Top 5 Gifts for Teenagers in 2022


Elizabeth Whitman


Now that the holiday season has come and gone, people are starting to use the gifts that they received. Games are being played, clothes are being worn, technology is being used. But, those who received money or gift cards for the holidays may be unsure about what they should spend it on. If you need help, here are some ideas.

First, there is the Kodak Smile Classic Digital Instant Camera. This is a portable camera and printer. It allows you to print pictures that you have taken with the camera or print pictures directly off of your phone. The pictures are printed onto sticky paper so they can be hung up immediately after printing. This gift is a little more expensive, at about $120, but is great to capture memories in a photo and have them forever.

The next product is the Magnetic Metal Pen. This is a pen made up of small magnetic cylinders. The pen can be used to write just like a normal pen. However, the cylinders can then be taken apart, rotated, and transformed into different shapes. This pen is about $20 and is both functional and entertaining.

Another great purchase would be the My Cinema Lightbox. This is a small light box sign. You can use the letters to write whatever message you want. It comes with one hundred letters, numbers, and characters, so you can write almost anything. It costs about $25 and allows for a lot of personalization.

Next, is the Crystal Touch Table Lamp. This is an LED lamp that is controlled with a remote. It can change between sixteen different colors and has adjustable brightness for each color. All different forms of LED lights have been very popular recently. So, this lamp, at $27, is great if you are looking for new room decor.

Finally, a good idea is the BedShelfie Bedside Shelf. This shelf attaches to your bed so you can keep all of your essential items within arms reach. It is easy to install with no tools necessary. It comes in seven different styles, including a rectangle, a circle, and with a cupholder. This shelf is about $45, but the price does vary depending on the style you choose.

So, these are some ideas for how to spend the money you got for the holidays. These products can all be bought online from Amazon or other stores. Happy shopping!