Explaining “Rick and Morty” To Your Parents


Daniel Torrillo

It may seem to parents that Rick and Morty is a stupid, annoying and inapprotaite cartoon that their kids probably should not be watching. Yes, it is inappropriate, but behind all that initial perception is an intelligently crafted and adventurous science fiction story.


Here’s What You Need to Know About the Show: 


Rick Sanchez, (an alcoholic 70 year old genius who is a complete jerk to people), is the smartest man in the universe. He’s invented a portal gun, which allows him to teleport anywhere in his dimension or travel to a completely different dimension where anything is possible. In these alternate dimensions, people could be made of pizza, Hitler could have found the cure for cancer or the world could have plunged into eternal darkness. Either way, Rick and his grandson Morty, (a 14-year old awkward teenager), travel to all kinds of crazy universes on non-stop scientific adventures. Sometimes, they go on these adventures with Morty’s sister Summer (your basic sassy teenage girl).


Rick also has a reputation of putting his whole family in danger as he is one of the most wanted and infamous men in the universe, hunted by dangerous aliens and intergalactic police officers. While his son-in-law, Jerry (a very dim-witted but likable idiot), can’t put up with all of Rick’s antics, his daughter, Beth (your everyday housewife), insists that they live with it because Rick left when she was just a kid and she doesn’t want to lose him again since he came back into her life. 


Why Parents Should Consider Watching It:


If your parents are looking for a good time after a long day’s work, then Rick and Morty is the show for them. There are scenes that are very inappropriate but they revolve around well executed stories. Stories like Jerry and Beth’s horrible marriage that only exists because Jerry got Beth pregnant when she was 18, or Rick feeling upset and sad knowing that no one will ever love him because he is such a jerk. 


All in all, to the parents out there who think that Rick and Morty is nothing but a brain rotter for their kids, think again. This is a well thought out show with sharp-edged humor, consistent story lines, strong emotional connections and iconic characters. So if I were you, I would tell your mom to grab a glass of wine, turn on HBO Max and start watching episode 1-50 immediately.