What She Liked

Ishika Jain

The salty air roamed the sky,

While the calm waves hit the sand. 

The sky was littered with twinkling bright stars.

While the boardwalk creaked under the feet of many.

Games lit the area, 

With little kids running around.

It was just as she had imagined.

It was what she liked.


But now, it had gone.

The ground was painted white.

The trees were decorated white.

Cars were covered in white, white snow.

It was winter, officially.

Her least favorite time of the year.

When birds no longer sang, 

And beaches no longer existed.

It was not what she liked.


Her lips always chapped, 

Her skin always dry.

Constantly bundled up in itchy clothing, 

While her breath freezed in midair.

It was not what she liked.


Late mornings and early nights.

Home by four, but what felt like eight.

Constantly forced to sit inside, 

Bored, not knowing what to do.

It was not what she liked.


But soon the morning sun spread across her face,

Light poured through her window, 

And birds chirped her awake.

Ice cream for dinner

Lemonade for snack.

There were no rules, 

Summer was back!