The New Supreme Court Nominee


Elizabeth Whitman

Justice Stephen Breyer has decided to retire from the Supreme Court. At 83 years old, Breyer is the oldest justice currently on the Supreme Court. So, it makes sense that he has chosen to step down. President Biden now has the responsibility of nominating someone to fill this position. This candidate has to then be approved by the Senate in order to officially take office. On February 25, President Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson to become a justice on the Supreme Court. If she becomes confirmed by the Senate, Jackson will be the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

Jackson was born in Washington DC, but she grew up in Miami, where she attended high school. Her mother was a science teacher and a principal. Her father was a high school teacher who later went to law school and became an attorney for the Miami-Dade County School Board. Jackson has cited her father as the person who has started her love of the law. As a result of this, Jackson went to undergraduate and law school at Harvard University. During this time, she became an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Since graduating from Harvard, she has had many jobs involved with the legal system, such as public defender, clerk to a US District Judge, and associate at a law firm. Jackson also became a District Judge after being nominated in 2012. Then, in 2021, she received her judicial commission to be a United States Circuit Judge for the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. During her time as a judge, she heard cases about wrongful death and product liability lawsuits. She ruled on cases regarding immigration, as well. Also, Jackson is a wife and a mother. She married her husband, Patrick G. Jackson, in 1996. Her husband is a surgeon and the two met while they were both attending Harvard. The couple now has two daughters. So far, Ketanji Brown Jackson has had a very accomplished life and it will be very interesting to see what else she does as a Supreme Court justice if she gets approved.