Update: War in Ukraine 


Sophia Bowman

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has been at a loss of military supplies and items needed to defend themselves from Russia. As the United States is an ally of Ukraine, American troops have been donating weapons to Ukraine. President Biden of the United States spoke about this issue and urged Americans to help with other items to keep Ukrainans comfortable at this time. Most Ukrainians have utilized American donations along with help  from Poland to escape to safety. Those still sheltered in Ukraine are waiting for a time to escape or willing to help fight for their country. The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spoken out multiple times in hope to aid his fearful people. He repeats that this war may only get worse and more violent. Zelenskyy understands that Russia is very determined to take over Ukraine and may continue these harsh attacks until done so. Though alarming, Zelenskyy also played the siren sound that has gone off in Ukraine for warning multiple times. He explained that this would become something normal and that Ukrainians should “get used to it”. With more deaths and injuries each day, he continues to warn and advise Ukrainans on possible solutions. 

Due to Russian attacks on Ukraine, many places and transportations have been shut down in Russia. The Russian train that goes into the European Union has been shut down. This created little ability for Russians to leave the country. Popular restaurants are also closing in Russia due to war. McDonald’s is closing 850 restaurants, Starbucks is closing 100 shops, and Coca-Cola is diminishing their sales that are occurring in Russia. Along with closings, business in Russia has decreased and is impacting the global business by 25%. So, individuals who work for these companies in Russia are also losing their jobs. However, many people have started to escape Russia. Those who feel that this is unjust are fleeing the country. They feel that the country is no longer the same and feel the need to leave not only for ideals, but safety concerns.