Sunshine Protection Act


Juliana Zisel

On Tuesday, the US Senate unanimously approved the Sunshine Protection Act, legislation that would make daylight savings time permanent beginning in 2023. Still, this act has yet to pass through the house and receive President Biden’s signature, both of which are necessary steps in signing it into law. If passed, this act would put an end to 4 P.M. sunsets, often referred to as the catalyst for seasonal depression. 

Unlike much legislation being drafted in Congress as of now, this bill has strong bipartisan support. It was first re-introduced in 2021 by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who states that it will ensure safety on roadways, limit rising childhood obesity rates, andl promote general welfare as a whole. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) agreed, calling permanent daylight sayings “common sense” despite taking the opposite stance last year. In a political sphere dominated by partisan tensions, it is pleasantly suppressing to see political adversaries agree with one another. 

The draft and signature of this bill has the potential to provide a sense of hope to American citizens who often feel disillusioned during the post(?)-pandemic winter months. Brighter days lie ahead.