotely. They were now deep down. Down in the depths. The depths of the unknown… Ayan saw a cool-looking fish, and he swam towards it to document it. Matt saw him and clicked the button on his forearm. “Ayan, don’t touch that poisonous fish. Speaking of fish, you have the attention span of one. Stay focused,” Matt reminded. After some monotonous swimming, everyone’s sonars started freaking out. Jay clicked the button. Fzzz… “Matt, why is my sonar beeping so much, and flickering?” Ayan asked. “Yeah mine too,” Remy questioned. “I really don’t know, this never really happened. Must be a big discovery,” Matt replied. The water was getting murkier and darker now, so the group brightened their flashlights. Remy gasped. “Guys, it’s here! It’s Atlantis!” Jay sighed, “Nothing we haven’t seen.” As the group floated through the ancient ruins of the submerged city, Jay felt that he heard a strange noise. At that moment, they arrived at an ancient temple. Remy pulled out his binoculars and stared closely at the mass. It had a strange organic quality to it, and despite the temple so obviously sitting on the mass, it seemed normal. Jay grinned and stabbed the “seabed” with a needle that he brought along for some reason. (Note to self: Jay always overprepares.) Nothing happened. Well, for 10 seconds. Suddenly, a huge roar shook everyone and the sub as the ground beneath the temple began to rise. “HA HA! Also, ow! You have all (gurgle gurgle) fallen (gurgle gurgle) for my most (gurgle gurgle) devious trap. Prepare to become my latest meal. I’m literally going to stream myself turning you into sushi on Seatube.” The ground rose up fully and stood up. The temple fell backwards and shattered into tiny pieces against the rock. Two huge tentacles rose from the rock and wrapped themselves around the sub. Remy immediately activated the underwater lasers on the side of the ship and seared the tentacles off. They flew backward into the rock as their remains scattered over the rock bed below. The huge monster shook its tentacles and the injured ones immediately restored themselves. Matt turned to Jay. “We can’t take this thing down. What do we do?” Jay grinned as he took out his ruler, and raised it to the light coming from the surface of the sea. Immediately, a lightning bolt came down through the water and struck the head of the beast, which thrashed and collapsed violently. The lightning bolt completed its journey and suddenly Jay was covered in his signature golden Transmetal III armor. The monster shook itself and rose again from the seabed. As the others took out harpoons, Jay pulled out his taser and shot it at the monster. The monster brushed it aside with ease. “Huh,” said Jay. “Usually, that works much better than it just did.” Abruptly, the beast roared, and a stream of red hot magma flew from the beast’s mouth, vaporizing the rock directly beneath the sub. The monster shook its head and roared again. A stream of liquid plasma bubbles streamed past the sub, rocking it violently. Remy fell to the floor and temporarily passed out. Matt looked up to see cracks forming in the outermost shell of the submarine. Jay pulled out the keys of power and pressed “/repair_ship”. He looked up and saw the cracks in the ship magically close up. At that moment, Jay noticed Ayan being distracted again. Just then, Matt got smacked by the Kraster (somehow) and he fell over. The sub then fired its ultrapower torpedoes, and the resulting force of water rocked the sub as the torpedoes sped forward at supersonic speeds into the monster. The resounding bang shattered a cliff. The monster howled in a mixture of rage and pain as the rocks fell on top of him, as well as from the explosion which had left a big bruise on its forehead. Both the monster and the sub sped upward from the explosion at the bottom of the sea. Abruptly, they hit a ledge, and the Kraster again wrapped his tentacles around the sub, dragging it again deeper and deeper. The alarm went off as the oxygen levels dropped. Water rushed in through the hole in the hull. “Major damage.” Matt got up and went to turn the sub around. He activated the underwater cutting beams and the torpedoes as Remy, Ayan, and Jay all swam away from the sub and into the water. Jay swung his ruler. Ayan pulled out his battering ram. Remy pulled out his energy blaster. And thus the battle began. First thing that happened was that Kraster took advantage of all the commotion and ripped the sub in half, which then floated to the surface. Matt fell from the sub but was thankfully wearing his suit and he did not drown. Remy fired his blaster at the monster’s eye, but the monster simply blinked and the eye regenerated. Ayan swam up to the beast and threw his harpoon, slicing off a tentacle. The monster thrashed and accidentally hit Ayan, knocking him out. (He’s still okay.) Remy slapped himself in the face and swam to cover. Matt tried to use his aquabat, but it failed to do anything. Ayan got hit with a tentacle and got knocked away. Suddenly, Remy realized that they were currently floating over an underwater region of volcanoes. Remy swam down. Out of his pocket, he took a solid lead 200 lb. cork, which he then pushed into a volcanic vent. He then took out his brick and activated his armor, bringing the submarine with him. He swam up and went under Jay, who was busy slashing at the monster. Jay looked down and saw the sub, and quickly sat down on top of it. Remy then pressed a special button on his sleeve and a brick appeared in front of the monster. Jay extended his ruler toward it and touched it, infusing it with ultrapower. The brick then joined to the front of the sub where the cannons were, and Remy activated the uni-beam. The beam of pure ultrapower shot out from the sub at the monster. Jay plunged his ruler into the slot on the sub and the beam turned golden. The beam made contact with the monster. Ayan threw his harpoon, and Matt slashed his bat. As a massive alchemic circle of sorts appeared in front of Jay and glowed white, a slot appeared in the middle. Jay pushed it into the slot and turned his ruler in the slot like a key. This made the beam intensify. It was at this moment that the volcanic vent with the cork finally exploded, sending red hot lava flying towards the monster. Jay seized his chance and changed his ruler to the size of a skyscraper, smashing it down on the Kraster and pushing him towards the volcanoes. As the beast fell in, it roared and exploded into tiny flaming particles that floated away on the streams of superhot water. Jay withdrew his ruler and the beam of ultrapower slowly dimmed and stopped. The Canon-infused brick disappeared from the front of the sub (which inexplicably exploded, making Jay wonder if Remy somehow had explosive touch), and a few seconds later it was only Remy standing next to Jay, along with Matt who was still alive and Ayan. Just then, Matt frowned and realized something very important. He swam past Kraster’s body and noticed a small dome slowly moving away. Ayan sped over and punctured the cockpit of the sub, towering over its lone occupant, a 2-inch tall shrimp. Jay finally realized that the shrimp was actually the real Kraster, who controlled other sea monsters to do his bidding. Fuming, Matt lifted his boot and stomped the shrimp under his foot. At that moment, the remains of the sea temple cracked in two. A massive treasure chest floated out. Behind it, a shark swam out, but Jay simply grabbed some sand and blinded it. Remy happily swam over and exuberantly grabbed the treasure chest, which revealed itself to be full of gems and gold coins. At that moment, Ayan finished the scans, and Matt realized that they were stranded under the ocean. Suddenly, Jay put two fingers into his mouth and whistled. There was an enormous roar as the Overpower Kai dipped into the water and pulled up alongside the bedraggled crew. Matt quickly swam inside and sat at the controls. Jay looked at Remy and then they both teleported into the main cabin. Ayan clambered in, somehow not tripping over anything. He closed the main door, got into his egg-pod, and went right to sleep as the ship rose through the water and flew away from that area of the ocean. Matt made himself a cup of coffee. He fell asleep before he could drink it. Jay teleported everyone back to their cabins, yawned, set the ship to autopilot, and took a nap in the lounge. When he woke up, Yash, Hank, and Joe were waiting for him outside. The Curator had completely vanished from the area. At that moment, Jay felt a very old set of memories in his head appear, strange memories… The memory was ancient, the being was… A roar was heard in the distance. It was Cthulhu. As the others dropped their jaws, Jay grumbled, “Ah great, here we go again.”


(The “return” of Ancona: A clone took Mr Ancona’s place. Nobody knew what happened to the real one, but since Jay had amnesia of the explosion’s events, everyone assumed Mr Ancona had just escaped.)


The Iron Arc:

(A few months after the events of “To Battle We Boldly Go”) Over on Govern-Earth, the rule of Salty Man was enforced with an Iron Fist. Gold was suppressed, along with silver and tin. Steel came along for the ride, leaving only pure iron as the sole material for use, and for use by the lord and master. Sure, the computers and all the tech was made from ‘other stuff’, but that was hidden. Everything was iron under the rule of Salty Man. The world was in a constant state of preparation, and secret weapons were hidden everywhere. After the destructive Neo Civil war, in which the Statue of Liberty came to life and destroyed half of New York before being destroyed (courtesy of unknown) and causing a huge nuclear waste spill, weapons were stationed all over the globe. Jay was now here, along with the other heroes, to at last “collect” and “retrieve” Salty Man, the ‘last’ of ANCONA’s villains. He was in the street when suddenly, the face of Salty Man appeared on the billboards above the city. Suddenly, Salty Man looked right at Jay, and began ranting about how he never got to be principal of said school and “blah blah blah”. Jay pressed mute on his external hearing channel and did not notice when the entire crowd began to chorus blah blah blah. However, the sudden discharge of a laser changed all that. On the screen as Jay looked up was the face of Salty Man, but this time he was holding a laser cannon. And several people were “temporarily disabled” in the street around Jay. Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of everyone. Jay recognized the person as Pepper Man, Salty Man’s partner. Pepper Man made himself larger until he towered above Jay and his team members. Jay called on the Infinity Mechs. From a hangar somewhere in deep space, a robot burst out, followed by a jet, a submarine, a boat, a car, a spaceship, a drilling machine, and a motorcycle. All of these assorted vehicles went through a black hole and came out of a white hole that Jay generated. They stopped behind Jay and began transforming. The robot turned into the head. The spaceship became the main body and waist. The car and drilling machine became the arms. The jet and boat became the legs. The motorcycle turned into the chestplate. The submarine became a pair of wings and two laser launchers. With an epic accompanying sound effect, the parts formed… The X-treme Jetstreamer! Jay smiled and got in the mech, which made an epic pose. However, Pepper Man grinned. He sapped all the power from the Jetstreamer, and the whole mech just vanished. Then suddenly a loud bleat was heard. It was the GOAT! The powerful technological beast activated his suction mode and nearly sucked in Pepper Man. Just then Salty Man came to check on how it was going. He was very disappointed. Jay swung his golden ruler (now named Balance) at Salty Man, smacking him. Just then, the others arrived on their scoutship. (Jay had taken a faster hover-ATV to scout out the situation.) Jay surrounded himself with a glowing aura and then separated a part of his soul, which was visible and began shining as it took a human form. This was his ?% power mode, his Ultra Cosmos, his Trace, or essentially, a Torch (the term given by the science team). Pepper Man laughed diabolically, but he was suddenly hit by a titanium frisbee, which flew back to Ayan. Salty Man fired his crackers, but they were all chopped apart by Matt, who spun his new half-scissor swords in a circle. Remy appeared, swinging his sharp umbrella sword (which folded from a normal umbrella, leaving the bottom semicircle as a handle with a hand guard that pops out while the spokes and fabric compressed into a razor sharp blade. Basically, it’s like a fencing sword, but actually lethal) while shining his multi-color flashlight, blinding Salty Man. Hank fired his sonic blaster at Mr Ancona, and Yash aimed his heavy-multi-barreled laser pointer and fired from a heavily fortified position. Hank pulled out the PRFL (Pencil Rapid Fire Launcher) and loaded it with his pens as he glided at a high altitude on an incredibly complex paper airplane. Joe pulled out his hammers (which began hovering around him at high speeds as they rotated) and his cards, which began glowing as they formed into a circular shield. Jay switched his left sleeve’s contents from a chainsaw to a laser cannon. Suddenly, a legion of deer who were preparing to fire their pulse beams were all swiftly sauteed by the Immortal Flying Warrior Turtle, who cloaked again and ran off to another area, where many shouts of surprise and explosions were heard. Hank mounted his mechadeer and charged towards Mr Ancona at full speed. Yash turned and aimed. Meanwhile, Pepper Man had to face Joe and Remy. Ayan threw his frisbee again at Salty Man, who also had to defend himself from Matt, who merged his swords and delivered a mighty scissor chop. (Jay named the move the X-Stream Beam) Meanwhile, Jay and Ultra Cosmos moved around the perimeter and “slightly physically rearranged” any guards or units (or the occasional bear) that were approaching. It was going quite well, as the Warrior Turtle (named Walter by Joe) had sabotaged the alarms, and the punches from Ultra Cosmos disabled entire battalions of armored hovertrucks at a time. Suddenly a beam of darkness appeared near Jay, and he leaped to avoid it. Out from the darkness came Miss Karen, but she was not alone. Lunch Lady, Mr Discipline, The Principal, The Vice Principal, Mrs Carefree, and the rest of the Absolutely Evil Teacher’s league also appeared. There was also Ms Perfect, Mr Complaint, Mr Cheerful, and the Sulking Bus Driver. Jay dodged their attacks and then realized that everyone else had been taken out. The turtle was struggling to escape a massive spider web, and Jay realized what boss he likely had to face. His other team members were all knocked out already, likely by Miss Karen’s speakers. Jay was surrounded. “Fire,” said Miss Karen. Jay was hit by 10 laser bolts simultaneously. Smoking and burnt, he crumpled to the ground. Suddenly, Jay became engulfed in darkness again. Jay said, “Hybrid classes.” All of the teachers got hit by lightning bolts, and all of them kneeled forward and were temporarily stunned. Jay proceeded to use his ruler and wrist-mounted laser to knock out Mr Cheerful. He leaped up and turned into a jet, strafing the area and hitting the Sulking Bus Driver. He zoomed up into the upper atmosphere and then turned into a drill with a rocket on the back, speeding up, explosively slamming into the ground, and coming up, knocking out Mr Complaint. At the same moment, he began spinning his body, kicking away Ms Perfect, whom Jay dispatched by slamming her with his spinning top mode. Jay then transformed into a ball. Mrs Carefree got ruthlessly smashed into the ground by Jay’s wrecking bouncy ball mode, and Mr Discipline was flung high into the air and into a building by Jay after he turned from the ball into a speedy laser-mounted supercar. Lunch Lady backed up, but Jay simply shifted back to human form and pulled out a massive laser turret. A scream was heard from that location, and a giant smoking crater was seen. The Principal was dispatched by a thousand rapid consecutive punches delivered by Jay in the space of a second. The Vice Principal got plowed aside by a hovering speedboat. Ms Karen turned and ran, but Jay’s ruler was already on the move, forming a barrier in the corridor that Ms Karen was running towards. She turned and was met with a laser straight to the face, followed by 100,000 ruler jabs to the head. (RIP Miss Karen. Ultra Era 2025-2055.) As the shadow faded and the fire in his eyes faded, Jay suddenly lost his will to stand, and he almost fell over. He managed to summon enough strength to turn around, and realized that he had single-handedly destroyed the entire Absolutely Evil Teacher’s League. Salty Man and Mr Ancona looked on in shock. Almost all (pretty much all) of their best students had just been bested. Just then, Pepper Man reappeared, claiming to have run into heavy traffic after he was knocked 10 miles away by Matt. “You can’t defeat me,” Jay claimed. “I have friends in high places!” “You’re fighting me one-on-one, the law can’t help you now!” Jay grinned. Pepper Man suddenly felt a sharp pain in the arm, and fell backwards in shock. Up on a balcony, Waffle barked happily and wagged his tail, retracting his spicy sauce shooter back into his furry dog vest. He was suspended by a string of tape to a higher balcony, where Pancake (the cat) was on a sofa. Jay threw a dog treat and a cat treat all the way up to the 30th story, where Pancake and Waffle had their lunch. Just then, the GOAT appeared and knocked Pepper Man over before running off to the nearest destroyable building. Jay got back up. “No, wait!” Pepper Man pleaded. “Don’t you need to think of a good punchline first before you destroy me?” Jay looked away and thought. As Pepper Man was about to step behind him to hit him, Jay ducked. Shocked, Pepper Man leaped back, but it was too late for him. Jay turned and grinned. “Who needs a punchline?” He swung his razor-sharp ruler. Pepper Man was cleaved clean in half, and was vaporized in a massive explosion. Jay smiled slightly, but he was more preoccupied with why he knew this quote. He felt like he had heard it before. He looked up and noticed Salty Man and Mr Ancona retreating. Falco suddenly appeared from a warpgate next to Matt with a back-mounted medical kit and began tending to everyone’s injuries. Waffle and Pancake both made noises of concern for their owner. Then, Yash’s long-range sensors began to ring. Reinforcements were approaching. Jay summoned the Galaxy, the team’s dropship. Once everyone was onboard, Joe began preparing the team’s 10-wheeled mobile rover, the Nebula. Jay recalled the hover-ATV and grabbed it with one of the docking bay claws. The turtle teleported on board and sat down. As the Galaxy cloaked and continued flying towards the drop point, Hank and Matt rested, as they used up the most energy. Ayan was in Medbay being tended to by Pancake. Remy steered the ship and handled the scanners. The mechadeer made itself a tasty salad, making sure to add a good amount of croutons. (That deer sure does love croutons in its salad.) When everyone was ready, Jay gathered them around a holographic projector. They had an objective. They needed to steal the proto-money generator from Salty Man before he could use it to give himself infinite money. Also, REBOOT was currently in need of viable currency. Suddenly, the Exalted Ones appeared before Jay and gave him the original Flashlight of Doom. “Emotional Damage” started playing on the speakers, reminding Jay that he needed to go check his email inbox again. He had 500 spam messages. Just then, an alert sounded, announcing that the ship had arrived at its destination. A message that advertised the Vinvy Memes appeared. Jay boarded his newly built hoverbike (he has a 3D printer that is powered by Canon hidden somewhere in his 4D pocket) as everyone crowded into the Nebula. The plasma engines rotated downward and the ship slowly came to a stop. The spare pilot and the cook, Charlie (Nicknamed Can) and Katherine (Also called Cat) (twins), were in the holo-simulator recording a video for their family. Just then, the cargo bay doors opened. Jay revved up his engine and flew out the back of the dropship/carrier. As Jay looked far up into the night sky with his binoculars, he noticed two of his fleet’s ships (the USS Cosmos and USS Paradox) orbiting a newly discovered planet. Jay refocused his attention on the ground and activated the hover jets on the bottom of his bike, safely landing on the ground with a quiet bump. A moment later, the Nebula also touched down behind Jay, retracting its parachute. Jay motioned for everyone to stay quiet as he rode to the top of a hill and took out his long range binoculars. He looked down into the Salty Cracker Central Hub and gasped in horror. Thousands upon thousands of salt-shaker troops and many other assorted salt-related soldiers were gathered in the main street. They seemed to be boarding carriers. This was the largest single invasion Jay had ever seen in the 10+ years he had existed. Back at base (a complex embedded underground with tunnels to multiple REBOOT-controlled cities), the scanners reported even worse news. Above Salt Central, the Pepper Paparazzi orbital station was spinning through the higher atmosphere at a stable orbit. To make things worse, it had a giant laser on the bottom that was under construction. Jay also noticed a fleet of ships being built, drillers ready to tunnel deep underground, Salt-bombabiers (Mortar installations), rolling fortresses, and to top it off, a brand-new aerial force of Ancona-drones. A flock of geese approached, seeming innocent enough, but Jay had prior experience with the birds in this area. They only fought for their lord and master, Mr Ancona. Aiming skillfully, Jay threw his ruler. Spinning like a frisbee, it knocked out some geese, but the other ones retaliated by dropping their… well, droppings, of all things. Jay leaped back just in time. He pulled out his laser beam flashlight and emitted a beam that caused the bird population to sharply drop that day. Jay knew he had to do something, but before he could handle Salt Central, he would have to deal with the space station. Jay (using some of his base’s transdimensional energy that took time to refill) warpgated his group back to base to prepare for their next action. They needed a plan, and fast. Just then, a message showed on the news screen. On it, Salty Man’s face appeared. “Your world is ours. Surrender and you will be spared. However, REBOOT must be handed over to us. If you do not comply, we will come. When we do, you will not be shown any mercy. I will have my rightful place as principal.” Jay turned to his friends. They all nodded. Jay pressed one of the buttons on the base’s main control console. Sirens began blaring at their maximum volume. As Jay looked on, REBOOT began to mobilize. Jay turned back to his friends, who nodded in approval. “Let’s take this space station down. Everyone, get to your ships! We’re moving out.” Meanwhile, on the Pepper Paparazzi space station, a regeneration pod completed its cycle. Out of the pod stepped Pepper Man, now whole again. Behind him stood Miss Karen, Lunch Lady, Mr Discipline, The Principal, The Vice Principal, Mrs Carefree, Ms Perfect, Mr Complaint, Mr Cheerful, and the Sulking Bus Driver, who had all been brought back in a similar way. As Salty Man greeted Pepper Man, Parmesan Man and Money Man appeared. They were Monsieur Ancona’s newest creations, and they were ready. Back on the USS Endurance (the fleet’s largest and most grandest ship, the current flagship), Jay sent a coded message to the nearest Justice-class ship, a battleship named the RSD Unity, telling it to cease its normal patrols and join the fleet. As the task force (Group 88) approached Salty Man’s last known base, scans reported nothing. Suddenly, the Unity was struck by a transdimensional time-traveling torpedo, setting off a massive explosion. Jay immediately reached up and pulled a strap. His seat rotated downwards and slid down a dark tunnel, stopping at the hangar bay, where sirens began blaring. The enemy fleet had just uncloaked. As Vincent (who had somehow just appeared from the Great Reboot) popped up, Jay voiced his surprise. Vincent didn’t recognize him, but he was more than willing to get in a ship when he noticed Matt and Ayan getting into their ships as well. All of the ships were Canon-class specially-modified custom interceptors. Joe, Yash, and Hank got into their ships as well. As Remy boarded his ship, Remy-CLASH materialized in the co-pilot’s seat behind Remy. Vincent got in his own spacecraft that Jay gave him, an exclusive prototype named the Memory-type Scoutship. Jay got in his own nearly-identical ship. Matt and Ayan loaded up their battleship’s systems. Yash and Joe charged up their interceptor’s engines. Hank and Remy each prepared their explorers. As Jay lowered his helmet’s visor, the 8 racks holding the ships moved them to the launch deck. As their ships were arranged into a 1×8 formation, Vincent braced himself. The ships were immediately catapulted into space. Jay took the lead, and the others formed a delta formation behind him, with Vincent taking the middle of the group. Yash, having the best senses, (and radar/sensors, for that matter) detected the approaching enemy fighters immediately. He also knew that the capital ships were far enough away to not be able to attack. Vincent began confidently cycling through his impressive array of onboard lasers, which were more numerous than anyone else’s. Ayan prepared for long range support as Hank readied his close-range blasters. Jay accelerated to top speed and did a few spins to make sure he had the right amount of maneuverability. Remy went even faster than Jay and did a few circles around the others. Joe readied his stealth systems, and Matt prepared for some ramming. Jay’s ship had 8 fins (2 small ones in the front, the main pair of wings in the back, the secondary wings behind it, and the steering wings/tailfins.) and 4 engines. It had lasers on the wingspan of each fin, and there were other pieces of destructive equipment on board. The other ship simply had different colors and some special changes. As the enemy closed in, they were stunned to see the ships all break formation and fly in different directions, dodging and weaving around. Jay’s gold and silver ship zoomed straight forward and “fired everything”. Vincent’s white and black striped ship ducked down and went back up with the maneuverability of a X-100 stealth jet. Just then, two of Salty Man’s students appeared in a massive alien ship. It was Substitute Teacher and The Janitor.


Confrontation of Organizations – Past to Future

From his pod, he emerged. Smiling, Mr. Ancona looked at Salty Man, who voiced his approval of the new look. “Arise, Monsieur Ancona. You and that accent of yours will rule the world alongside me. I promise.” Elsewhere, on Earth-02, Jay was busy looking over the blueprints for Earth-03 through Earth-10, the newest additions to the sector of the galaxy REBOOT occupied. With Salty Man and Pepper Man safely expelled to another star system on the other side of the galaxy, Jay decided there was no need to send the forces of salt and pepper all the way to another galaxy. Therefore, he ordered everyone to pull back and repair their assets and bases. They had taken serious losses in the last fight against the forces of darkness (and salt). Suddenly, on Earth-01, proximity sensors began blaring. From an open warpgate, the USS Horizon appeared. It had been teleported here by a time loop escape plan, forever changing history and inadvertently helping the Corrupted Ones triumph. Once Jay figured out a way to get back his original set of REBOOT memories, he and Hank (that version of him happened to be the world’s smartest scientist and anti-zombie fighter) figured out a way to send the USS Horizon back to where it belonged. (All this was only possible because the USS Horizon had encountered the normal REBOOT long ago.) The USS Horizon was one of the few entities that had survived the REBOOT completely unchanged and have the ability to travel between realities separated by universal resets. However, before this could be completed, Jay and the others had to go to an abandoned part of Earth-Apocalypse and retrieve an alien component for completing the device that would be used to fix the timeline. Jay met Iris and Ian in an abandoned city when he was ambushed and surrounded by the undead. They were the best zombie fighters and the leaders of the resistance against the Corrupted Ones. With their help, Jay was able to send the USS Horizon back to its proper time, where it continued exploring new worlds and unknown places. (Of course, only until that laser came along and blasted the ship to pieces, possibly setting the whole world in motion. Coming soon: What if the USS Horizon survived? Horizon: The Great Venture) Jay thought it would be a shame if everyone there just vanished, so he brought the remaining few survivors of Earth-Apocalypse with him and copied his and his friend’s memories to make sure they wouldn’t lose their experiences in that world. Joe promoted Iris and Ian to become fleet commanders. After the world was repaired, the rebuilding began. Earth-00 was changed into a residential planet, with all of the beings living under REBOOT’s government settling there. The entire surface was a city built with green energy in mind. As such, the buildings were extremely energy efficient. However, one fateful day, about 2 years after peace had been restored, Earth-Memory came under attack. Salty Man had arrived. Behind him, a shadowy figure suddenly stepped into the light. Jay gasped, and everyone else in the room was similarly surprised. Mr Ancona had somehow returned. He declared, “Jay, if you are seeing this, you better be scared. I am Monsieur Ancona. I do not come in peace. Your worlds now belong to us. Hand over Jay and his allies to us. If you do not comply, you will immediately be destroyed. Behold, our newest weapon.” He turned behind him, and a massive capital ship appeared. “This is our siege ship, the Harbinger.” Jay almost choked from laughing then and there (from the horrible name). Monsieur Ancona obviously couldn’t hear him (being thousands of miles away) and continued. “I will make Salty Man the supreme ruler of the galaxy. Attack, my forces!” The Turtle of Power suddenly flew into the room through the open window and skidded to a halt. “Guys, Earth-Memory’s North Pole is under attack!!!” Jay scrambled to load up a viewscreen. On the screen, a massive ship was swarmed by many other smaller drone ships and destroyed. Its remains fell down to the planet below. As the blast shields went up, the cities retracted into massive underground stations. Everyone leaped out into the streets and started heading towards the North Pole. (They were at the equator.) Remy-CLASH (Unit 3) roller skated. Ayan got in his egg-pod (unit 0) elevator and raced inside the underground tunnels. Jay leaped into the Ultraspeed (his special custom supercar, unit 1) as he ran. Remy leaped into his (20th or so) speeder (Unit 2. Custom built, let’s see what happens.) and flew alongside the blur that was Jay’s car. Suddenly, Remy heard a noise from behind him as Remy-CLASH ran out of roller skate battery, so Remy pressed a button on the remote he was holding. Suddenly, two engines extruded themselves out of the backs of Remy-CLASH’s skates and he zoomed alongside the speeder and car with jets of nuclear propulsion coming out of the backs of his roller skates. (Patented by Remy-CLASH, not Remy. You can stop worrying now.) A motorcycle (Unit 4) was generated by Yash, who activated its rocket thrusters. Ayan got on his hovercraft (Unit 5) and flew forward. Vincent leaped into his new spaceship (which somehow came out of his backpack, unit 6) and flew overhead. Matt summoned his helicopter (unit 7) and flipped from the ground into the cockpit. The Turtle turned into a jet (unit 8) and flew forward. The mechadeer (which appeared) turned into a snowmobile (unit 9), which Hank boarded. Waffle and Pancake boarded Metro-01 and Carrier-02, which merged into a 12-wheeled mobile vehicle/base. (Unit 10/11. More of an armored terrain-traversing vehicle.) Joe popped up in unit 12, an armored drone with 4 rotors, a cockpit, a powerful engine, and a heavily armed turret on top and bottom. (Also known as unit 00.) As he sped down the highway, Jay accelerated his car to 100 mph, charging up the Canon to optimal levels. Then, Jay activated his portal highway tunnel generator, which changed his surroundings into Ultraspace, arriving at the North Pole minutes later. (The others took the tunnel as well.) The city there was abandoned and mostly wrecked. Remy disembarked from his speeder only to sink up to his neck in the snow. He quickly fired a grappling hook at his ship and hauled himself inside, shivering. Jay snickered as a puddle of water formed around Remy’s feet and quickly froze. Remy closed the door of his speeder and abruptly bright flashes came from inside. The door opened again with Remy holding a laser in one hand, and the block of ice triumphantly in the other. Jay stepped out of his car, wearing snow shoes to stop himself from falling. “Huh.” he said. “I wonder where everybody is.” It was at that moment that Remy suddenly collapsed, dropping the ice into the snow layer. A loud rumble echoed throughout the empty plain. Matt ran over to Remy. “It’s all right. He just fainted. Wonder why though.” Suddenly, a claw burst from the ice, wrapped itself around Matt’s ankle, and pulled him (and Remy, he was still holding him) into the layer beneath the snow. (Matt had snowshoes too, but they broke). Jay peered down into the snow layer, but could only see vague shadows. Suddenly, a piercingly bright light shot out from the snow, vaporizing large swathes of it instantly. Jay blocked the beam with his ruler and backflipped into his car, rapidly backing away. As unit 11 extended thrusters and flew up into the sky, giant robotic arms began to stretch out of the ground. The Turtle (in reptile form) extended a drill and drilled down into the snow to find Matt and Remy, whose helicopter and speeder were now sinking into the snow. Yash turned up his speed dial and sped through the streets, dodging the grabbing arms. Ayan used his hover-ATV to weave through the obstacles. Buildings crumbled and thunder rumbled. Remy-CLASH flew up with his jetpack again and noticed a horde of mechanical drones approaching. There were motorcycle drones, car drones, treaded drones, flying drones, submersible drones, and one massive point-defense mobile array. Ayan’s egg-ATV sped around, distracting the arms, which sent some laser/buzzsaw-tipped tentacles to catch him. Ayan sped onto a highway and kept on going, drawing the tentacles away. Joe flew forward and sent his drone into a skillfully executed set of maneuvers, dodging some approaching drones. Joe then turned around and threw three screwdrivers, taking down over thirty of the drones. Hank and the mechadeer approached the arms at high speed and began trying to sever them. This only slightly angered the underground creature, and it sent even more arms out to catch them. Vincent was flying around in the air, peppering the robotic arms with his sonic cannons. Then, he set his spacecraft to auto and leaped out, donning his heavy armor full package as he dropped, hitting the ground with a thud. A box of gold gleamed in the morning air and covered Vincent. As the light faded, Vincent raised himself up and stood. As Vincent’s now-silver armor gleamed in the light, Jay could see the new accessories. A pulse blaster was in one of Vincent’s hands, and a sonic cannon was in his other one. An electromagnetic launcher and the newest model of the Hyper-Mega-Super-Bazooka hung over both of Vincent’s armored shoulders. Vincent’s usual astrosuit outfit was covered in a new silver set of plating. A multi-ranger and a gatling-buster were on his gauntlets. A laser and taser were on two appendages that extended behind the jetpack, which had four secondary thrusters and one central booster. As all this happened, unit 10/11 was high up in the air observing everything and giving occasional advice to Jay, who was now being chased through a tunnel. The Ultraspeed’s engine roared as it accelerated to top speed. Jay pressed one of the many buttons on his dashboard, and the wheels rotated about forty-five degrees downward and began generating lift. At the same time, a set of Canonical (which means that logic is not ignored, but bent to the will of the user) magnets on the Ultraspeed’s bottom hull activated, keeping the car on the ground. Since the wheels could now turn in their axles a full three hundred and sixty degrees (Each wheel was attached to an Y-shaped pole which held the wheels on both sides, inside the pole was a motor that powered the wheel), Jay spun his car around and drove backwards. He activated the full speed system, making him go so fast that the ground was set on fire. The snow melted off the road as the car drove by from twenty meters away. Jay then manually aimed his car’s various destructive accessories behind him and pressed the red buttons over and over. As the car’s wheels automatically turned and rolled in parallel driving, the Turtle finally found Matt and Remy in some ice blocks. However, it couldn’t get them out, as its path was blocked by a massive robot/animal hybrid. Suddenly, the Ultraspeed came bursting out of a partially destroyed tunnel, smacking the massive beast in the face. Jay leaped out of the cockpit and shrunk his car at the same time, putting it in his 4D pocket. As he landed, he pulled out his battle ruler. Jay then swung his right arm forward. With a flick of his wrist, the ruler went flying like a frisbee towards the hybrid, hitting it in the stomach. Jay turned and out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Turtle trying to free Remy and Matt from the ice. The hybrid roared and fired a set of lasers. Jay refocused himself and looked back forward. His eyes widened as he noticed the foot above him, rolling to the side just in time. The Turtle yelled at Matt (now thawed), “Get to the Choppa!!!” before chucking Matt in his vehicle’s general direction. Matt ended up face-first in a pile of snow. Remy ran back to his speeder and got on. Ayan yelled, “This isn’t working! We need a retcon! Jay, you hear me?” Jay nodded and activated his retconner. The time around him slowed to a stop and then went backwards, ending at when they arrived. The monster sent its arms out of the ice again as everyone got out of their vehicles and formed a circle. Remy suddenly flew up into the sky with a burst of power, landing on top of his speeder. He was holding a C4 in one hand and a blaster in the other. Remy-CLASH pressed his ear to the snow and closed his eyes, making a very loud occasional beep. Joe looked at the snow with interest when suddenly, the head of a monster rose up, swallowing Joe and Yash. They teleported away just in time. Remy teleported over and dropped the C4 into the monster’s gaping maw. Three beeps were heard when suddenly a tremendous bang echoed out and the head sank beneath the surface of the snow. A burnt piece of paper floated out of its now-gone mouth. Remy picked it up, and said, “That was not a C4, but a D10. Call it deception, of the useful kind.” Jay smiled, and then swung his ruler, summoning down a bolt of lightning to strike into the snowy plain which was now the center of action. Just before the bolt touched the ground, it stopped, and went back up into the clouds, releasing an enormous explosion of light. Everybody looked on with confusion which quickly cleared as from the snow, standing on a previously hidden platform, rose up Monsieur Ancona, holding his hand up in the air. He then snapped his fingers, and the lightning raced back down to the ground, striking the plain, missing Jay by mere feet. Remy began shooting his blaster, but Monsieur Ancona blocked the blasts, instead shooting them in other directions. Joe wasn’t fast enough and was hit, but thankfully, the power of a blast is only half its strength when it is rebounded. Joe teleported away to switch his gear. Jay then shapeshifted into a UFO. Remy drew his brick. Matt activated his sugar rush. Vincent appeared, materializing armor on his body and two giant swords in his hands. Jay shot ultraforce rays at Monsieur Ancona. He fell, but quickly got up. From his pocket he produced a coffee cup, which he then used to short out the UFO’s circuits. Jay quickly turned back into himself before he got frazzled. Suddenly, the monster burst out from the ice again. From a warpgate in the sky, a hoverbike came flying in with Remy-CLASH on top. It shot out torpedoes at the regenerated monster, but that only made it madder. Remy turned around and fired his beam, slicing off half of the monster’s tentacles. It roared and lunged, snapping off the brick-beast’s head in one bite. Remy attempted to summon some more bricks, but all he got was snow forming into bricks, which then melted away. He then reconfigured himself into a brick tank by disassembling a building, firing a shell at the monster. Suddenly, the monster split down the middle and fused together again, forming a huge monstrosity by merging with pieces and parts from its surroundings. Jay lashed out with his ruler as Latte shot it with his harpoon, but to no avail. The monster moved towards Latte, who out of fear teleported away. Suddenly, from the depths of the monster’s throat, a triumphant shout came as the monster rose from the ice, growing taller and ever more menacing, with Monsieur Ancona sitting on top of it. The monster roared, and several huge avalanches wiped out large sections of the city around them. Joe and Yash came flying out of the beast’s mouth. They were covered in slime, but they only had a few scratches. Monsieur Ancona summoned lightning down from the clouds, striking at the avatars. The lightning hit Remy’s tank, which fell apart. Remy then pulled his hamster ball shaped shield from his pocket and hid inside as he recharged his power. All at once, the monster stopped fighting as a cackling laugh was heard. The others all grouped together under an energy dome Waffle generated. The plates on the monster fell away to reveal a huge indestructible robot, powered with corrupted canon power, which was almost as strong as canon power. Jay said, “This is the mark of a powerful entity. Who, though, is the question. First, we need to get out of here before this thing starts-” before dodging a laser beam. Falco healed Yash, who took out his scythe again and charged. Behind him, Hank started chucking pencil spears at the massive beast. Joe had now donned his boxing equipment and turned into Joejoe again. He threw four chairs and a crane. Ayan watched as the attack blinded its target, and then Vincent and Ayan attacked from long range. Remy-CLASH and the furious mechadeer continued circling around the target, but then some drones surrounded them. The Turtle came out of nowhere and sliced the front row of drones in half. Remy-CLASH grinned and then pulled out his twin revolvers. The mechadeer leaped over a row of enemies, kicking them. Latte (Matt), Remy, and Jay all pulled out their hyperblasters and started firing. Jay also pulled out his ultrablaster booster (double the power, double everything, except size) and switched it to its knight mode. (A blade.) The barrel rotated upwards and generated a plasma blade shaped like a sword. As it began to glow brightly, Jay yelled out, “Omniversio po-wa! Re-ket-su-so-a-kun! Se-kai-e-ni-so-ho-ken-te-ku-dai-mo-thu-stu-so-en-ke-ke-re-ha!!!” He raised his double-sided sword up into the air and behind it, a massive circular green emblem covered in runes and ancient spells appeared. Monsieur Ancona generated his purple psychic shield, but Jay had already yelled, “Combo mode! Banning target acquired! Object: Monsieur Ancona!!!” The massive laser burst out of the emblem and blasted the Monsieur Ancona disguise away, revealing that this was actually Mr Anaconda, who had returned for revenge on Ayan! The giant monster roared again. Vincent pulled out his laser pointer, putting away his blaster. Remy took out a staff, which began glowing at one end. (It was a replica of a very old magic staff. This was not the original, so it’s just called a staff.) Jay braced himself, switching back to his ruler. Joejoe dropped down from a nearby building and raised his fists. Yash drew his new prototype high-penetration sabot-launching multi-component revolver. Ayan swapped his gear for a booster pack and changed what he was holding to a sickle and a repeating crossbow blaster. Matt pulled out an instant strike rotorstriker (capable of hitting its target the moment the trigger is pulled). Hank changed a pencil into a set of invisible darts, perching himself in a high place for maximum support. Remy waved his staff and suddenly a bus-like vehicle appeared out of nowhere. It had a tag, which said, “Remy-owned.” Jay’s eyes widened as Remy jumped in and pressed a button. Suddenly, fifty giant machine blasters extended from the back and began rotating and firing. A demon roared from behind Remy, and Jay screamed. Remy slowly turned the bus around, but as he was turning it the blasters evaporated the demon first. The buildings also began to fall down as the blaster shots hit them and destroyed them; Remy began to rocket away at near light speeds, when suddenly his blasters ran out of ammo. Remy fell back down to the ground to refuel as everybody tried to hold out. Remy finally hitched on his ultra-booster cannons, and they began to fire, one two, one two, one two, out from behind him. Remy slowly began to accelerate as he activated his main blaster drive, and rocketed away into the sky with a trail of fire behind him from the cannon blasts. The monster began to run after him, when suddenly, Remy turned around, sped around behind it, turned around again, and flew right through its head, after which it disintegrated and the corrupted canon energy exploded in a tremendous flowering of orange fire.


Once Jay and the others were back at Victory City, the hangars automatically stored the vehicles away. Jay ran straight to the control room to activate the planetary shields, however, some of the enemy fleet had already gotten in. Jay pressed a long row of buttons, all of which were labeled “Do not press.” The others watched as Jay grinned and pressed the final button, which was labeled “The not-self-destruct button”. Off in the distance, the city began to reshape itself. Skyscrapers retracted into the ground and extended turrets from their sides. Seemingly inconspicuous cottages opened up and revealed anti-aircraft emplacements. Massive warp cannons came out of innocent grain silos. A campus quickly turned into a launchpad and a hangar. Out of the meeting hall came a rolling fortress. A factory’s roof folded up to reveal a bunker. Finally, a massive laser buster came out of a modern set of buildings shaped like a castle. “This,” Jay proudly announced, “Is our superstructure plan, aka Project Guardian. That’s our giant robot, Guardian.” He gestured to the center of the city, where buildings were folding and contracting. Walkways began shifting and turning into positions, where they locked into place with clanking noises. Houses and apartments spun and transformed into girders and joints. Sparks came out of joints as towers screeched and moved into position, forming a finger. As other fingers came out of a complex which turned into a hand, an entire city rotated over sideways, becoming part of a massive shoulder. The basements and rail systems beneath many of the cities that composed the robot began contracting into two legs. The rocket thrusters on the bottom and back of the robot fired and pushed the robot into an upright position. From inside the chest, a head slowly moved upward, where magnetic locks and metal plates locked it into place. Jay clapped his hands together, and from a hangar, the Galaxy flew down and opened its side door. Remy looked up a little too high (ouch) and fell backwards and slept for a little bit. Jay gathered everyone onto the ship and flew towards the giant mech. As the ship landed in the hangar in the back of the mech’s head, a massive explosion announced the appearance of Monsieur Ancona. Earth-Memory’s outer hull was breached, and in swarmed a fleet of alien ships. Back in the inner hull of Earth-Memory, Jay gave the order to counterattack. All the turrets laying dormant now powered up and aimed. With their sights locked, they began firing as the jets began taking off from the bunker. The Guardian began moving forward. With its fist, it grabbed an enemy transport ship and threw it into the ground, where it went up in flames. Suddenly, another ship came out of nowhere and fired its torpedoes/missiles, but the other hand crushed it too. Jay cheered. Suddenly, the robot was blown backwards 20 miles from a swarm of homing explosive drones. Jay watched the land disappear from under the robot. Remy, who had just awoken, was thrown into the windshield by the impact, and remained glued there until Matt quickly pulled him down.


As the minor software update reached the core of the multiversal server, the world warped temporarily before changing into its new shape. Most of the changes had taken place on Earth-00. It now had a replica of MMMS, except it was much bigger and grander. It was now a realm unto itself, where REBOOT could safely thrive. Everyone still learned in MMMS, but it was now continent-sized, with many more rooms and secrets, along with passageways and portals to other Earths. Jay took the opportunity to name the new world Earth-Unity. So, no continuity errors occurred, and that Jay and the others no longer had to go from Earth to Earth for their main headquarters, as they now had a giant world for a base. However, they did keep all of their outposts and factories, along with the previous fortresses and hidden bases.


Some important characters and their stats:

Jay: Leader-destroyer. Accessory: Golden-ruler. Power: Telekinesis… and flight. Now uses twin rods.

He has the greatest agility. He has the second greatest speed and is a self-proclaimed extrovert. He is.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

1000% power mode is basically undefeatable. Only usable in emergencies. Has consequences… (???)

Waffle: Ability-booster. Accessory: Transformation abilities. Power: Mind-reading. Now uses glue/tape.

He has the greatest speed. Bagel rebooted. He can pair with Falco for combo attacks. Jay’s faithful pet.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Matt: Melee-fighter. Accessory: Chainsaw bat. Power: Extreme strength. Now uses half-scissor swords.

He has the greatest strength. He likes fun. He knows that Vincent will become the 8th council member.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Ayan: Ranged-supporter. Accessory: Laser pointer. Power: Super eyesight. Now uses a powerful frisbee.

He has the greatest skills. Mischievous. In reality, he is very supportive of his friends. Owns a multiverse.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Yash: Strategist-teacher. Accessory: Scythe. Power: Speedy hacking skills. Now uses a new laser pointer.

He has the greatest smarts. He notes everything on his computer. Fastest typer. He is technology-smart.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Hank: Mascot-builder. Accessory: Assorted pencils. Power: Command of nature. Now uses pens/markers.

He has the greatest health. He has the mechadeer and a small companion deer. Fights other deer a lot.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Joe: Historian-writer. Accessory: Martial arts. Power: His kung-fu training. Now uses magical flying cards.

He has the greatest defense. He has a large amount of attack power as well. He seems to be quite quiet.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Remy: Defender-Transporter. Accessory: Multi-staff. Power: Remy-CLASH. Now uses elemental powers.

He has the greatest attack. The team’s backup and the resident librarian/wizard. A great treasure hunter.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Falco: Support-shifter. Accessory: Backpack of equipment. Power: Healing skills. Now uses a power suit.

He has the greatest support. Not much raw power, focuses on healing his teammates. He’s a bookworm.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:

Vincent: Hiding-editor. Accessory: Cloaking device/knife/tool/rocket. Power: Sneakiness. Now uses axes.

He has the greatest stealth. He has a high amount of potential power. The teacher of Michael and Travis.

Favorite color: Favorite patterns: Other abilities: Famous feats:

Other accessories:


Turtle of Power: A being of power. Accessory: Indestructible shell. Power: Omnipotence. (Supposedly) Watcher: The Last Observer. Accessory: 56 Inch Widescreen TV. Power: Too many abilities to be listed.

Mr Ancona: Villain-hero. Accessory: Assorted teacher tools. Power: Command of deer and bear armies.

Salty Man: Evil-Mentor. Accessory: Cracker attacker. Power: Hyper amounts of overall sourness and salt.

Pancake: Pet-distraction. Accessory: Cat toys and food. Power: Mascot of the Neo Chair Liberation Army.

(At some point the Turtle of Power was defeated and lost his powers, but he gave them to the Narrator.)


Intermission: The 10 Brand-New Remy & Council-Approved Fully Canonically Correct Laws of Canon:

Law No. 1: Ethan made the first Canon story, and this will always be true. Ayan has non-Canon copies.

Law No. 2: Ethan can try to borrow you for his story. He will listen and obey if you refuse his great offer.

Law No. 3: Ethan gives Yash, Joe, and Hank 100% Canon status, contrary to any outside opinion.

Law No. 4: Ethan is always making original ideas, and they cannot be copied without asking Ethan.

Law No. 5: Ethan’s doc is the mainstream Canon. Fan Canon is allowed, but is only 75.0000% Canon.

Law No. 6: Ethan, Ayan, and Matt are all equally Canon, 150% Canon each. Ethan actually gets 200%.

Law No. 7: Ethan’s company is the best of all, it has unlimited money, and it owns every company ever.

Law No. 8: Ethan has full ownership of the doc, and he controls how Canon everyone is in his story.

Law No. 9: Ethan will remove you from the story and the doc if he needs to, after the Committee votes.

Law No. 10: Ethan’s laws are in full effect throughout the multiverse, and you are expected to comply.

1st Amendment: One of Ayan’s stories is Canon. He gets to pick which one is Canon. He’s welcome.

2nd Amendment: The Canon Floodgates were destroyed by Ayan, so he invaded Ethan’s multiverse.

3rd Amendment: Remy has arrived. He is now the loremaster/historian. 150% Canon status now granted.

4th Amendment: Initiate primary objective. Recruit new readers for the story. Also, get some more writers.

5th Amendment: The Keyboard of Power (and its magical keys) and the Mirror of Reason must be found.

6th Amendment: The Law of Who-Knows-What defines the universe, whose laws are decided by Canon.

7th Amendment: Those who manipulate Canon must be very careful. This law includes Ethan in it as well.

8th Amendment: If powerful artifacts are found in the area, REBOOT should be contacted immediately.

9th Amendment: If evil beings are spotted, call the MANCM or whoever happens to be very MANCM-like.

10th Amendment: Since there are credit cards, there should be no need for cash. Use the new currency.


More short stories:


Return of the “Monkes”


Ultraforce, Cosmoforce, Powerforce, Canonforce


The Arrival of Cardinal


A Small Indestructible Wasp Shows Up


More (good) character concepts: Fairy tale world, Queen Elizabeth V, Princess Candice, Jenny, Henry

Some OC Villains: 8-ball Man, Eliminator, Tester, Rubbery Man, Monotone Man, and Monsieur Ancona.


Progressive Entry, Keyworld, Cards, The Anaconda’s Return


The end of Volume 6


Volume 7: An Unexpected Captivity, A Tale of Liberation, Jay’s Final Destiny (The Fate of The Great 8)


An Unexpected Captivity:


The School Arc: Battle with the Board of Education

Principal grinned and whispered, “Activate autodefenestration!” Remy found himself jumping out the window. He landed on the grass with an “Oof!”. (Don’t worry, it was only the first floor. Remy got defenestrated! This is a special effect that gives its targets extreme depression. They will land on grass. Remy retconned his broken back and depression. However, some other students were defenestrated.)


The School Mega-Arc: (Earth-A, A=Academy)


The Bus Arc: Age of the Parking Lots

Featuring vehicles that can survive black holes but still break down on field trips (Bus Drivers (Defeated with the bikes that are two-tired to joke around))


Slight Encounter with the Office Staff 

(Vice student council president was screaming, had to be removed)


Core Battles: English: Journey into Fiction

(They attack with magic string trails of words, defeated with flex tape over mouths. They briefly trap us in Shakespeare, but the author is one of our agents and he is easily convinced to let us free from the story)


Math: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pie

(Use arithmetic/trigonometry to calculate things that crush enemies, defeated in space with meteors)



(Chemicals. Defeated through slipping in their own chemicals)


Social Studies

(Trap people in time loops and the past or future, defeated through finding fictional author)


Morality, Business, Technology, Web Design, Trade, Piloting

Unliked/Underappreciated Content (Art, Music, Financial Lit, Visual Performing Arts, 21st Cen.)


Lunch Courses Arc (Philosophy, Exploration, Social Leadership, Anti-stress)

(The Lunch Arc part 1: The anti-hero (as requested) shows up, also, Anthony appears, Vincent is happy):

One day Jay was standing in line to get lunch when he suddenly discovered that he was one penny short, and the lunch lady refused to give him a drink. So then Jay pulled out a small slip of paper saying 100% discount (the lunch was five dollars). The lunch lady still said no, and so Jay pulled out his ruler. A bolt of lightning came down from the sky and struck him, and when he was visible again he was covered head to foot in golden transmetalnamium armor. Yash appeared and instantly became the Grim Reaper, slicing in half the lunch lady’s counter in half before vanishing. The lunch lady then pulled off her costume to reveal herself as Calorwoman, the human embodiment of calories. It was then that the security showed up, after hearing all of the ruckus. They stormed into the lunchroom, aiming their laser rifles. At that moment, Hank appeared, riding his giant mechadeer. Calorwoman then took out two bottles of orange juice and opened them. She then threw them onto the battlefield where they exploded. Security guards fell over, revealing themselves as robots. Hank charged into the field, mauling several guards, revealing them to be androids. At that moment, when all of the situation looked like it was going to be resolved peacefully, Hank decided to show up, brandishing his pencils. Mr. Ancona then appeared, holding a book, but was immediately tackled by Hank’s mechadeer, who appeared as well. Jay turned to Calorwoman and took out a bottle of apple juice and sprayed her with it, which seemed to take her out for the moment. Then Mr. Ancona reappeared, chased by Hank, riding his deer. They then disappeared. Calorwoman stood up and kicked Jay across the room, where he stayed. Then, Remy appeared, brandishing his staff and ranting about how school lunches are full of garbage. Calorwoman fell under the barrage of steaks and good food and Jay got up again. Suddenly, through the ceiling came Souperman (the Soup-erior Man), the golden S on his suit gleaming. He flew down to Calorwoman and stood over her, facing the avatars. “Good food, eh? Well, you’ll fall before me, for Soup is my name, and Soup is my game!” from his 4D pockets he withdrew two machine-blasters armed with soup cans, which he began to fire wildly. The scalding soup sizzled and ate away at everything that it touched. Ethan and Remy dived for cover.


Then Electroboy accidentally touched Conductigirl, and they both vanished with a pop!


Cafeteria Battle (Lunch arc part 2): Sometime later, a bully sprayed Joe in the face with water. “You’re Joe, right? Well, you know what’s the only thing that you’re good for? JOE-MA–” Joe said in a kind tone, “Would you like a one way trip to the UNDERWORLD?” Joe’s voice suddenly dropped down to ‘deathly quiet’ setting as he said the last word. The bully stopped, still holding the water bottle. Joe stood up. “I said, UNDERWORLD?” The bully shook. “Hey,” said the bully nervously. He did not get any further, as in that instant, Joejoe’s hand was suddenly around his neck, though nobody saw it move. The bully squirmed and struggled to no avail. Joe punched the bully’s nose and his head opened. Joe reached inside, removed the brain, and yelled at it for thirty seconds straight. Then, he placed it back in the bully’s head and closed the lid. The bully stood still for five seconds before suddenly shooting up through the ceiling, smashing through everything in his path, screaming with Joe’s yells as they reverberated around in his head. He flew higher and higher until he hit the Moon sometime later, where he remained, ever bouncing around, screaming until Joe’s yell runs out (which will happen in about a million years, and after that, the Moon’s gravity will trap him there). Back on Earth, Joe sat down, and opened his hands invitingly. “Anybody else?” he asked. The room was empty. “Oh well,” he said, and continued calmly eating his lunch. Putting two fingers to his ear, he heard Ayan through the commlink. “So that was cool! I guess though, Joe, you’re still rusty around the edges. Oh, Joe! You really are Joe-ma” The next thing he heard was Ayan screaming and running off.


Outdoor Garden Arc (Mining, Culture Preservation, Teaching Positivity, Manufacturing)

(The outdoor garden sequence) A figure peeked out from behind a wall. “There he is!” cried Jay. “Catch him!” yelled Hank, who was riding the mechadeer. “After him!” cried Matt, swinging his baseball bat. Through the hallways they ran after the elusive character. 


Battle with the Board of Education:

Principal grinned and whispered, “Activate autodefenestration!” Remy found himself jumping out the window. He landed on the grass with an “Oof!”. (Don’t worry, it was only the first floor. Remy got defenestrated! This is a special effect that gives its targets extreme depression. They will land on grass. Remy retconned his broken back and depression. However, some other students were defenestrated.)


The Boiler Segment: A Giant Enemy Spider Appears!

One day, Jay was peacefully chilling in his classroom. Everyone else was on spring break, so they were relaxing on various other planets. Remy was also in the classroom, doodling on the board. Waffle opened the door to go raid the kitchen, but he ran into an alien who wiped some of Waffle’s memories and ran away, leaving Waffle very confused and with no idea why he was there. Suddenly, an alarm rang out. Jay sat up straight in his chair and pulled out his phone, (Model: Gigawatt 14) checking the cameras. The office was empty, and so was the front entrance. However, the sensors had picked up a massive disturbance in the boiler room, which was a largely unexplored and dangerous place, as that particular hallway had not been explored. Jay was too lazy, so he opened a portal and chucked Remy in. Remy retaliated by grabbing Jay with his grappling hook and tugging him into the warpgate with Remy. Both of them rolled out of the other side of the portal, finding themselves in front of a massive cave entrance. Jay rolled his eyes and jogged in. Remy followed him and found a very small spider. The spider said, “ ‘O’, this is great! Here’s ‘A’ big meal.” Remy panicked and began spinning around and screaming. He looked away and stepped down hard. The mini-spider was squished to the flatness of paper. Jay turned around with a confused look. “What was that?” Remy managed to stutter, “Nothing. Just ‘A’ bug.” Jay shrugged and continued on, inadvertently stepping on a normal-sized spider. The spider squeaked, and Jay looked down. “Hey, ‘U’ stepped on me! That’s not nice!” Jay took out his ruler and switched it to battering-ram mode, smacking the spider all the way into the depths of the cave. Remy was too busy looking around. He saw many clusters of crystals that glowed in rainbow colors. Transparent and neon lizards ran around the cave merrily. Every sound made had an echo. Just then, a roar snapped Remy out of his reverie. A massive ugly spider hung from the ceiling. Jay was already stuck in one of its webs. His ruler lay on the ground next to him. The convenient music player was hovering nearby, and true to its name, it began playing boss music by whistling. Remy raised his arms. A brick appeared in each of his palms. Then Remy pointed at the boss spider, and a massive stream of bricks began streaming out from a random spot behind Remy. The bricks all proceeded to smash into the monster’s face and explode. The giant enemy spider was knocked unconscious. Waffle dragged over a very large tissue paper and covered the beast. Remy then wrapped up the tissue and threw it into an acid pool while Jay struggled in the webs. Thus, the spider was defeated. Remy then ran over and began to saw at the webs covering Jay. Pancake appeared and watched. At that moment, a massive army of chairs appeared. They allowed Remy and Jay to recline on them and brought them back to Mr Ancona’s empty classroom. Jay then went behind Mr Ancona’s desk and found the secret bunker of Mr Ancona. Remy then fell asleep on a convenient bed. Jay decided to play an alphabet game. He was so immersed that he didn’t notice Remy standing right behind him with the PRFL. Jay was knocked onto a couch. Remy chuckled and went back to sleeping.


Rooftop Segment: The Photo-Taking Operation, the Aerial War, Parkour

Underground Basement Sequence

Library Fight Sequence

Hallway Monitors

Secondary Classes: Engineering and technology teachers

Language Classes

Music Teachers


The Gym/Health Teachers

The Gym Teachers (Basically tan-colored hulk-buff people), part 1 of physical education.

“Ready, hut!” Jay jumped from the ground and stood in a standing position. The gym-teacher substitute eyed the group. “Everybody!” he called. “Down and squat fifty times! As your substitute gym teacher, I am sorry to announce that your normal gym teachers are out–” He was cut off as the gym doors flew over his head. Everybody turned to look and saw two buff individuals, so buff that they had to break through the walls on either side of any door that they wanted to go through. “Ah!” said the substitute. “There you are! I thought that you said you were sick!” The gym teachers replied in unison, in a great, booming, rasping voice, “We were sick, and to heal we went to Gym and became buff persons. Now, we buff persons take over class!” “Does that mean that the nice substitute teacher won’t be teaching our class anymore?” Matt piped up, holding a cup of coffee that had randomly appeared in his hand. “Silence, puny human!” yelled one of the gym teachers, reaching out (far enough, somehow) and taking Matt’s coffee before chugging it and then hurling it back at Matt. Matt ducked, and the cup crashed into the wall behind him. The other one said, “We are Jarb and Jerb. We are your gym teachers! Everybody now! Ten karate chops! Take ten boards! Each! Break all ten! Get ten points for each one broken! Get one hundred points total and A+. Now, chop!” “Hut!” came the reverberating sound as all of the students karate-chopped the boards, one at a time. Jay decided to be fancy and did a flying kick at the board. Just before his foot made contact, he felt a huge buff hand grab him. “No, second puny human! That is not how! This is how!” The gym teacher, Jarb, flicked his finger at the board, which crumpled at his touch. “Ready now! Chop!” Jay chopped, but accidentally broke Jarb’s hand in half too as it was still laying on the wooden board. Jay then took a flying kick and knocked Jarb over. “Ow! You puny human, you get Z- in this class!” Jarb yelled. Jerb looked up at the commotion and ran over, lifting up Jay over his head until he hung by his arms, eight feet in the air. Remy stood up. “Hey! That’s my friend!” Jerb extended his other hand and picked Remy up too, placing the two of them alongside each other. Matt was suddenly holding another cup of coffee which he presently drank, turning into Latte. He then speed-anime-ran towards Jerb and just as he was about to kick him through the wall Jarb reached out and grabbed him, holding him so that it looked like he was running in place. However, the friction produced by Latte’s feet meant that he was slowly sinking into an ever-deeper hole below his feet. Suddenly, his feet ran up the side of said hole and ran up Jarb’s side, running along his arm until they were standing on top of his fist. Latte then kicked out, still held by Jarb, and then Jarb let him go immediately because of the pain. Latte then ran all over Jarb, his body lagging behind, until Jarb was covered in footprints. Latte then promptly turned back into Matt and vanished to get more coffee. However, the two semi-villains got back up, but by then, the team was already glowing with anger in front of them. “Hey, it’s like that time we fought a buff being back then!” “Which one?! There-”


Student Council War

Final Battle Against School Administration, Hint at School District:



Another battle with the bus drivers


The Flex Arc:

(More of a side story, introduces nothing (literally just doing nothing), shocks viewers)


Trip to the Other Schools: (Inspiration for making MANCM schools, list is somewhere)

A plot with no development whatsoever, steals people’s identities


The Arrival of Overseer: When the villain has actual logic and steals your powers and tech

Overlord’s Dominion: When the enemy has infinite extra health bars and random power-ups


Attack from Weatherman and Elementwoman: Plot full of plot holes, needs more development

Final Battle with the District, Copycat, and Preserver: We put some villains in their place again

Confrontation with the Controller: Some really obsessive control freak shows up, expect protests

Taking a “Peaceful” Vacation: The buses that have infinite engine problems but are invincible return

Return to Duty: the Anthem of REBOOT: If everyone retired for a week, the world gets wrecked

Call to Arms: Reunification???: Time travel and warnings of pending doom, just a weekend

The Timeline So Far: A recap episode that’s actually a spoiler for a very pivotal future character

2nd fight with Souperman, Calorwoman, Electriboy, and Conductigirl: Villains with real backstories at last

The Cheese Ark: The Origin of Professor Nemesis: Played for laughs, but somehow important overall

Messing with the Multiverse Part 1: An actual crossover event that avoids copyright strikes

Completely Destroying Timelines: Villains with real logic, featuring lots of alternate timelines

Messing with the Multiverse Part 2: A trainwreck of a sequel that somehow manages to be better

“Accidentally” Crossing Over Some Characters: Where we get the idea for peacekeeping mecha and AI


What If Part 2:

Extremely unstable lab equipment opened new breaches to other worlds and universes that were like the MANCM, but some certain key events happened differently… This is the “What If… ??? Part 2”… series!!!


What if Hank never existed?

That universe’s Ethan realized the universe was falling apart, and then that universe collapsed. From it rose the Observer, who was the first Watcher. He then proceeded to start a long lineage of his kind.


What if the Villains Won?

This was retconned by Ethan because he didn’t need more side stories branching off from this for now. However, then they found a way to come back later on. That was a bit of a minor problem. (Uh-oh…)


What if everyone had an Earth named after them?

Presenting… Some other Earths that may have important storylines based around them later: (Hint hint) Earth-Ethan – In hiding somewhere, Earth-Matt – Missing in action, Earth-Ayan – Status unknown, and Earth-Ancona – A factory that makes all the evil Ancona clones. These are only some of the Earths named after major people. Earth-Big – A big Earth. Earth-Small – A small Earth. In addition to Middle-Earth, there are: Bottom-Earth – This is beneath Middle Earth. There are many evil monsters that cause much havoc in the world. Top-Earth – This is above Middle Earth. It is home to dragons and is an entire world hidden in clouds. Earth-MANCM – An extra headquarters. It is designed to withstand any universe-reboots at the atomic level. There are also decimal Earths, Earths with decimals in their names.


If Ethan was in… Harry Potter

(The following section is labeled as a possible Canon.) (A long, long time into a different world… This will be a long arc, so its Canon status has been widely debated. Ethan himself places it as minimum Canon as it is very low quality.) Max Canon has yet to have been found in large amounts. Never mind, this is all getting retconned. Copyright strikes are too much work.) (The end of the possible Canon. Someday, the notebook containing the tales of this crossover will be found. Perhaps they will still be usable. Maybe then, the tales of Ethan and Harry Potter working together to end evil once and for all will finally be told.)

The end of the What If…??? and If … was in ??? series.


Side Stories: Alternate Beginnings: The Tale of the Great Eight

Throughout the great realm of Youtube, a dimension that was not as two-dimensional as it might seem, and with plenty of pocket dimensions as well. Anybody can visit, but they can never leave… Not until their quest is over. It was on one such day, or rather, streaming hour, that a seemingly unsuspicious visitor was touring the land. A tourist, not the first, and most definitely, not the last. He was named… The Great and Unpredictable Jay, or rather would soon come to be known as such. As he ascended the steep hill in the direction of the castle, he was met with quite an interesting sight. Across the fresh countryside, a herd of cows gently grazed around, while bulldozers dug large and random holes all about the place, and then undertakers placed large rectangular boxes into the holes. The bulldozers then proceed to cover them up. There was a lack of tombstones. Jay paid them no heed, and continued on towards the castle. From the topmost spire, a large red flag flapped over the land. Jay quickened his pace, going around large craters (dug by the bulldozers), and, almost at a flat out run, entered the castle. A large entourage of guards met him from within the doors, but quickly stepped aside to welcome him into the keep when he flashed his platinum gold exclusive membership card out of his pocket. Upon the great golden swivel-chair ($25 on eBay) in the middle, the one and only Great King sat, his great majestic presence filling up the entire hall. A Swedish man, it appeared to him, from the complexion. Jay skidded to a halt and knelt down before the great ‘throne.’ The man atop the seat rose and came forward. Jay looked up, and, taking a deep breath, launched into his story. “Oh great Lord, long I have traveled throughout the great world, gosh, it’s actually quite nice here, to meet you, to cast myself at your feet. For I desire too, to be as great as you, to be known as well as you, who are, and still are, known across the land as, The One and Only Pewdiepie. My lord, I present myself to you.” The expression on Pewdiepie’s face was quite indeterminable, somewhere as a cross between a smile, indifference, and amusement. He opened his mouth to speak. “Do not cast yourself upon me, young lad, for I too have risen from the dust and grime of the lowers and inferiors. But within this mighty castle, we are all equals within this realm, and we treat each other as so. Thank you greatly for offering me your services, but I must decline; do not waste them on somebody who has already lived, but for somebody who will live, and that is you. No-” His speech was interrupted by a large crash from the entrance hall, quickly followed by a chorus of shouts and yells, and the sound of running feet. Just as a platoon of Netherite-armored troops burst into the hall, an enormous tiger seemingly pounced onto the room. The great vaulted ceiling caved in under the weight of the beast, revealing its true nature. Cyan and magenta, cyan and magenta, Jay was sure that he had seen those colors somewhere. A shout from atop the giant tiger rectified his thoughts. It was MrBeast, of course! And there he was too, riding the beast, waving and shouting down at the armored troops or Pewdiepie as it wrecked the great hall, smashing display case after display case of like buttons, subscribe buttons and more. Pewdiepie shouted, and frantically began wheeling his golden throne out of the room, for fear of it getting smashed, along with all of the other debris. Jay, being a trained streamer, fired all his youtube buttons at MrBeast, but he was unaffected. Pewdiepie finally opened the large door at the far end of the room, passed through it, and slammed it behind him. Jay sent a couple more buttons after him as well, but they sank into the wood. They powered up the door with a temporary sentience, and then the door swung open and hit Jay into a dark cave, where a large pedestal stood. In the pedestal a glowing rod of light shone and brightly illuminated the whole room. Jay reached toward the rod, and it became even brighter and began bending and twisting. Then a portal opened in the side of the room, and out stepped an entity, who turned out to be Entity, who had hacked into the game. He looked at Jay and immediately a bedrock box formed around him. Jay screamed for help and accidentally hit himself with his teleporter ray, and teleported out of the box. He was defenseless, so he ran up to the pedestal and grabbed the rod. Jay was slowly lifted into the air by an unknown power. Within his mind, he heard an unseen being of light speak to him. “Great responsibility comes with great power. Do you accept this burden?” Jay responded mentally: “I will, with all that I am. Of course.” As Entity slashed at Jay over and over with his blades, confused as to why his great blows could not harm this mere mortal, the rod shocked Entity, slamming him against a cave wall. Then Jay grabbed the rod. He felt a massive amount of energy flowing into him, altering him, changing him. He controlled the rod and decided its form within an instant. The rod whizzed, extended, spun, contracted, and finally formed into a long glowing ruler. The roof of the cave exploded open, and a bolt of lightning flashed down. The ruler began glowing green and then turned yellow, with blue marks to show the inches and silver handles on both sides. The lightning struck Jay, whereas his internal power core began to glow. He was merely a humble being, but the nobleness of the rod of justice knew that he had potential and incredible amounts of hidden power. The lightning faded as the smoke cleared, and Jay was fully covered from head to toe in golden (self-materializing) Transmetal III armor. The gauntlets were green. A long red cape billowed in the air behind him. Jay extended his ruler in Entity’s direction, and it extended and slapped him so hard his robotic head went flying off his shoulders. Entity disintegrated. Jay levitated out of the cave and looked in the direction of Pewdiepie’s castle… Back at the Pie Fortress, Pewdiepie (who owned the fortress, aka Pewdiepie’s castle) made a call on his phone. Technoblade and Dream both popped out of the phone, pulling out their swords. MrBeast took out his money cannon. MrBeast began firing 100-dollar bills at the two experienced players, who shielded and blocked the attack. Herobrine himself appeared, eager to defeat two of Blockstaria’s greatest beings, but Notch appeared beside him and swung his extra-long modded emerald sword. Steve and Alex both appeared to help their creator, but Notch motioned for them to stay back. However, Pewdiepie sent down his sub-servants, and they turned everyone but MrBeast and Pewdiepie into PDFs. Pewdiepie was about to turn and flee, but then a massive explosion rocked the castle. Jay had returned, and he was furious at MrBeast for breaking his phone. (It broke when Jay got thrown into the cave.) MrBeast looked at his subscriber number (it was falling because MrBeast hadn’t made his daily amount of content and because Jay was doing a collab with Pewdiepie to make a video ridiculing MrBeast), scowled, and then teleported away. Pewdiepie sighed in relief. Near the magical land of Manconia, Jay got a new mansion from Pewdiepie for stopping the malicious plans of MrBeast. (Jay bears no ill will towards MrBeast. Not sure about vice versa though.)


A Tale of Liberation


Jay’s Final Destiny (The Fate of The Great Eight)


The end of Volume 7


Volume 8: The Arrival of the So-Called Greatest Evil, Random Adventures, Travel Guide to the Multiverse


The Arrival of the So-Called Greatest Evil


Welcome to Neo-Asgard!


Random Adventures


So after a long hiatus (break) to gather ideas and absorb content, I’m ready to resume creating this masterpiece of a multiverse! I’m asking you to help me continue our weird and wacky adventures as we continue facing insanely broken villains and inventing even more illogical crazy inventions. So come on to the doc! We’re getting Vincent (the other person whose email I actually have on hand from the council to resume work tomorrow) Without further ado, I’m adding some more (self-approved) MANCM honorary council members! They unconditionally vote for what I say because I have their paychecks… oh wait lol. I said too much! Anyways, we’re hiring more people and getting back to work on traveling the multiverse, making it a true concept. We also need to make the plot, plot armor, chairs, and Canon relevant again to the storyline. Plot armor makes us nearly invincible against normal villains, so we may have to find something to retcon the armor or at least limit our use of Canon. Also, I’m trying to incorporate more genres and giant robots (side goal, this is indeed) into the story. Hope to see you soon! I’m planning to get into stop motion and make something with buildable figures and lego. Bye, and hello, for when you return to the multiverse… of lore. Note: we may pick up after some major time skips. Also, to fit my vacation (and summer break), we are first traveling my neighborhood, then fighting minifigs (Attack on Mini???) and then finally getting turned into paper for a bit, reversing that, and traveling around the world to stop a spy agency from making horrible decisions even though they are smart. Then, we take that concept and expand that to where we monitor main characters and timelines to make sure the right stuff happens, and then sometimes stuff happens, so crossovers may occur, and we may purposely wreck timelines or intervene in the timeline. As another idea, we get stuck on the internet, and after that, some of us start questioning existence. A bunch of meteors appear, carrying the next generation of heroes from an alternate future. We then fight a villain who can break the fourth wall (similar to a very famous red anti-hero) and then we break the “fifth wall” for ideas, where we start by attacking the villain, then revealing the real us are on a rooftop with a laser disk launcher, and then we reveal we’re behind the poor confused villain, (and then in the bodies, just really small, then we are actually on a different planet on a different level of reality, and then we reveal the multiverse. The villain’s brain overloads) using Canon to glitch the villain into nothingness painlessly, but then it turns out that Canon usage can affect our lifespans, so we all panic. So join us in the multiverse tomorrow! Coming soon: The new ideas list!!!!! Actual ideas: We open a hotel, we get new vehicles, our hobbies are revealed, more inventions, new costumes, mansion building, career wars, the Anconans and the Michaelis. Then we have titles/concepts: Voices in head, Alien psychics, Earth is inside out, Hollow Earth, All conspiracy theories, Conventional and unconventional uses for Canon at home and at work, Generation 0 and negative generational lore, Normal daily tasks but everything goes wrong, Real character development, Dragons and Pirates RPG world, A Connection Discovered, Multiverse Divergence Event: Splitting, Friends get stranded worlds apart, Truths uncovered, Resolutions, the answers to old questions leading to new questions, We discover that people playing an RPG very similar to our world are actually accessing our world, New allies from the players of the RPG, We realize that new universal material is being generated by the devs, Investigation begins, More of the Watcher’s kind in different multiverses discovered, Innovators, Crusaders, Coordinators, Builders (Humans of the other multiverse), Instructors, Constructors, Destroyers, Architects, Wanderers, Traders, Makers, Forgers, Inventors, Wreckers, Guiders, Founders, Creators, Menders, Timers, Worlders, Canoners, Multiversers, Searchers, Finders, Engineers, Prophets, Executors, Protectors, Guardians, Monitors, Seers, Catchers. Some are hostile. We have to stop them.

Plot armor lore and explanation: Powerful suit of armor made from True Canon. It is a reactor by itself, as its design was made to constantly loop and reflect Canon energy around the suit, multiplying itself to high levels. This energy then allows the suit to energize and create weapons by reading the users’ thoughts. The armor does have a core reactor to focus its energy. It can also use its energy to heal, fire energy beams, allow the user to learn certain techniques instantly, provide higher mental speed, boost reflexes and strength, and instantly heal the user from otherwise mortal wounds as long as there is enough energy. Each suit can be customized for the user. In addition, the suit can link up to other artifacts to boost them. In cases of last resort, the suit can temporarily increase all its power output and usage to over 500% of normal usage, where multiversal portals and special attacks can be used instantly, with no charging required. It is said by many to be the perfect fusion of magic and technology. The suit can also function in space, as it can generate necessary components for its user to have mobility in space and survive there. There is a built-in Canon refiner and purifier, but the purifier cannot work on Canon that has been too corrupted on its own. As for its defensive capabilities, the suit can generate fields of energy, meaning that energy and physical shields are possible. Even if the user is wielding a normal object instead of an artifact or Canon-infused/charged accessory, the suit can envelop the object in Canon energy and power it up. If the other defenses fail, the last line of defense is when the suit mobilizes all of its power to alter reality to ensure that attacks either miss completely or do not result in a fatal wound. If the suit has enough power, it can also generate a portal to redirect the attack or completely deflect the attack off the armor. Ethan’s particular suit is modified to suit his fighting style and accommodate his tools. Normally, there are slots in the forearms near the wrists that serve as pockets for the Flashlight of Doom and Ruler. There is a four-dimensional pocket and a deployable leash, along with a shield/tool generator. Finally, the suit is able to interact with Ethan’s various special vehicles, serving as a unique starting key.


A complete history and lore of the ruler:

It originated as many components from different multiverses that united to form one uncontrollable staff, which was then condensed into the Canon rod that Ethan turned into a ruler and grabbed. Once, in the era of the Monkey King, the legendary warrior retired, putting his staff back into place to hold up the ocean. A mind-controlled mecha-dragon from an alternate past timeline where time travel had been misused showed up and attempted to throw the universe into chaos. As it roared, it somehow knocked the staff (golden cudgel/magic staff that holds the entire ocean up/giant measuring rod apparently used by ancient deities (so, aliens in disguise) to measure the world in the old days) out of position, causing the seas to simply crush the Earth from the inside out. Somehow, the tectonic plates survived and formed a flat plane, a realm the surviving humans began to call… Asgard. Meanwhile, in a rebooted world, Asgard survived. The king invented a ruler and enchanted it to be able to change size. The ruler expanded so large that it crushed Asgard, causing the universe to be rebooted again. The ruler returned as a rod that had no purpose but to hold up a window on a support beam of a castle that supported the universe. When the rod snapped and the universe rebooted again, the Exalted Ones suddenly began to take an interest in such an entity. After the rod rebooted as a cudgel for a shepherd, the shepherd accidentally dropped it in a multiversal anomaly, enchanting it. It turned all his sheep into chickens after he wished for eggs. Terrified, the shepherd threw the cudgel down a cliff, where it floated through the ocean, ending up in a whirlpool that fulfilled the universe’s requirements for creating a portal to the Exalted Ones’ realm, since a meteor flew straight into the whirlpool, giving the whole arrangement a lot of energy. Before the portal fully opened, the cudgel turned the whole shepherd’s house into gold, since he had sent the ruler to its next point in life. The shepherd survived the witch trials (for suddenly having a house made of gold), but the Space Vikings from Neo Asgard were the end for him. The cudgel fell through the portal, which the Exalted Ones instantly closed. They grabbed the dimension where the cudgel came from and transformed it into a glass chamber where a book that would be the guide to the multiverse would materialize due to the unique energy. The cudgel was transformed into an unstable rod of Canon for the experiments. Unfortunately, it turned out that none of the Exalted Ones could handle it. At that moment, Ethan appeared in the room, turning the rod into a canonically powerful ruler of his choice. The rest was history. Neo Asgard will return. It is a fate engraved in stones, near the cave where the shepherd’s spirit was said to rest. The spirit, now going by the name Yande, is found by a little kid named Xavier. His subsequent attempts to help a friend, Zeke, get through a personal loss through strange experiences, cause the world to go out of balance, and the MANCM step in, only to find the warning left behind on the strange rock.


The Arch of Doom Over-Arc:

Part 1: A New Era: The Zombie Invasion, The Obliterators, Aliens: Point of Origin, Rise of Neo-Asgard

Part 2: Endless Assault, Resistance Revived, Dreamtech: Flash in the Dark, Nede: Light Fate

Part 3: Anything But Calm: The Hallowed Ones, The Weavers, The Redeemer, The Feelingless

The Ironic Cliffhanger Conclusion


The Old Age Arc: Explanation Required, Hank’s Departure, Joe’s Retirement, Ayan and Yash Leave, Matt Vanishes, Vincent’s Hideout, Ethan’s Stasis, Remy’s Escape, Bold Return, Hyperspace Conflicts


Rise of the Pegasus Arc: Atlantis Rising, Legends, Expanded, Contracts, Exposed, Fleeing, Marauders, The Garden, Steampunk, Pickaxe of Myth, Asgard’s Attack, Trapped, Fifth Season: Harvest, Dragon, New World, Rise of the Pegasus, Sentient Plant, Time Freeze, Perception of Truth, Neo-Asgard Invades, Peacebroker, Neo-Atlantis, Sacrifice, Treaty, Reconstruction, Solar Sails, Through The Triangle, Celestia


Mini-Arc: The Eight (Once Twelve) Cooks of Celestia: Tasteless, Bitter Salt, Savory Spice, Sweet Sour, Cold and Warm, Polar Opposites, Contest, Outcome, Prize, Sibling Rivalry, Discovery, Modernia Found


Cause for Alarm, Counterparts, Three-Way Battle, Gearworld Intervention, Non-Betrayal, Trapped in Elsewhere, Ethereal Assistance, Escape, Those Left Behind, Wanderer, Return of W, Anger and Calm


The Reset Arc:

Jay flew through the cosmos on board the Excalibur III, called III for only one reason. The II got rebooted into the III, and the III had updated features such as a real life holographic TV, meaning that he could punch a picture of somebody, and they would get punched in real life. Remy ran into the cabin, holding a cup of Charged Coffee (hyper powered) and a retconner. He set the retconner down on the table and a hologram of Ayan appeared. Jay activated the TV and punched the picture of Ayan lightly on the shoulder. Down the hall, a shout of surprise was heard. Immediately, a warpgate appeared next to the Excalibur. Out from the warpgate came a huge ship, more like a blob with flashing lights. A huge spotlight came out from the front and began shining its light around. Suddenly, the light landed on the surface of the Excalibur. There came a huge buzz from the spacecraft, and it abruptly shapeshifted into the shape of a pyramid that seemed awfully familiar. Jay’s eyes somehow doubled in size, and then returned to their original state. The ship extended hyperwarp cannons, and fired them at the Excalibur III. Jay opened a warpgate with his own power reserves (faster, but more energy intensive), and the Excalibur teleported away into another realm. Remy quickly chugged down some coffee and his eyes began to glow as information from the Galaxy Vault flowed into him. “We are in the Negative Realm,” he spoke. “The home of the- error error error.” Remy’s eyes stopped glowing with a bright flash and he slumped to the floor, overloaded by a sudden lack of information necessary to keep the coffee from knocking him out. Jay stood up and walked over to the now-empty cup of coffee. From his sleeve extended a ruler, and lightning came down through the sunroof (utterly ineffective, I must tell you) and struck him. He walked from the smoke covered from head to toe in golden Transmetal III. He lifted the ruler over his head, and brought it down onto the cup. The cup exploded, and the Excalibur lurched as a random multiversal hyperwarp jolt caught up with it. There was a tremendous roar as the engines accelerated and slammed into the ship. A wrenching jolt, and all was still as the mega-shock absorbers brought the engines back into their place and prevented them from pulverizing the ship. Jay nudged Remy with his toe. The doors opened and Remy-CLASH ran over and supported Remy as he suddenly awakened from his Super-Sugar-Saturation sickness. He then picked him up and took him out of the room. Suddenly Mr Red Herring ran into the room, but then Remy’s foot suddenly moved and tripped him so that he fell to the floor, but he was able to keep his balance and not fall. “Sir! The enemy is approaching the ship! Taking evasive actions, sir!” he yelled. “No need for that, we have no time to waste on this slow little triangle.” Jay pressed a button on the dashboard and a warpgate opened up in front of the ship. Through it, Jay saw the ship, a huge ominous mass lurking in the depths of time. Jay took a picture of it with his camera, sent it to his TV, and zoomed in. He gasped. In the front windshield (which was tiny, but the camera had infinite zoom) he saw the Belowers. Just as he laid eyes on them, a massive shock raced through his mind, and the Belowers disappeared from the window. Abruptly, the lasers on the pyramid fired, and two shots echoed through the void. They arced through the warpgate, but they only bounced off of the ship and rocked the Excalibur III instead. A red light came on in the cabin. The doors opened again and Remy-CLASH ran into the room on his faster-than-light go-cart (brand new), avoiding the door and instead choosing to go through the wall. He reached up, plugged his finger into the outlet, and held his nose. The computer blipped, and a database of information appeared. Remy-CLASH unplugged his finger, looked up at Jay, and left the room by way of the same route from which he came in. Jay scrolled through the data, and eventually he found the title (at the bottom, apparently). As soon as it came onto the screen, the entire TV flashed black and the screen evaporated. Thankfully, Jay was able to materialize it again, but the system was corrupted and the TV would not work. Jay hit it a couple of times with his ruler in frustration, but that only added dents which then angered him even more. There came a rumble as the warpgate (still open) began to shake and collapse. The ship on the other side at that very moment had noticed the Excalibur. From the nose of it it extended a cannon twice the size of the Excalibur, and fired it at the portal. The rim of the warpgate began to shake, fizz, and then it began to expand. The nose of the ship was already through. It was at this moment that Remy had woken up in the sleeping room. Remy donned his space helmet and went out to the hangar, which was located on top of the ship, using the nose as a runway. Jay was waiting for him as the massive ship finally cleared the warpgate and shot its hyperlaser at the Excalibur, lighting itself up with an array of energy beams as it powered up its most powerful weapon. The hyperlaser flew through the void, creating gateways to other dimensions as it did so, and closing them just as it made them. Jay nodded to Remy, and they both boarded Remy’s new speeder. Remy then pulled a lever and the speeder lifted off from the platform. The sound of wheels accompanied that sound and Jay turned around to see Remy-CLASH sitting in his go-cart wearing a helmet identical to Remy’s, being pulled along with a grappling hook. Remy turned to Jay and smiled. It was at this moment that the hyperlaser made contact with the ship. The Excalibur III exploded into thousands of pieces, catapulting both speeders and go-cart out through the warpgate, past the behemoth of the ship, and out into far space beyond the limits of the universe. In the cockpit of the ship, a being spoke to a crowd of other beings. “We have done it, but we have failed. No, you have failed. If this utter failure happens again, one of you will go.” “But sir,” another piped up. “We didn’t know that they had speeders-” “Silence!” shouted the first being. “Speeders or not, we have destroyed their ship. Jay will never know what hit him. Now, any volunteers? No? Then back to work!” All of the beings immediately left the room through various means of entrance, including a nonexistent vent. In the pilot’s seat, the being reached into its pocket and pulled out the Creative Timeline Record copy from so long ago, opened it, and, one finger over the figure of Jay, pressed down and, from his pocket, produced one forbidden key of the Keyboard of Power. It was the “mousepad” key, the one key that was never going to fit into the keyboard. The being reached over and, still holding Jay, pressed down “revert.” Far out in the expanses of space, Jay gasped, and fainted. Suddenly, a terrible band of villains appeared. Mustache Man, the most infamous convict ever to exist in the multiverse, a being who used his mustache as his fists. Paper Man, Scissor Man, and Eraser Man all appeared. Eraser Man has a lifelong rivalry with Hank due to obvious reasons. Year-Round-Schooling Man and Elementa-Man also popped up. All of them were in their own flying go-carts catching up. Suddenly, Remy pulled the brakes as the speedster hurtled into the mess of villains. The go-kart flew past and slammed into the villains, knocking them backwards onto a planet, conveniently an Earth. (Earth-84) (Remy-CLASH had teleported away at the last second, and the go-cart had exploded. Another machine failure in Remy’s book. Not the first, but not the last, either.) Jay regained consciousness and turned to Remy with a disappointed expression. He then reached down and marked another tally in a ledger that had suddenly appeared out of virtually nowhere. “I had a feeling that would blow up eventually. Mistakes were made,” Jay sighed. “Next time, I’ll do the steering, and you can build the ship.” Remy looked around and toggled the power away from the villains. Back at base, another speeder activated its engines, and flew out of a warpgate down to the planet behind the villains, burning down swathes of land as its engines sought to counteract the atmospheric pressure that had suddenly began to impact an atmospheric-pressure-proof spacecraft. The villains turned, and teleported down. Eraser Man made the first move when he “erased” the speeder. Jay whipped out his ruler, but that was erased too. (Don’t worry, it came back somehow). Jay then ran up to Eraser Man and yeeted him with his now-existent ruler, seemingly erasing Eraser Man. As it turned out, that ruler is basically indestructible and immune to all attacks due to being made from Transmetalnamium X and the highest concentration of Canon in the multiverse. (That ruler is so overpowered at this point!!!) Jay swung it around and struck it right into Eraser Man again, who was swiftly and actually erased (haha) from existence. Year-Round-Schooling Man began to rant about how breaks should be shortened but was quickly silenced when Remy pitched him off of a cliff. Suddenly, Remy-CLASH appeared and slammed into Elementa-Man. Jay swung his ruler and knocked them both into a pocket dimension, where they continued tussling. Hank appeared briefly, and Paper Man shredded himself (he was made of paper). Scissor Man snapped at Remy, but then he activated his brick armor and punched him instead. Elementa-Man reappeared and then quickly disappeared as Remy-CLASH yeeted him into the void. The Mustache Man ran towards Remy, but quickly Jay pulled out his ruler and made him run the other way. Jay, Remy-CLASH, and Remy returned to the school with their jetpacks. Thankfully, nothing blew up.


The Arrival of Omnesence, the All Knowing

“Alright, everybody, suit up,” shouted Remy in the main hold of the Overpower as they cruised through space. “We have picked up signs of life in this sector of space, and we are going to go look for it.” Ayan whistled as he donned his personal space-suit. “Why can’t we do this with our spaceships? I forgot.” asked Jay. “Because life is a very intelligent life. Also, you forget everything after ten seconds,” replied Remy. Remy walked over to the main computer and inserted his key into the slot. A robotic voice said, “IDENTIFICATION CLEARED. ACCESS GRANTED TO MAIN COMPUTER.” Remy withdrew his keycard just as Ayan tripped and fell. Remy turned. “Why did you do that?” “No, it wasn’t me! I was about to kick that bottle when it kicked me!” Remy turned to Jay. Jay smiled, and slid his ruler into his sleeve. Alright, you people. Into the launching bay. We’re going down.” Remy walked over to the launching bay and boarded his speeder. Matt followed suit, but managed to sit on top of it instead, where there was a convenient rocking chair. Jay boarded next to Remy, and he activated the launch catapult. Matt’s speeder went first, with Matt sitting on top munching popcorn with a headset on, holding two really long sticks plugged into the craft. As the launch catapult activated, Matt pulled one of the sticks, and the engine began to roar. The catapult fired, and Matt was dragged along, pulled by his foot strap, dangling behind the craft. Remy and Jay went next, and they swiftly picked up Matt, setting him back onto his speeder when they caught up with it. “And that is why, “ he said. “You don’t ride on top of speeders.” Matt nodded, and climbed back into his chair. Jay rolled his eyes and Matt pulled one of the long levers, reactivating the back-jet. Ayan appeared out of nowhere inside of his egg-pod. Jay then remotely steered his speeder down to solid ground. Suddenly, a laugh was heard. Remy looked down to see his speeder sink slightly into the planet upon which it had settled. Jay jumped out of the speeder and drew his ruler, which blossomed in a blindingly bright arc of power. He swung it at the planet (they were now in range). Suddenly, the ground on the planet began to move as an ancient being began to rise from it. Jay moved to jab at it, and it moved aside. It was at this point that Ayan and Matt had landed their speeders on the planet, and were watching with 3D glasses on. Abruptly, Remy moved, and a huge claw rose out of the ground and slammed into him just as he stepped sideways. Jay ran towards Remy, and another claw came out to stop him. Jay sliced through the claw, but suddenly the claw moved and avoided the blast of power. Matt teleported away to get more popcorn. Remy clambered out of a convenient drain entrance in the middle of nowhere and activated his brick armor, reaching out his hand for Jay’s ruler. Jay reached over and touched the central brick on the middle of the suit, which immediately became infused with ultrapower. Suddenly, the monster moved, and a jet of fire hit Jay away before he could fully charge up the uni-beam. Remy turned, and fired the beam. The arc of light glanced harmlessly off of the monster’s hide, and it turned towards him. “I am Omnesence. I call myself Omni. You can call me your destroyer,” it said. “You have no power against me. I can predict all your moves before they happen. I can also read your thoughts!” Suddenly, Jay lashed out towards Omnesence, but the monster blocked the attack immediately, instead flicking the power into space, where a couple of stars exploded. Jay used his retconner to nullify the attack. Remy yelled over to Jay, “Try a diversion, maybe we can charge up the beam from behind.” Jay nodded back. Remy shot the uni-beam again, shapeshifting into a huge spaceship. Remy shot out two hyper torpedoes just as the monster noticed Ayan, who was still chilling. Suddenly a volcano went off, rocking Remy’s ship. The torpedoes were hit out of flight by a huge tentacle as it arced over to block the hit. Suddenly, the USS Horizon Kai appeared from a warpgate, and shot two ultra-powered torpedoes into the monster. It collapsed in pain, and suddenly, the planet inverted as the monster flipped around. Jay fell towards Remy, and in the last second was able to finish charging the uni-beam. Remy spun around and shot the beam at the monster. It vaporized huge sections of its body, but the monster then spun around and hit Jay out into a pocket dimension. Ayan took out his hyperblaster and began firing it, but the shots were glancing off. Suddenly, a huge roar filled the cavern as the Excalibur IIII (fresh from the line, in Jay’s company) flew in through the rock using tons of C4. Yash stood in the bow, waving his hands as he piloted the huge ship into the monster. It sank into the monster’s heart and into the rock below, but at the last second the monster tore itself away and quickly healed. The Excalibur IIII fired its lasers at Omnesence… and then exploded from the damage. Jay realized Remy had not built the ship, but he had provided the materials. Remy deactivated his suit and teleported to the ground. Suddenly, Red Herring appeared, took out of his pocket a little box, and disappeared again. Jay ran over to the box and identified it as a C10. Remy gulped and pulled Jay away as fast as possible. The box blipped once and exploded, shattering the cavern and revealing it to the void of space. Jay mentally wrote a note to hunt down Red Herring later. Remy activated his brick armor and transformed into a spaceship. He then used his Canon-infused brick to fire his unibeam. However, Omni promptly dodged it and slashed at the ship. The ship fell into two as the monster’s claw knocked Remy out. Jay swung forward with his ruler, but the monster was too fast and dodged the blow. Jay was genuinely surprised. Suddenly, Ayan made an air bubble around himself with his suit. Then, he took out a titanium slurpee straw and blew into it. A hurricane force gust shook the monster throughout, allowing Jay, fully powered up with ultra power, to strike the monster for the (maybe last) time. Matt at that point appeared with his popcorn, removed his helmet to try and eat it, suffocated, and quickly disappeared again. Just then, the GOAT appeared!!! It was very hungry that day. Noticing Omni, he activated his vacuum suction mouth and absorbed the monster. Omnesence stood no chance against this powerful and unpredictable being who he could not dodge, and was quickly and swiftly sucked into the great belly of the GOAT, who burped contentedly. (Eating Omnesence gave him special powers, but nobody knows about that yet.) Jay and Ayan looked at each other with wide eyes and then shrugged. Remy stood relatively unsurprised. Matt reappeared, gasping heavily. His oxygen levels were still recovering. Just then, the USS Horizon Kai landed in front of the group. Its ramp extended down, and everyone got on. The GOAT noticed a potted plant, but the baby deer (Hank’s pet, remember it?) was already occupying the eating area. Luckily, the GOAT was quite full already, so it lay down on a rug in the ship’s lounge for a long nap. Jay decided that he and his team definitely needed some time off again after all this hard work, so they had a vacation.


Side story: The Quest For Extra Credit!

The class (all except for the people from REBOOT) and the school were all convinced that Mr Ancona was not evil. However, Mr Ancona was evil. (He survived???) So once upon a time, Jay raided Mr Ancona’s fancy mansion in order to steal the extra credit codes. He didn’t make it very far before he found the vault on the side of a staircase. However, when he opened it, he found the vault to be empty. He turned his transmetalnamium reserve from his 4D pocket into a laser pointer and began cutting the walls.


USS Horizon: The Great Venture


The Tale of the Great Easter Hunt for the Grail of Greatness


Run: A Story of Resilience


The Happiest Day


The Coming of… Absolutely, Definitely, Certainly, Not Jinxed: Nothing… Right???


Travel Guide to the Multiverse


The Totally Accurate Documentary of MMMS


The Prophecy of the Year 5000


The Day of The New Year


New Realms, New Challenges


The Final Verdict


The end of Volume 8


Volume 9: Tech of REBOOT, How the Universe/Multiverse Works/Originated, Tales of an Extra Crossover


Tech of REBOOT


Hank Versus A Million Deer 3


Hank Versus the Bald Dino Deer 4


How the Universe/Multiverse Works/Originated


Tales of an Extra Crossover: Intelligence Network


Christmas Journeys (Tech-Santa)


Remy Meets… An Owl???


Pepper Man’s Origin


A Wild World: Multiversal Mania


Hidden idea: A bully and the one they bullied both get stuck in a VR world and work together to survive, unaware of each other’s identities, a spaceship escapes a planet that has fallen to forces of darkness. 


Extra story: A young boy with a missing limb and severely wounded body builds his own prosthetics with the help of robots and becomes a vigilante which nobody knows about. He still attends normal school. He soon meets another version of himself from a very different universe. Their timelines begin to merge… They meet the spies and battle Crosscut and Dispatch, two enemy agents. Then a spy family appears… If everything was off brand (again), rearming, creating new gadgets, breaking the timelines, fixing them.


Multi-Earth – A lot of Earths in one dimension. This is the type of world that the Generation 0 universe is.

Final-Earth – The so-called last Earth in the world. In reality it was the last one made in the multiverse.

Earth-Spacebase – A massive O’Neill cylinder, as all of the Earthly occupants had fled to it after the sun blew up their Earth. The sun later became two separate stars. This space station has lots of power plants and is home to one of the universe’s stability engines. (Motors which keep the current universe stable.) Multiverse-Earth – The “last” Earth to ever exist, it is a theoretical concept that will possibly last forever. 


End of Volume 9


Volume 10: Record of the Convergence, Forever From The Dark Void, The Extradimensional Last Stand


(First, some happier, short, mostly unconnected stories!)

A Monkey, A Goose, A Deer, A Bear, and some other Monsters that Invaded


The Kitchen Wars: VHS Tape Lost and Found Edition

Hank Vs The Deer 5

Hank Fights Deer 6

The Dark Star Quadrilogy:

Terminal Velocity, New Fronts, Extinction Event, Ancient Discoveries

Warped Mirror

Dark Future

Carcer Unleashed

Lost Hope

For the Cause


Broken Mind

Doomed Cover Up

Not Over Yet

Last Chance

Failure is Impossible

One Hundred Percent

Call for Allies

Ending Loop

Exalted Resolve

Corrupted Rebirth


Record of the Convergence:

“You will not be saved from my wrath. I am an omniversal being, you fool! I will trample you beneath my feet!” Remy defiantly fired the last beam in his blaster at Entity. “I don’t need saving. I do the saving!” Vincent yelled, “It’s over, Entity!” and pressed the button inside Entity’s personal pocket dimension. As Entity realized what Vincent had done, he screamed, but it was too late. The suit he wore turned its energy on itself, burning both the suit and wearer. Then the robotic parts bent out of place due to its malfunctioning anti-gravity and magnetic powers. As Entity screamed, his body was penetrated by hundreds of metal parts at once. Then all the plastic inverted and pierced Entity with a sickening crunch. Entity’s own blades (now without a controller) turned around and flew right into their former user’s head. The body slumped over and fell back, leaning against the wall. Remy looked at Vincent. “Ooh. That had to hurt a lot.” “No less than he deserved,” said the exhausted voice of Jay. Remy ran over to help him up and said, “Great, we won, now, what should we do with this evil beast? I get the feeling that if we don’t seal him up properly, he will break out.” Vincent countered with the fact of: “Well, then some random prophecy will suddenly declare that Entity will break out sooner or later.” Jay sighed. “It’s a shame our latent powers don’t work anymore. Now I can’t read into the future. Oh well. I know a place where we can seal him up. If we do it correctly and leave nothing for him, he should never be able to regenerate. Follow me.” Five hours later, the group was at a heavily secured vault in the Negative Realm. Jay turned to where the suit was stored. It was in a slumped-over position, leaning against an invisible wall. Jay then telekinetically moved the suit into a corner of the safe. He spammed a few hundred different types of defenses around the safe. Then he walked out of the safe and sealed the door, melting the lock into place. “As long as any of us avatars survive,” declared Jay, “Entity will be sealed up forever… hopefully.”


Forever From The Dark Void:

In the dark room hidden far below a place once filled with joy, a body lies, penetrated by a metal skeleton suit inside and out. On top of the robot’s skeleton, an old suit of unknown material resides. A burst of energy suddenly shakes the whole area. The suit and body begin to twitch. The lifeless eyes in the suit suddenly come to life and begin glowing orange… The exoskeleton looks around and raises itself off the ground. Where the jaw once was, a shadow grins. In the realm of evil spirits, in a place permanently permeated by darkness, a being shrouded in darkness awakens and stretches its arm out. In the real world, the exoskeleton begins to convulse and change, and spikes begin to emerge from the petrified suit. Elsewhere, a group of old stone soldiers in a tomb begin to awaken, zombies suddenly reanimate by themselves, and in yet another location, metal robots of ancient times begin to eerily glow and move around. The lifeless body in the suit suddenly starts moving. The shadow using the suit evilly laughs…

Elsewhere, a pod in space begins to glow. Inside, Jay begins to reawaken after hundreds of years.


The Extradimensional Last Stand:

Jay realized who he once was. He had a life before this, and he had friends to protect.


The end of Volume 10


(Everything gets rebooted again, and the world returns to the state of the neo-classic merger multiverse.)


Conclusion, but not the end of everything. The world of REBOOT continues in another universe cluster/ pocket/time loop. (!!!) Meanwhile, in/on another ion/atom/Earth/world/planet/galaxy/universe/multiverse…


The Shadow Corps, aka Alpha Company, aka Revenge and Destruction, aka Squadron Omega 5. Their job: to handle cases that the MANCM are too busy to work on at the moment, and turning the tide when CHAOS (Ethan) needs them most. He funded their bases across the galaxy, and they have members that live seemingly regular lives… Not even the rest of the MANCM members are aware… of their existence.

Task Log: Data Salvaged From ???

Mission 01: Strategic Takeover

Mission 02: Phantom Busters

Mission 03: Transport and Release

Mission 04: Handling the Side Missions

Mission 05: Going Solo

Mission 06: In the Dark

Mission 07: Countering the Evil AI

Mission 08: Peacekeeping AI that went Evil

Mission 09: Riot Control

Mission 10: The Evil Within

Mission 11: Important Delivery

Mission 12: VIP Escort

Mission 13: Temporal Investigation

Mission 14: World Repair

Mission 15: Mop-up Operations

Mission 16: Cleaning Up

Mission 17: The Delegation

Mission 18: The Treaty

Mission 19: Holding the Line against the Aliens

Mission 20: Final Task: Getting to Safety


A view into the future by the new Watcher:

One collection has two records. One record has two chronicles. One chronicle has two generations. One generation has one chapter. One chapter has three volumes. One volume has three or four stories and multiple lore-filled short stories. One story has many tales. One tale has a lot of history, which is lore, made up of accounts, made of Canon. Then, somehow, Canon makes up collections too. (Wait, how???)


Generation 1: The tale of the MANCM

“This was the very beginning… right? Right???”

Generation 2: The Canon Legend of REBOOT

“Out with the old, in with the new! Welcome to the restarted world.”

Generation 3: LEGEND in the world of Earth-Infinity

“Never forget anything. You’ll regret it later, so don’t.”

Generation 4: LEGACY in the world of Alternia

“Was that all a dream? If it all was, that means that…”

Generation 5: Omniversia, the land of the Exalted Ones

“Maybe there is a multiverse of multiverses out there.”

Generation 6: Jay Turns Evil, and some of his Friends Turn Evil Too

“If you live long enough, you get to see yourself become the villain.”

Generation 7: Surviving the Apocalypse, The Time Split

“It’s the end of days, desperate times require desperate measures.”

Generation 8: Repairing the Wounds aka The True Time Heist

“When time traveling, do not meet yourself.”

Generation 9: Gathering the Forces

“Teamwork makes the dream work. Especially a good group.”

Generation 10: The End of Existence (Again)

“It never really ends… Look out and be careful.”

Generation 11: The Final Battle for the Multiverse

“Good things are only temporary. Evil is harder to destroy.”

Generation 12: Something Else Happened

“Heed the warnings. Knowing too much is a curse.”

Generation 13: The Unlucky Universe

“Some things are better off left unknown.”

Generation 14: The Merger/Invasion

“Nobody will believe you. You will fail.”

Generation 15: A New Beginning, Meeting the Creator

“Freedom is a precious thing. Keep it.”

Generation 16: Freedom, Leaving Home

“See the world, enjoy the sights. Stay safe.”


*Static* (Signal intercepted from unknown sender. Decoding. Decryption complete. Message below.)

Vincent’s Arc/Self-Contained Generation Teaser:

After the events of the Multiverse of Lore, Vincent decides that it would be a cool idea to explore the outer, less known parts of the multiverse, and finds a strange planet with many different biomes, and a light in the center. Vincent, knowing that this is undiscovered, decides to use this place as a home for a while and research some of the inhabitants and biomes in it. This is the wacky world of Vincent and Co. Other Creator: I have actually made a separate document that contains a new universe and more. It is newly made from the old template. The world is unfinished. It is being worked on; if you want to see my progress so far, you can find it here. I may keep some updates here so that I can track some progress.

Vincent’s Arc Update log

2.0: The exploration arc is finally done, only took like 5 months to actually work on. Production should be back on schedule

(Oh, something from outside our world? Fascinating… Let us see what this is… Wait, there’s another Creator??? This changes everything… I need to tell the others immediately! Who’s this? Wait, wait, no!!!

*Broadcast ended. Resuming normal playback.*


Generation 0/17: The Lost Generation:

“Just when we thought it was finally over…”


Part 1:

The Missing Years: The Beginning

Realm Wars

Multiversal Voyages Volume 2

The Omniverse… of Darkness

The Unknown Beyond of Greatness

Origins of the World and the Artifacts

Corrections Required

Hard Reset


Part 2:

The Very First Prototype

He Who Was Unseen

The Forgotten Ones

The Original Canon

The Vengeful Souls

The Beings of Chaos

The Dark Universe

The Rebellion Begins


End of Part 2. The Fight Against the Exalted Ones is Coming Soon… The Creator is prepared for a fight…


Side story:


Section 1:

Overpowering the Defenses

Programming a Artificial Intelligence

Extraterrestrial Assistance

Return of the Eight

Atrium of the Deposed

The Past Unburied

In Another Time

Octagram Conundrum

Not a Hazardous Job

Section 2:

Rescuing the Watcher

Especially This Incident

Waking the Ancient Rage

Injuries of Proud Ones

Never Again to Be Seen

Dealing a Critical Blow

Ending All of It

Reloading the World


Generation 18: Danger Zone

“Here we go again.”

Generation 19: Trip Through Memory Lane

“Secrets from the past are about to be unveiled.”

Generation 20: One Last Time

“It has all been leading up to this.”


Extras: Generations: Destination, New Evolution, Extinction Event, The End


Generation 21: The Next Team

Generation 22: Waves Of Adversity

Generation 23: The Internal War

Generation 24: A New Adventure

Generation 25: Tying up the Lore

Generation 26: The Road Not Taken

Generation 27: Disclosure, Divergence

Generation 28: Special Investigations Department

Generation 29: Enemy At The Door

Generation 30: The Universe Battle

Generation 31: Ancient Discoveries

Generation 32: The Team Up

Generation 33: Memory Trauma

Generation 34: Events Revealed

Generation 35: All the Earths

Generation 36: A Possible Permanent Retirement

Generation 37: Return To Chaos

Generation 38: A Team Effort

Generation 39: Reparations and Amends

Generation 40: The Final Act… of Unity


Omniscientific technologically magical index/glossary

(Published by REBOOT)


Some Companies:

Ethan’s new company: Ethan’s Excellent Electronics and Extras

Ethan’s Excelling Ultra Metro-transport Mega-subspace Warp-drive Rapid-travel Supersystem Multitrain

Matt’s new company: Matt’s Mats and More, Matt’s the Mechanist’s Mechanical Mechs

Remy’s new company: R.S. R&D Co. (Roads and Docks), Remy’s Radical Retcons

Remy’s Extraterrestrial Base: MCRSD, (the Mars Central Research and Science District) (I am the head CEO, owner of the facility, and I hold all rights, by the ruling of the R.D.S “?” Policy, to the base. It is my security policy insurance, I am its owner, and nobody else (except for Ethan and Matt), can use it. I still own it. Them ‘using it’ is just as insurance that if somebody griefs their work, then they tell me where it is and what has been griefed and then if I have time, I will try to fix it. Ethan is the co-manager of MCRSD and can use it for stories, but is not allowed to grief it in any way. He can, however, install coffee stands and non-nuclear vending machines. Only I get to have flying nuclear vending machines. – Remy, 4XXX)


Newer characters to be used later in a new mystery: Lilly, Pranaya, Hayden, nobody, nobody, nobody.

A Great Mystery: No Spoilers (written by the fans, edited by Ethan approximately seventy-seven times)

So anyways, in an alternate universe seen by Ethan, who borrowed the Watcher’s telescope, a nuclear apocalypse happened. Lilly, Pranaya, and Hayden were near a bunker that was newly installed under Mr Ancona’s desk. Mr Ancona invited them inside. Meanwhile Ethan was left outside and he started to panic, later hiding inside the closet and using its teleporter to escape to the moon, where he built a moonbase that the OG Canon universe’s Ethan used as a template for when he was building his own Moonbase and Marsbase. The bunker was really big and it was a nice place to live in, but then Lilly started to argue with Pranaya. Lilly went and poked Pranaya with a poisoned pencil, the pencil being provided by the imposter. Hayden thought she knew who the impostor was and hid inside a closet, only to be found by Mr Ancona and “permanently paralyzed”. Then Mr Ancona found Lilly, who was paralyzed. Then Mr Ancona randomly fell down. He looked up. The imposter… was Yash. (Credits begin. Ethan smiles and leaves. Bagel barks.)


Ideas: Bald dino deer, evil counterpart of Ethan, The Chungus Bunny invasion, a possible Monkey King crossover, The return of Beeg Chonk, Emperor Yish, The new Pigporkablyse mafia, the wolf hero/building inspector, kid goes to sleep and teleports to REBOOT, Jay passes on his great powers to a noble human, everyone forgets about the daily agenda, Ethan’s friends get scattered to many different themed realms, Abovers and Belowers battle, Beyonders arrive, Precursor universe, the Creator shows himself, releases REBOOT to the universe, freeing them so they can have their own adventures, flying cloud vehicle, cults battle, Ethan somehow transfers his consciousness and powers to somebody pure of heart who finds his resting place in the far future, a great odyssey around the globe begins in many different vehicles (Flying cities), tour travels the universe, USS Horizon: The Great Venture, power limit in this universe, company generator, why Mr Ancona became evil in REBOOT, and Ancona and Salty Man’s origins, talking goldfish, Jay gets stuck in a VR world, and Ethan disappears and comes back 10+? years later to save his friends, the full tales of the spyworld, the USS Horizon’s travels throughout the story, everyone gets a new pet.


Accessories and overpowered artifacts:

Flashlight of Doom, plot device, convenient music player, time machine, retconner, plot and chair armor, Ethan/Jay’s special ruler, Wisdom Mirror, Keys of Power and the Keyboard of Power, the PRFL


Law of who-knows-what: The fact that the laws of Ethan’s universe are capable of randomly changing. Most of the time, the MANCM resides in their city-sized school, but sometimes, they travel elsewhere. 


Warpgate explanation: A powerful tunnel built by Canon that goes through its own dimension. How the tunnels never overlap is unknown. However, breathable air has been noted to exist in the winding tunnels.


The Order of the Plot Wielders:

An ancient secret society that first discovered the Canon and learned how to use it. The new base was built inside a crater on Mars. The old headquarters was based on the Moon, built on top of an ancient alien ruin. In those ruins, the first Canon and a set of keys were found. In a dark room, there was a mirror that could deflect the Flashlight of Doom, the retconner, and the multi-pen. Ethan once trained under this society before he met the Exalted Ones, using their old base to build a portal into a higher realm. This unfortunately exploded. Ethan vanished, and that area of the moon was made very uninhabitable. Later, Ethan returned, but as the society had abandoned their base, Ethan thought they were all gone. However, they had actually relocated to a new location. Ethan would later go try to find them, but without success.



Transmetalnamium: I, II, III, all exceedingly overpowered. I was great, II was better, and III was basically indestructible. They are all worth a lot of money and very rare. It can only be found on one planet so far.


Transmetal I: Originates from Earth 10.5. Codenamed chrome armor. It was the first prototype of its kind. A vortex deposited some metal stronger than anything in the universe and multiverse. Ethan changed the mixture to make it stronger by adding nanobots, and called it Ethanaminium, but later Ayan sued him for it, so the name was then changed to Transmetalnamium I. It consists of nanobots. It can insulate and conduct electricity, and serve as a magnet. It is fireproof, waterproof, and EMP proof, and has almost unlimited durability. This material is somewhat similar to another universe’s metal, but it’s stronger than almost anything. Ethan can mentally manipulate it. Nanobots ensure the armor can form almost anything.


Transmetal II: An improved alloy. It was refined with chromium to make an alloy with mini atom-sized reactors inside and improved nanotech. It has higher durability than the old version and can adjust its weight, along with changing shape and size. It can be made into a very powerful energized special paint.


Transmetal III: In REBOOT. Also known as Table Armor, or Vocab Armor, or Locker Armor. It is the most powerful armor so far, and was made from plot armor and chair armor, making its wearers resistant to the plot. Authors have no power over them. (Transmetal III is the shorter name for Transmetalnamium III.)


Transmetalnamium IIII: Called Transmetal IIII, it is retconner-powered plot armor that is indestructible.


Brick: Is wieldable only by Remy. It is summonable armor, which means that it can be summoned from anything around, in this case bricks. Anything that has the same looks and/or shape as a brick (can be a transmetalnamium brick) can be summoned to be part of the armor. The armor can be formed into any brick building, as well as any form of beast, being, or creature big enough to be made of assorted bricks.


Plot Armor: The first suit made by Ethan. It can be invisible when put onto others, but in Ethan’s universe, the armor is visible as a suit of armor whose appearance can be changed by the imagination of its user. Chair armor was originally more powerful than plot armor after it was made, but plot armor MK II was more powerful than chair armor. Eventually, plot armor II became power armor, and chair armor II (made later) became ultra armor. The plot armor became power armor, which was merged with ultra armor, the nanotech of transmetal I, and the chromium of transmetal II to make transmetal III. Plot armor was the prototype transmetal armor. The designs of both Chair and Plot armor were turned into transmetal III.


Chair Armor: Made by Ayan by using the design of plot armor and the power of the round spinning chairs. The power of the chairs made chair armor even more powerful than plot armor. Ethan noticed this and changed the design of his plot armor, giving it a newer connection to the Canon and updating the old technology, which was starting to get outdated. Chair and Plot armor were later turned into transmetal III.


Vehicle inventory: Nuclear vending machine mark I to IIII (the first three broke in various ways), (it looks like a rocket ship), prototype flying vending machine (Thunder mark zero), The Beeg Chonk 8 Wheeler.


Overpowered (good or questionably good) characters: Thantrick, Narrator, Turtle of Power, The Watcher

Info on the Watcher: The Watcher – supposedly omnipotent, but instead chooses to sit around and do nothing while the universe gets wrecked for his own entertainment. (He’s still vulnerable to some beings.)


A side character:

T.H.E. G.O.A.T. – Ethan’s class pet name stands for The Hyper Energetic (THE) Gastronomical Organic Actuated Turbo-Processor (GOAT). Can eat anything (and may eat the whole world one day if he’s very hungry), and never gets indigestion. Anything he doesn’t like… comes out in the exact state that it was before being eaten. (Say it was a brick, he ate it, disliked it, and ejected it. It will still be a brick.) His mouth doubles as a vacuum sucker, and he has a slurpee straw in his nose (the nose opens and it comes out). He can also do things, for example, if he eats a paper swan and dislikes it, he may spit out the swan in the shape of a frog. Besides his quite strange and unusual eating habits, he is essentially a normal goat in every aspect. He was made when Mr Ancona got frustrated with the deer, since they were not very good at obeying his exact orders. He took some spare mechadeer parts along with two unicorn horns that were bent, a cookie, some rocket boosters, a chainsaw mouth, some strong derp power, a straw of pure transmetalnamium, some magical lines of code written on a paper of wit taken from the Egg Cult, and a vacuum cleaner. He then combined them all in a massive blender powered by an artificial brain. Then from the side, the GOAT burst out. Evil Mr Ancona was very proud. Unfortunately, the cookie made him hungry, and he sucked open a hole in the wall with his mouth and flew away, leaving a lot of property damage and repair bills for Mr Ancona. The GOAT joined REBOOT, putting his great hunger to good use.


More extras: The OP Arc: A plot-breaking story of a character literally designed to win in fictional character vs character wars, and can win against the entire multiverse because why not and the plot.

(The birth of a world where fictional characters fight endlessly because of the fan bases’ endless warring.) Chapter 1: A Certain Narrator Gets Too Much Power And Misuses It To Wreck All Of The Multiverses

(The franchises also get taunted by the Narrator a little as he wins in every battle with very little effort) Chapter 2: The “1st” universe gets wrecked along with many franchises (well, I meant every franchise in the world) (We don’t talk about this. Too many angry fan bases attacked us after this misadventure.) Chapter 3: Narrator (MC) fights everyone with the power of the Curator and OP artifacts (and wins)

(Oh no! The Narrator broke the power limit! Watch out franchises, the Narrator is coming towards you!!!) Chapter 4: The main character gets so overpowered the whole multiverse is destroyed and reformed into the one you are in now, and the MC came into the real world as a human. (Wonder who that could be?)


Matt apparently hates rational numbers. Remy has a fear of random letters. If you ask him, “Why (Y) do you (U) have a fear of random letters? Why (Y) ? (or something with the random letters as shown above) if there are at least two random letters he will be momentarily stunned. (Just pure random letters do not count.) If they are legit random letters as in the example, and there are at least five of them, he will fly through any roof over his head (leaving property damage bills), or just fly up into the sky and vanish.


The layout for the government of Earth-1111: (Quoted from “E.T. Han’s Big Book of Even Bigger Quotes”) The format is similar to the US government of Original-Earth. Multiple court systems and many large legal departments finally lead up to the MANCM Council of Worlds. The 8 members debate on important issues and control the laws at the highest levels of government. (Bagel might not be able to talk, but he now has developing telepathy powers.) Each of them has a specific role that helps the world’s citizens in their own way. The citizens have eradicated almost all personal conflicts and the whole planet is unified. Medical technology can now extend human lives all the way to 200 years, but after that, consciousnesses are automatically transferred to the Great Beyond, where their fate is unknown. This is due to the Law of Who-Knows-What. All the extinct species were brought back. No animal or plant is endangered any more, and humanity has met other alien species and began moving towards the stars, colonizing distant worlds in the Transcendence. The Omniverserous is the current flagship of the MANCM. It was built to explore the unexplored omniverse, the massive realm that encompasses all of the multiverses, which in turn contain multiple universes and timelines. The United Multiversal Intergalactic Joint Exploratory Council Of Worlds (The name of the world government, finally established after much conflict) has made its citizens aware of the multiverse (where anything is possible), and the concept has been largely accepted. The MANCM council mainly governs from Earth-1111, but each of the Earth’s has their own smaller individual government. Also, there are outliers like Orthanos III and Mars, which may not be Earths, but still exist in the Council. For example, there is Titanus, a massive planet that is inhabited by Titans. Matt is from this planet. Earth-0.1 is a small pocket dimension. Home to nanobots. It has a powerful cloaking device installed on it. Earth-(-0.1), the entry point to the Negative Realm and an extremely dangerous world. Earth-(-1), a multiverse of its own; also known as the Ayanverse. There is also the Youtuber Realm, the Internet Realm, and many other worlds. The Dark Universe is what exists beyond the multiversal barriers which were first placed by the Exalted Ones and eventually superseded by the Multiversal Walls and other defenses. These multiversal barriers are necessary to protect the multiverse from being corrupted. The omniverse is a realm that encompasses many multiverses, so it is likely that it has its own inhabitants and its own set of walls. The economy is working perfectly, and poverty has been eliminated. Factories and shops still do exist, and technology has advanced “exquadrillantally”, resulting in flying cars, walking chairs, and self-building houses. Sometimes, the council gets to take time off to participate in their favorite activities such as supernova surfing, an extremely risky (but fun) sport; or multiversal go-kart, a game where players drive through portals between worlds and race to see who gets to the end the fastest. In certain areas of the multiverse, barrier worlds were put up. In these universes, worlds generate barriers that protect the multiverse from any incursions. However, the barriers occasionally break down, and often, the unexplored area brings many new threats and perils… but there are some perks. Stability generators were made to keep the world extra stable in case any new universes were added to the OG Earth-1111 universe. Luckily, it has been peaceful as of late, and many unexplored places are still being found today.


DNA subatomic particle molecular coding: It cannot be hacked except by the MANCM. Special devices that use these “magically technological” signals are used for all communications and have replaced all other mobile services used by the public. As far as the MANCM is concerned and knows, only the Exalted Ones would be able to decrypt these private messages, and they have better things to do. Hackers do not exist due to brainwave scans. Though they can scan brainwaves, the entire MANCM has vowed that they will never even attempt to decrypt their own technology unless extenuating circumstances (For example, hackers who can actually hack or others from different worlds and places using the technology for their own purposes/ends) occur, which ensures that there is public trust. In addition, the devices all use their own private self-monitoring (will self-destruct if examined without proper clearance, which is: All eight of the MANCM council members giving complete authorization with brainwave scans of each person and other necessary scans.) systems to make sure nobody is planning anything illegal. Yes, laws are voted on, and what is fair is decided by the citizens, who are all well-informed, vote every year, and all mentally know to do the right thing deep down inside due to some unknown convenient magical/canonical process or technology. However, crime is nonexistent due to the mental guidelines. This has ensured peace in the MANCM, but naturally has raised concerns in other species. However, the MANCM has already consulted all citizens to ensure they agree. They resign the agreement once every six months.) In reality though… Until people can be trusted to do the right things, they cannot be trusted to privately communicate. That’s why there are brand-new special mind-reading security cameras. (AI-run) These were installed when the Turtle became slightly worried (or paranoid) that alien symbiotes or radiation could mutate humans (which is also unlikely due to humans being genetically bolstered with Canon/magic/technology to ensure that they generally suffer less in all aspects of life, and that they can become a prosperous species that can continue governing themselves as they continue exploring the rest of the universe in the name of peace, equality, justice, and fun. However, deep down, Ethan always worries that what he has created will fall apart. To this end, he has taken measures to ensure that humanity does not tear itself apart, as it usually inevitably does. This was created as the final measure after the MANCM reviewed alternate universes for inspiration to see if their “somewhat extreme” methods were necessary. The evidence supporting the new methods was depressingly overwhelming, and so all mental security measures were put in effect.) Adults are still in the MANCM, but their presence is noticeably decreased compared to a standard company. This is due to the MANCM preferring more creative individuals, who are either children or children at heart…


Victory Fortress Layout: A base primarily on Earth-1111’s Nimbus Mountain range, with sections above and below ground. It is linked to all of the major cities through large tunnels, and the fortresses’ central superstructure has multiple vents that all lead to an elevator that grants access to the center of the planet, where transport can be arranged to other points on Earth-1111. In addition, the base has many hangars, and it is equipped with portals, reactors, and massive underground tunnel facilities to accommodate cities that undergo lockdown mode, where the cities engage defenses and armored domes. At the same time, they begin sinking into the ground through an expansive system of lifts, where they are transported to underground bunkers. As this happens, the remaining buildings above ground turn on planetary defense mode, and the terrain will alter itself to reveal concealed or cloaked defenses. The fortress has many turrets arranged along the mountains, and the infirmaries match the efficiency of those found in the cities. A superlaser has been installed, and a nearby space station serves as a backup base and a reflector for the laser, along with being a communications dish. In addition, the entire set of mountains can lift off as the base is a spacecraft that is capable of splitting into smaller components. Nanotechnology installed in the walls allows the mainframe computer to repair and upgrade the base as necessary. Portions of the base are linked to pocket dimensions, which can be used as escape routes as necessary. The MANCM also has a large factory there used for making their vehicles, and the lab has the best equipment of all the MANCM Earths. The base is very close to the ocean as well, meaning that access to aquatic vehicles is not an issue. The entire facility can be cloaked. There is also a mess hall and negotiation area, where treaties with many alien species were made. Ethan and Yash were the principal designers of the base, built at the beginning of the MANCM. Remy (who was making the new Earths) contributed to the overall design, and Vincent assisted with upgrades made later on in the timeline, namely, the newest technology.


Secret temporal base: Located at [REDACTED] Island, this underground facility is for any time-displaced MANCM members and civilians (who have a different nearby compartment) alike. Built through the use of time travel and displacement portals, Canon (and massive equipment) was used to create a structure on Earth-1111 (with identical facilities on the other Earth’s, which rarely have duplicate structures, and no {with rare exceptions} duplicate people) at the beginning of Earth-1111’s timeline. At some point, the first iteration of the MANCM discovered it and its purpose, discovering that they would construct the facility in the future. Members of the MANCM who have been temporarily displaced have orders to head to this facility, where portions of the base will alter their appearance to accommodate the agent’s time period. Time machines have been installed in the base, in order to return users to their proper times. In the event of an emergency, the base can both time travel and engage its interplanetary travel engines. Stasis pods have also been installed in the base, so that agents can hibernate until their proper time period, at which time they will be woken up, debriefed, and sent to the current iteration of the MANCM headquarters. Due to the base being constructed and sent from the far future, with the proper authorization, an individual (usually the council members) can access the base’s most advanced future technology, which rivals that of the best version of “Star Intergalactic Order True Hyper-Velocity X-999” Victory Fortress. The many hangars have spacecraft, multiverse-travel ships, black hole generator mobiles, aquatic vehicles, reality overwriting hovercraft equipped with retconners, above-ground vehicles, underground vehicles, and more. These, along with the formidable defenses (Assist four-dimensional protection printer, plot erasers, and others) of the Temporal Relocation Base Faculty, make the facility (which is generally located about one hundred meters below the surface, but has been raised above the ground (with towers and an entire city being built on the island, which turned out to be a UFO also from the far future, which the facility was the bridge and engine of), relocated, rebuilt, and expanded multiple times) a veritable army in its own right. 


Stonehenge: Alchemy portal, Hanging Garden: a flying fortress (that so happened to be a garden), Statue of Liberty: a mech, Pyramids of Giza: anti-extra-dimensional threat point-defense system, The Bermuda Triangle: a portal that leads to the other side of the universe, Great Wall of China: a petrified alien dragon


Ultra Cosmos latent power: Later becomes an independent individual who is well versed in all literature. Trace theory/prophecy: One day, the powers that be will build up too much and unleash the multiverse in its full confusion once again. Then, heroes will appear and turn that chaos into order. Said heroes are: Siblings with traces as well due to Canon exposure and gene-change. Meet the Pisces duo, who hate each other only when they are forced to work as a team, but get along in other circumstances quite well. Nonetheless… onto their powers: The ability to do almost anything when an extremely specific set of circumstances appear, and the ability to make a very specific set of circumstances happen. For some reason, they are very good at synchronized attacks. This even extends to debates. However, if nothing is distracting them, they usually (inevitably) will find something to argue over. Their attack is a flurry of kicks while shouting some very unintelligible words, likely something from some show they watched about Jo…


EXCEL (Entry X-STREAM Canon Evident Logistics) Train Mechs:

Operating code: Intention Modification, Intel Ideals. Transformation signal: Multiversal power! Unite!

Booster: Off-rail green fuel automobile frame rotation

Vehicles with 360-degree rotating wheels are under production and experimental testing.

Classified combiner mech and transforming car robot are being constructed and […]

Infinite Unleashed Vibrant Spectrum Maximum Acceleration Hyper Velocity: The theoretical speed threshold before an object would phase through space, a controlled and boosted mechanism would allow them to phase into higher dimensions of reality. Nothing has reached this speed yet.

Mixing combine system under development…

MOTOR (Mobility Objective Thruster-Equipped Optical Renegade) Mecha Samurai Creation: New Suit


More powers: Chrome (Adaptation), Sphere (Deflection), Illogic (Versatility), Muting (Memory altering and amnesia), Time manipulation and space manipulation (users are always twins, can alter terrain and the time), Celestial Positioning (one of the strangest, arranges the universe to aid the user), Assistance (Extra help) Molecular deconstruction, rearrangement, and reconstruction (single user), Mimicker (four siblings, one can use the same power as others at the exact same strength for a brief period of time, one can use a weakened version for longer amounts of time, one can use two powers at once, one can add different appearances at the cost of having a far weaker power copy, when they cooperate and work together, their Grand Cross Super Licensed Copyright Protection Yen Cannon {combines their individual weapons} and hidden power awakes: Being always able to be in the right place at the right time and being able to use a more powerful version of the power they copied, but this drains their energy and lifespan if the power is too much.), Booster (boosts one’s power, there are two different types), Steal (Takes others powers away but can’t use them, booster lets them give it to others), Eliminate (Deletes powers), Lifespan (Can heal life instantly, revive some souls, or take life away), Terrain (changes battlefield), Nature (specialized terrain power, can control plants, fungi, and some animals (carbon-based lifeforms excluded), can communicate with any creature), Change (can alter others powers, booster can add to the changes and completely remake the power into something different), Null (tech, magic, and abilities can be disabled according to the user), Control (control powers, depends on willpower, 3 users to override if needed), Speed, Mobility, Invisibility (others cannot sense the user except for brainwave readers and people who bump into the person), Teleport, Camouflage, Senses (gives the user enhanced senses in all the categories), Clone, Anti-overpower, Discord, Mental (alters emotions and state of mind, can read minds), Brain (fastest mind and all knowledge), Interface (mental connector), Empathy (gives enemy your thoughts and feelings, can read others feelings), Environment (realm changing, portal generation, phasing abilities), Ambience (light and dark), Combine (Meld powers together temporarily), Endgame (can end world if used incorrectly, creates world-ending obliteration and rebirth scenario that can be manipulated), Sentience (used to give inanimate objects sentience), Soul (gives life), Creation, Destruction, Enigma (Creates puzzles), Foresight (sees briefly into future and future thoughts), Size (Turn large or shrink), Vision (See through anything), Extrasensory (Sixth sense of danger), Mutation (Evolution or change of anything), Evolution (Upgrades allies), Anti-mind (Non-mind controllable), Logic (user changes powers every hour or so, can pick from a list), Mind Control (Controls many at once), Wavelength (Having multiple powers), Levitation, Flight, Voice (Change voice), Forcefield (Generates an indestructible barrier, and anything that gets through will always be unable to hit the user), Heel (become invulnerable and only have a tiny weakness, have near infinite attack, defense, health, strength, etc), Debuff (gives other powers weaknesses), Disable (Deactivate or activate all powers and latent powers in an area), Tuner (give a group of people one specific power that you can adjust the strength of), Generator (unlimited energy and tool/weapon manifestation from thoughts or blueprints), Perfection (Complete magic and tech control, very rare), Wither (Soul-taking), Distraction, Underdog (extra power as the threat increases in strength and vice versa), Telekinesis, Seed (Sight and communication with any time period, can briefly travel to that time), Judge (determine a power nobody can create or get), Unique (get a power nobody else will get), Jurisdiction (Control the give out of powers or remove them, be able to manipulate other powers occasionally), Affliction (Create and destroy power, can affect others powers in unpredictable ways), Sway (Affects the power strength of others in a radius) (Agility, strength, perception, teleport, control the weather, fly, do hypnosis, shapeshift, and learn instantly)


Additional ideas: Evil twin sister (obvious idea), multiple siblings from a secret society, Age of Arthur (Arthur, Merlin, the 3 Musketeers, Robin Hood, Marco Polo, and a Viking team up to save the kingdom)


Camelot, Atlantis, Asgard, the Antarctic Secret Society, the Ancient Aliens, the Westerners, the Southern Alliance, the Eurasian Empire (they all try to fight over the world), their Neo counterparts in the far future are the ones fighting over the future of the world, along with various other new factions such as the Arctic Queendom, the Teacher’s Coalition of Insurrection, the Australian Armada, the League of Island Nations, the Central American Rogue Aliens, the Olympic Anarchy Association, the Peacemakers, the Uniters, the Underworld, the Oceanic Corporation, the Hollow-Earther National Raiding Association, and the MANCM.


New villain: Springpop – He uses a spring as his primary device, his feet have springs on them, and when he launches the spring, it hits something and returns to its user. He has a super mode he can access after a twenty-minute charge, and nothing affects him during the process. The MANCM didn’t consider him a threat until he teamed up with the Living Darkness, an emotionless being bent on wiping all life away.


Yellow and Blue: The newest Heralds of Evil


“One does not fight the Space Pirates, who hailed from the Nomad’s land. One goes to them and begs for the most painless vanquishment possible. Usually it ends in being tossed out an airlock.” – Some person


Origins of the MANCM:

Ethan: Rumored to have originated in the twenty-first century and then multiversally reincarnated later on.

Matt: From Titanus, an empire formed from a colony of spatially-displaced humans. Genetically human.

Ayan: Was Churchill at some point, was also many political leaders. Changed by a black holes’ radiation.

Yash: Was from a secret society of assassins. He later had his body remade by aliens after exploding.

Hank: Conflicting origin stories, likely from the Wild Western era. Merged with an alternate-reality self.

Joe: Once a monk in the Nimbus Mountains. Made history by destroying the first Dark Canon ever seen.

Remy: Merlin, after he connected himself with Remy’s multiversal essence unknowingly to be immortal.

Vincent: Arrived from an Exalted One avatar arrival pod. Human. Was unaware of his true nature/power.

Mr Ancona: An explorer who found many ancient alien ruins and the first sample of Corrupted Canon.


Origin suits and tech for the MANCM: (and vehicles as well, along with upgrades later on, MK II and III)


Vehicles: Arrowhead (Arrow-shaped ship with four engines on the back and multiple hardpoints and weapons pods, along with interchangeable technology, a predecessor to the Excalibur-class series).

Launches from Omega Eighty-Four, a drilling vehicle that can construct drilling rigs with nanotechnology.


Vehicles: Hovertank (Two main barrels), can deploy spikebats to fire, built from a concept van/tow truck.

Launches from prototype hover-capable armored semi-tractor truck with switchable trailers such as cargo, mobile base, flatbed, tanker, banning cannon, and mega-carrier.


Vehicles: Jeep (Off-road buggy with deployable raft mode)

Launches from the wheeled battleship, has advanced sonar, next-generation antimatter torpedoes, troop carrier launchers, and warp cannons. In addition, there is an aviation vehicles wing for repair, refueling, landing, and launch of planes and helicopters, along with gliders. It also includes docking bays, bridges, submerging chambers, and service bays for maintenance of the underwater fleet, which comprises of submarines and smaller boats. There are intergalactic torpedo chutes, portal generators, tractor beams, and spacecraft launching facilities. For ground operations, the whole front can open up, there are ten hatches on the sides of the ship, artillery and cannons can be stowed or removed, land vehicles (except for the large-scale mobile fortresses) can all fit inside the ship, and magical artifacts protect the ship, keep it afloat, and even bring good weather and fair weather conditions. Alternatively, the artifacts can boost the ships’ stats and debuff other craft in combat.


Vehicles: Bull/horse mech, transforms into something resembling a speedboat with jetski technology and water turbojet hydraulic dynamic hydrofoils.

Launches from levitating submarine, which has two main folding wings, six sub-wings, eight autonomous omnidirectional steering propulsion fins, four rear directional wings, and a big Canon engine on the back.


Vehicles: A hyper-maneuverability fighter, reverse engineered from UFO thrusters and verniers. It is the best at quickly changing directions, and it was built by Yash and Ethan. It uses repulsors in place of rocket engines, and there is a hidden third engine with a bomb bay in front. In addition, weapon pods and sensor equipment can be added on. Various packs such as the final battle pack, siege pack, speed pack, stealth pack, full armor and arms pack, giant laser pack, space-use pack, and repulsorlift pack can be added.

Launches from the stealth B3 “Broomstick Baron” space-folding Canon-hybrid powered antimatter jet, which is powered by a magical bow. It features the ability to fire “HARMLESS” homing explosive arrows.


Vehicles: V3 Motorcycle (Subclass of cyberbike with added tech)

Launches from Armed Coastline Destructive Convertible, a three-wheeled car with a flip-out hood and other spy-themed transforming parts that change the cars’ profile and function.


Vehicles: The DONUT (DO NUt Touch) A giant motorized wheel with spikes and directional thrusters, the pilot sits in the center of the wheel, where the cockpit is weighed down to keep it facing the ground as the wheel rolls. Hatches cover the sides, and the wheel has pop-out laser cannons and repulsors along with various gimmicks.

Launches from the giant modulation pickup truck, a vehicle that splits into parts to boost other vehicles. Due to its capability to interface with newer models and boost them, this vehicle is a valuable asset.


Vehicles: A flying orb that can go in any direction at any speed. Is also mostly indestructible.

Launches from the orbital mobile space shuttle, a transforming space station that becomes a small shuttle. It carries many satellites and cargo pods, along with new equipment for the MANCM.


HARMLESS: Homing Attack Returning Multifunction Lightly Exploding Super Shatterer (So it’s a rocket.)


List of MANCM and REBOOT vehicles for each member:

Ethan: Various sports cars


Ayan: A streamlined egg pod.




Remy: The Boom Boom Truck (for real this time). Uses twenty or so cannons to propel itself forward (and in any direction), and it also has a snowplow. Developed from the Beeg Chonk. Doubles as a camper bus.

Vincent: Hovering Multi-Environment Battleship Carrier


A typical MANCM hook/introduction: On a war-torn world, troops and tanks rolled through a city, firing at any that were not their own. The unit’s commander laughed evilly, shouting for indiscriminate firing. The civilians screamed and ran as fast as they could, but they were right in the path of the large Destroyer-II walking mech tanks, which sprayed fire and a lethal mix of gasses. Suddenly, a loud car horn sounded. As all heads turned towards the source of the sound, through the gas, a yellow convertible automobile drove out, plowing many jeeps and vehicles aside. Looking closely, the commander saw the car had multiple miniature turrets and armaments on hardpoints. As the sports car drifted, it began to launch volleys of lasers from the hood and grill-mounted medium-strength laser cannons. Multiple tanks parked in a row were sliced clean apart as the car drove straight through them. The helicopters, hovercraft, and jet fighters watched in disbelief as their forces were dismantled by a single light vehicle. Suddenly, the sky was filled with explosions, as the sports car engaged hover-magnet wheels and began to fly through the air, showering lasers everywhere. The helicopters launched homing rockets to no avail, as the car was simply too swift. Finally, the car began speeding in a straight line right towards one of the largest tanks, which aimed its house-width, apartment length barrel downwards at the small automobile, which was blown to shreds, with yellow paint strips floating through the air. Suddenly, from the debris, a light shone, and a seemingly humanoid figure leapt out in a backflip, landing back-first and morphing into a vehicle. “It can’t be, is that the use of Canon? If that’s so, that means they’re here too- The MANCM!!!” As to answer the call, an offroad jeep, a space-fighter, a UFO, a mechanized horse, and a speedboat on wheels sped out of the dust as well. The first six members of the MANCM had arrived on scene. Then, as the car slowed down, it morphed back into a suited figure, who wore a mask with a thin visor. As the figure dug his boots into the ground to slow down, he put up one hand in front of him, which deflected a projectile fired from a foot soldier. The others revealed themselves in various ways, but all stopped behind the first figure. The jeep spun in circles, and its user shrunk it back into a figurine that went in the user’s pocket before stopping the top-like spin and drawing a bat. The space-fighter’s pilot leaped out and landed on the ground with a resounding thud as they drew a scythe. The UFO shrunk into the backpack of its user, whose arm turned into a short laser blaster. The one on the horse dismounted, leaping to the ground and rolling forward before taking out a pencil-sword. The one in the speedboat simply got out and raised his fists. The horse and speedboat shrunk into their owners’ pockets. Then, from above, two portals opened. Bright light shone as a massive hovering battleship (that detached the blimp that was helping support it) and an old-fashioned locomotive (that ejected its outer shell to reveal a subway train) sped down to the ground and slowed to a halt. As the driver of the locomotive, a being in a rodeo suit from a Western movie, got out, the locomotive shifted parts and folded itself until it became an armored suit, which the cowboy stepped into. The suit closed around the cowboy, engaging its drive mode, flipping out a variety of MAX (Maximum Attack X-Cutter) attack tech from the hatches in the suit. The battleship also turned itself into a small power armor, arranging itself around the wizard, who pulled out a metal staff from the back of the suit. As the team all drew their weapons and prepared for battle, the one in the front took out a ruler…


MANCOM: Mr Ancona’s New Cinematic Optical Multiverse, otherwise known as Massive Amazonian Nature Command Ovaloid Matrix: A cover-up computer company used to disguise MANCM operations.

(Warning: Fourth wall has been broken. Proceed at your own non-existent risk. I gave it away again…) LORE: Logical Opaque Reduction Enigma: The official code name for the content of The Multiverse of Lore, an online published metafictional web series in-universe that is located in the library of the Galaxy Vault. The MANCM and its successors have had varying degrees of success in accessing the knowledge. Power levels: 1%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 100%, 500%, 1000%, 10000%, “INFINITY MODE” The Narrator’s final form: It cannot exist with the universe, it destroys the universe from power imbalance. The Narrator was forced to reduce himself to just a fictional concept to ensure the omniverse survived.


Multiversal Affairs, Galactic Finance team: Hazel, Cocoa, Lily, Rose, Katherine, Sam, Ilia, Circe, Emily, Bridget, Evelyn, Angelina, Amaya, Maggie, Samantha, Sophia, Maria, Iris

Everyone else on the team: Mark, Jake, Fred, Chen, Zack, Xander, Dom, Ben

The Four Seasons: A group of weather elemental experts. The Supreme Superintendent: Evil dude… Extra ideas: The Oracle, the Prophet, the Undercover Superheroes, the Restorers of True Balance

Overpower-II, also known as OO: has thrusters on the front and sides of noses, also top, bottom, sides, and wings of ship in order for fastest turning possible, literally made from a secret sentient cyborg dragon


Ultra-Hyper-Super-Mega-Photon-Speaker-Gatling-Buster-Vulcan-Cannon, Baton Charger Canon Blade: Launcher that’s recoilless, makes its use invincible, cannot be destroyed, and gives the user extremely high mobility, soundless, invisible (cloaks user as well), hits target instantly, has infinite energy, can track its target, can adjust its settings for different scenarios, can travel to the other side of the universe in a straight line, cannot be blocked until it hits its target, can’t be detected, deflected, dodged, or retconned. Baton can charge other weapons and is an extremely overpowered upgraded version of Matt’s first bat.

Erupting Underrated Fundamental “Xylophone” Overrated Charge Phase Ray

Phase Multiversal Elemental Triple Underworld Reality Bending Glaive

Anti-Continuity Overpowered Zero-Price Cutting Rift Flamethrower

Jackhammer Rotating Hole-Burrowing Entrance Neverlandian Intricate Ice-thrower

Time-Loop Extreme Vicious Final Blow Extra-Dimensional Reference Washer

Reflex Chrono Shifter “World Ender” Two-Ended Star Trident

Integrated Speed Flash Damage-Absorbing Plot Device Sound Sickle

Twin Blast-Slice Lunar “Eclipse” Solaris-OVK Dual Arm Blades

4th-Wall Breaking Slice-Slash Strange Scale Flight “Comeback” Cutter

Psychic 5th-Wall Cracking Booster Pod Galactic Showerhead Blaster

Chop Dice Mince Stab Thrust Endless-Vector Quirk Pike

Aegis Offensive “Living Shield” Adaptive Multi-Purpose Stretchable Cloak

Hoe (tool), shears, shovel, fishing rod, optimum quill feather dart, eraser shield, shot launcher, drill piercer


The Cameraman, the Writer, the Actor, the Narrator, the Editor, the Maker, the Watcher, the Prop-Maker

Origins of the meme gods: When memes become popular enough, they gain the power to materialize in the world of REBOOT. Some appear in the MOL MANCM. Memes: Insane Finale Omega Form Gangster Gigachad Super Mode Endless Power Great Creation World Destroyer Dr (Liver David Treasure Island Hundredfold Skull Healthy Living Alpha Walker Smiling Anti-pirate Extreme-Supreme Rum-Destroyer) Livesey, Kool-Aid Man, Flying Neon Cat, Two-eyed Whatevski, Darth Kermit, Darth Jar Jar, Coffin Dance, Trollege, Doge, Pepe the Frog, Detective Pikachu, Stonk Man, cousins Stronk Man; Skinny Man, Dom, Baby Yoda, Rickroller, Uganda Knuckles, Oof sound, Derp face, Spongebob, Uncanniness, Bully Maguire


Additional ideas for later: The Vampire Arc, the Trace Arc, the Cliche Joke Arc, the Begin Anew Arc, the True Evil Arc, the Inner Self Arc, the Haircut Arc, the Psychic Arc, the Sneak Arc, the Reconstruction Arc

What Remy and Vincent Were Doing The Whole Time: A “small” sneak peak recounted by “yours truly”.

The Afterworld, the Unity, the Element of Power, Blast Lighting (Some newer discoveries for the MANCM)

The Overarching Conspiracy Arc: Cosmology, Archeology, Oceanology, Aerology, The Final Conspiracy

Cyberbiker Ghosthunters, The full Avatar origins, Bagel and Falco: An Independent MANCOM production

The Powers that Be: The Beings that Be, The Power of Friendship, The Power of Music, The Power of Darkness, The Power of Thought, The Power of Connection, The Power of Control, The Power of Unity

The Orientation, Field Day, Classroom Rivalry, School Warfare, Battle of the Classes, The Beast Within, The School Championship, The Bus Recordings, The Restroom Incident, The Lunchroom Food Fight

The Main Antagonist, The Secondary Antagonists, The Third Parties, the Mask, The Quadruple-Crosser, the Betrayer, the Carrier, the Transmission, Lab 000001, The Omega Forge, The Interloper, The Mentors

Stranger Danger: A mysterious ally appears to assist the MANCM, vanishing afterwards. She joins the MANCM, but can she be trusted? Who’s the other copycat ally? Who are they, and where are they from?

The Lineage Arc: Many of the world’s heroes had powerful ancestors and family lines. But who were they, and how did they manage to create a special legacy that lasted all the way until the era of the MANCM?

The Narcissist and the Perfectionist

The Phoenix, Dragon, Griffin, Banshee, and Unicorn, the Beasts of Canonicity

The Vocab Masters, True Vocalbulariness

Corrupted Canon, Dark Canon

The Power of Truth, the Metaverse

8 great heroes that really get revived a lot: Monkey King (Ethan/Jay), Great Pitcher (Matt), Wise Wizard (Remy), Loyal Pet (Bagel/Waffle), Fast Attacker (Hank), Strong Defender (Yash), Powerful Being (Joe) (Though Bagel used to be the 8th “avatar”, it turned out that it was actually Vincent’s fate to be the 8th member. Bagel was just an extremely Canonical dog who was actually in a different role with Falco. Pancake and Cookie are Ethan’s two cats. He also once owned a lot of goldfish and some parrots.)

The Guardian of the Astral Plane: Hana, the Guardian of the Sixth Sense: Sophia, the Guardian of Thoughts: Fifi (a goldfish) (Brought back as Jade the talking Parrot through Maia AI) ,the Guardian of Power: Mimi (Fifi’s adopted goldfish sister) (Brought back as “Dani” the sentient Hamster via Maia AI) Maia AI: A prototype of the Turtle with all of its powers, built by the Turtle, who wanted a companion.



“It almost seems like it’s in human DNA to be cruel to others.”

“The world is full of people trying to impose their will on each other. That is why equality is impossible.”

“Humanity is on a dark path… we have to do all we can to change the future.”

“We have to be kind, hopefully, we’re a little spark of light in a dark world.”

“Aliens caused humanity’s problems? Sure, and then humans made some problems for themselves too.”

“Who needs a punchline?”

“Technology is magic, just more understandable.”

“Don’t wait. Now is the time to act.”

“Creativity is the most human thing. Oh, and emotions. And expressions. And the list goes on…”

“Respect others. It’s the best thing of all.”

“Anything can happen, so be ready.”

“It’s a team effort.”

-Members of the MANCM after their briefing


Drone delivery and automatic goods transport system

Sewage Ultra-Filter

Salt water treatment

A self-functioning military, militia, and leaders

Automatic dormant AI goods transport system

Multiple subterranean bases

Facilities and cities connected through secret tunnels

Capability of hijacking and using all electronic systems on the planet

SAFE: A specialized plot device that can see through walls, read minds, cannot alter reality, can change traffic briefly to help its user, generally meant to keep the user as safe as possible. In addition, it can also automatically do shopping errands for its owner through the web (Internet).

EVOLVE team: A next gen set of backup heroes kept secret from all except for Remy and Vincent.

Self-changing molecular level Canon-infused material: GADGET

Multiversium: A powerful next generation plot armor with self-changing from reading the user’s mind.

Warplane Field: An airport with helipads, rocket-launching pads, and space to accommodate space fleets.

Continents pre-terraforming:

Seas and oceans post-terraforming:

Continents post-terraforming:

Seas and oceans pre-terraforming:

Post-terraforming major landmarks:

Post-terraforming major bodies of water:


The original classic era, the inspiration for it all. This is unedited content, specially searched for deep in grammar documents and slideshows to be brought to you. (Grammar/Adjective Clauses/etc, Imagery) Only incorrect grammar has been changed. It may be short, but this series is shown in chronological order, and it is what led this realm to generate itself. Now, you will experience the beginning of the world.


The Tale of Hank, Ancona, and a Giant Deer: The Origin

Mr Ancona sent in a dinosaur-sized deer that roared, charged across the room and rammed into Hank and sent him wheeling, cartwheeling, and screaming to the moon while the whole class sat and watched. (This is a joke.) Postscript: Hank likely had to go to the hospital for his injuries. Don’t you feel bad for him?


Hank vs a Giant Deer 1:

Mr Ancona was giving a half clap to a student, who had just gotten the answer correct. There was a deer next to Mr Ancona ready to pummel Hank, who was frolicking in the woods while sharpening a pencil and shouting. Mr Ancona had a bad day, which was because someone insulted his favorite sports team, which may have lost. The end… Reader’s notes: AYAN ALERT AYAN – I think it was the Broncos. I’m not sure…


Hank vs the Giant Deer (Rematch no ???, aka 2):

Mr Ancona hosted a match between Hank and his always-sharpened pencils and a massive deer with sharp antlers, who started yelling in English for the fire alarm. (The fire alarm means the match starts.) Then Hank pulled out two giant sword-shaped pencils, which was the best scene ever. Ethan started to take out popcorn and enjoy the view. The fire alarm rings. The match starts and the contestants charge… Deer gets hospitalized because Hank turned on his creative mode. P.S. Hank wins this time. To be continued… again. Notes: This will be the middle of the series. The finale of the world is coming soon.


Hank vs the Giant Deer (The 3rd Round:)

Mr Ancona, great and wonderful commander of jokes, was fleeing because he was being chased by Hank and his sentient pencil army. (continued from Hank vs the giant deer) Picture necessary. Mr Ancona, an expert joke maker, managed to escape into the woods, but ran into Hank the frolicker there. The end???


Hank vs a Giant Deer Again (4th round, the sequel to end the series):

Mr Ancona, the teacher, hired a deer that pummeled Hank, who was frolicking into the woods. The end. (Hank was never seen again, and neither was Mr Ancona. Instead, they found themselves on different worlds, in a new universe that had never been seen before. This was… the world of the MANCM. Fin.)