Super Bowl LVII


Hudson Schneider

Super Bowl LVII had been a game for the ages. Both the Eagles and the Chiefs had a regular season record of 14-3. Similarly, they both won their 2 games in the playoffs. The Eagles came into this game scoring 69 points while only allowing 14 points in both of their playoff games combined. The Chiefs however came into the game with both a banged up Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. 

Once the game started it was clear that we were all in for a good one. The Eagles came out on their first drive scoring fast, but the Chiefs marched back scoring a touchdown of their own. The Eagles and Chiefs continued to exchange points until the Eagles took a 24:14 lead going into the half time.

The first half seemed to be all Eagles with both their offense and defense seeming unbeatable. The Chiefs knew that they would have to come out with a spark in the second half if they would have any chance of coming back. Whatever Coach Andy Reid said at half time clearly worked as the Chiefs came out with a new fire marching down the field and scoring. The Eagles then ran down and scored a field Goal taking a 27:21 lead. The Chiefs did not get flustered though as they fought back on their following possession to take a 28:27 lead.

Entering the 4th quarter the Chiefs were up by 1 and they expanded their lead with a touchdown 35:27. With just 9 minutes left it was beginning to look like the Chiefs were going to become the Super Bowl champions. However, the Eagles were able to score a touchdown in just 4 minutes while also securing a two point conversion to tie up the game. With just 5 minutes left the Chiefs started their drive and drove down to the Eagles 15 yard line. The Eagles were able to force the Chiefs into a 3rd and 8. The Eagles would still have a chance if they were able to force a stop they would get the ball back with a minute and thirty seconds left, only down by three.

This is where the game shifted gears. On 3rd down Patrick Mahomes threw the ball to JuJu Smith-Schuster who was not able to come up with it. This would have forced the Chiefs to kick a field goal giving the ball back to the Eagles. However, the refs took the game into their own hands calling a penalty on James Bradberry for holding. This penalty gave the Chiefs the ball back with a first down allowing them to drain the clock out. The Chiefs let the clock dip down to just 11 seconds left and then kicked a field goal that would almost certainly guarantee them a Super Bowl win.  

When the game was all said and done, Patrick Mahomes was crowned NFL MVP as well as the Super Bowl MVP. This made him the 11th player to accomplish this goal in the Super Bowl era. This Super Bowl will go down as one for the ages, and will almost certainly be talked about for years to come.