Rutgers University Dance Marathon is Back


Elizabeth Whitman

The annual Rutgers University Dance Marathon (RUDM) was held on Saturday, April 2, 2022. This “is the largest, student-run philanthropic event in New Jersey” ( This event entails students fundraising for the Embrace Kids Foundation all year long. The goal of the Embrace Kids Foundation is to raise money for the non-medical needs of children with cancer and other illnesses. In addition to the monetary support, these children also receive emotional support from Rutgers students through the RU4Kids program. This program pairs Rutgers fraternities, sororities, and other student organizations with a child who is in the Embrace Kids Foundation. Once an organization is paired with a child, the students in that organization spend time with and get to know the child and their family leading up to the Dance Marathon. The Dance Marathon is an event filled with dancing, games, and fun for the students and the children to celebrate the money that they have raised throughout the year.

However, these past three years, RUDM has been a little different than normal. Due to Covid, the Dance Marathon for 2020 and 2021 had to be virtual. But, between these two years, the students were still able to raise over $1 million dollars for the Embrace Kids Foundation and both the students and the children had a great time at the virtual events. Fortunately, the 2022 Dance Marathon was able to be held in person with some modifications. Usually, this is a 24 hour event, but this year it only took place in the evening. Also, the Dance Marathon is normally located at the Louis Brown Athletic Center, also known as the RAC, but it was at Voorhees Mall on College Avenue Campus this year so that the event could be outside. The event being held outside allowed students, children, and patient families to safely participate in the Dance Marathon. This year, Rutgers students raised $505,610.64 for the Embrace Kids Foundation. The students and the children had a lot of fun at the Dance Marathon and were happy to be back in person after two years online.