Black Holes Can Potentially Prove We’re Living in a Holographic Universe

Black Holes Can Potentially Prove We’re Living in a Holographic Universe

Sumedha Golla

What is the Holographic Duality  Theory?


The holographic duality theory potentially carries the connection between particle physics which is the study of small particles that make up all matter and Einstein’s general theory of relativity arguing that gravity is caused by the curvature of space and time. It was first discovered in 1997 by Juan Maldacena, a theoretical physicist from Argentina. To understand the concept, think of the lines x and y in calculus. Picture how the curves x^2 and y^2 will change to three-dimensional shapes/surfaces if the variables are increased by one more power. Using previous knowledge of calculus helps visualize the relationship between dimensions on the scale of finite to infinite. 


How Do Blackholes Portray This Phenomenon?


Black holes possess an intricate shape in which gravity belongs in three dimensions. In contrast, black holes are linked to outside particles and magnetic fields that exist only in two dimensions. The holographic duality theory is applied to black holes in 2-dimensional space. This is why scientists are working hard to combine particle physics with einsteins theory of relativity to establish a more united and accurate theory. Having one theory formulated as support rather than basing claims on two different theories is much more effective. 

Additionally, string theory and quantum theory relate black holes to the holographic universe. String theory is a theoretical framework in physics where point-like particles are replaced with one-dimensional objects called strings. Quantum theory’s goal is to join the second and third dimensions of the real world to help compute and comprehend elaborate concepts. Marrying these two theories is ultimately the holographic theory.


Connecting the Dots 


In conclusion, scientists are using mathematical ideas to develop matrix models that depict what certain kinds of black holes look like on the inside. Using this information goes hand in hand with the quantum theory of gravity. The more we discover on black holes, allows a plethora of breakthroughs to usher in the science field, including holographic duality theory. Reality could hypothetically be proven as an illusion. It started from a crazy idea but, has the potential to revolutionize scientific perception altogether.