Links to all MANCM MOL related documents

Main Stuff:

The Multiverse of Lore

Titled document (MANCM bonus lore unlocked, more concepts and quotes)

The Multiverse of Lore: Sibling document (Concepts and quotes)

Tales of the MANCM: A Comprehensive “The Multiverse of Lore” Companion Document

MANCM bonus parallel stories (and the Ayanverse): Extra backup

Arthurian Lore: The Final Battle of the Fates (also a sneak peak at future lore)

Data create: Otherworlds series, battle for the forgotten Earths

New ships, parallel universes, the Legacy Generation 1 universe, Invasion of the Ayanverse

New Resume (the old one broke and got deleted)


Place for stuff from the MOL to be rearranged:

MOL stuff that needs to be rearranged, aka the semi-hidden lore

Ethan’s version of the Gandalfian Lore (the original final edit)

MOL: Gen 1 Incomplete proto-final edition

MOL: Gen 2 Incomplete half-final edition


All posters for the Otherworlds:

Movie Poster for The Price of Progress (Sequel will be called “Wish Gone Wrong”)

Copy of Movie Poster for The Price of Progress (Sequel will be called “Wish Gone Wrong”)

Print out Ver. of Movie Poster for ELA

Copy of Print out Ver. of Movie Poster for ELA


The MOL website:


The for-home version:


Remy’s Multiverse:

Generation 4, of the Multiverse of Lore: War Against the Darker Ones, and the Rise of Infinitus


Vincent’s Multiverse:

Vincent’s dumb lore

The Multiverse of Lore 2: Art and info


Website stuff:

Ethan Ng – Period 7 – Orthanos III (Copy)

Copy of Bionic Hand

The Multiverse of Lore Favicon

Alien places you ought to visit


Stuff to use when I’m bored:

Modern news report ideas, letters from MMMS past


Remy’s content/multiverse content/extras:


The Multiverse of Lore Logo


More stuff from Remy to be organized:

The Multiverse of Lore Character Fandom

Appendixes for the MOL

All story ideas for the Multiverse of Lore

The Wild Universe – Multiversal Mania!

A Kronolojical Liszt of Storyz

The Doomsday Arc

Invasion of the Multiverse

A New World: Restart

To Battle We Boldly Go! (To edit and finalize for the REFORMATTED version), one by one

Into The Deep End (recounted by Matt)

Leaving Home

MARS: Operation Jupiter. Intention: {CLASSIFIED}

The HeadRay (Ayanverse beginnings)

Technologically Advanced Santa

You’re Welcome Arc

From the Rifle-Stock

The Little Boy, a Meheskradian Fairy Tale

The Gandalfian Lore

The Frodian Lore, a Continuation of the Gandalfian Lore

The Family: Story One

The Family Part 2: Richard’s Day Out

Ripoff Star Wars Character Names

The Multiverse of Lore REFORMATTED into NOVEL.docx

Pageless Copy of The Multiverse of Lore


Vincent’s extra content: Find The Djungelskogs Idea Document


Matt’s content: Copy of Matthew Mihnuk – Our Mystery Script_Final.docx


Legacyverse: Arjun, Sameer, Anton, and Matt’s adventures: Connected to Modernia!?


MANCM shared drive:

Hitching Post for MMMS website:


New content that hasn’t been organized yet:

MoL Volume 11

MOL: Re-Written, the EXPANDED Gen 0.5/1.5 tale of Generation 1 (Definitely not by Hank)