Disney Eliminates Mask Restrictions For Vaxxed Guests


Sumedha Golla

Lifting Mandates


This week, both Disney World(Florida) and Disneyland(California) are gradually pivoting to mask optional privileges. Disney World has loosely composed its mandate for the unvaxxed, asking for no proper vaccination identification. Guests are simply “expected” to wear masks. This allows the freedom for unvaxxed masquerading themselves and not wearing masks. Disney World recently altered their policy saying that the unvaxxed are encouraged to wear masks indoors based on “trends” and “local conditions”. 

 Meanwhile, Disneyland is way stricter with their policies. As of now, regardless of vaccination status, everyone has to wear masks inside and outside, with some exceptions. Unvaxxed guests are definitely required to wear masks indoors and are more lenient with outdoor areas. Vaccinated individuals may take their masks off indoors for short periods except for transportation sites(shuttles). Additionally, ages 5 and up must get tested negative for covid before entering the park by Los Angeles County law. 


A Reformed Future


As covid cases decrease, huge, influential places like Disney become more lenient with mask mandates. This sets the foundation for many other areas to lift their mandates. Even schools are in the process of lifting up mandates. As of March 7, all New Jersey schools have the option to go maskless. The world is in an era of healing and acceptance towards covid. We are moving forward into a brighter, better future.