Cage Makes a Comeback


Daniel Torrillo

Nicolas Cage is an American actor that is seen as an icon throughout all of hollywood. Cage had a good career in his early years, starring in films like “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Face/Off,” and “Adaptation,” but in later years however, people can agree that he has crossed a line on making profit and started doing any project that came to him, mostly critically panned films like “The Wicker Man” and “Left Behind.” After years of starring in poorly received C-movies and direct to video fodder, Cage is starring in a 2022 film about just how crazy he really is. 


The film is called, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” and it can be said that this is Cage’s best work in years.  



In this film, Cage portrays a fictionalized version of himself who seems to be struggling with his acting career and has a poor relationship with his daughter. Cage eventually gets invited to the birthday party of a billionaire superfan of Cage named Javi, played by Pedro Pascal. While there, Cage and Javi form an unlikely endearing friendship and connect deeply. However, Cage is later recruited by the CIA to assassinate Javi because they believe he makes his fortune through arms dealing and he has kidnapped the daughter of a national politician. Cage now finds himself on a wild ride as he has to help the CIA kill his new best friend and attempt to fix his relationship with his daughter at the same time. 


Why it’s a Comeback:

“The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” is a creative, action-packed, hilarious movie that any family can enjoy on a night out to the movies. Not only do Cage and Pascal give it their all with their performances, but their chemistry with each other is both humorous and authentic. Another reason this is a standout  movie is the fact that it is an extremely ingenious stroke of creativity to have Cage embracing his own craziness, coming off to the audience as a complete lunatic determined to be the center of attention every minute. The film effectively combines high flying Hollywood action, Nicolas Cage’s off-kilter personna and unique acting style to create an exciting experience that everybody can enjoy. 


It is nice to see Nicolas Cage  returning to the spotlight metaphorically and in reality. One can now anticipate once again what he will do next.