Elizabeth Saada


What is a sister?

She can be biological, adopted, or someone you connect with even if you have no family relation. 

A sister is someone who is always there for you. Someone you can share your life and secrets with. 

She’s someone you will rely on. And she will rely on you. 

You’ll have parties together. Celebrate birthdays together. Pull all nighters, just to spend time together. 

You’ll get annoyed with each other, mad even. You might get so furious with her that you wish she didn’t exist. 

But, you know that’s not true. 

You can’t live without her. And she can’t live without you. 

And yet, one day only one of you will be here. 

One of you will have to go through life without the other. One of you will eventually be alone with no one to share with. No one to talk with.

Expect you won’t be alone. She will always be there, even if you can’t see her. 

So say hi. Tell her about your day. 

Keep sharing, talking, hanging out. After all sister’s belong together.