It’s Becoming Expensive To Be Unvaccinated 


Sumedha Golla

The Unvaxxed Tax 


Currently, it continues to remain your option on whether or not you want to get vaxxed for Covid-19. Although, the unvaxxed individuals have a significant disadvantage as expenses increase substantially. Along with the hospitalization bills the unvaxxed people must pay when contracting covid, countries such as Greece, United States, Canada, and Austria are on the path of executing taxes targeting the unvaccinated. Greece announced that unvaccinated seniors aged 60 and over must pay a monthly penalty of €50 ($57) which will be doubled in February.  Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis remarks, “It’s the price to pay for health.” As per the United States, President Biden failed to pass a vax-or-test mandate directed towards large employers potentially leading up to $136,000 worth of fines. However, a portion of corporations have applied some kind of the tax on employees either way. Delta, the new variant is costing the unvaccinated staff an additional $200/month on their health plan. Furthermore, Kroger got rid of paid leave for unvaxxed employees who caught covid. 

Next, Canada is in the process of imposing an unvaxxed tax on adults to pay a fininacial penalty. The Quebec gov refer to the policy as a “question of fairness” due to the statistics on 90% of Quebec adults that are vaccinated. Lastly, Austria is planning on placing fines on unvaccinated adults up to $4,100 starting mid-March. Society is leaning more towards getting vaccinated due to the countless efforts on social media platforms and the government distributing education. Absorb and advocate education to ensure the safety of our community.


Controversial Dispute

Many are preaching it’s their right to stay unvaccinated. Although its important to have the freedom to make your own decisions, at what expense does the line draw or at who’s expense? Covid has been spreading aimlessly and many are losing their lives. It’s the reasonable and practical approach to put on restrictions and taxes to get people vaccinated. In addition, so many people care about themselves, hence the deep-rooted individualism especially in our capitalist country. The promoting of self-interest within indiviualism has mutated into twisted and gaslighting selfishness, regarding the covid dilemma. It’s highly important and encouraged for people to step up and focus on others around them, benefitting the welfare of our society and not just oneself.