School Shooting in Detroit, Oxford High School Kills 3 And Injures 8


Sumedha Golla

A Catastrophic, Unfortunate Day 


The students of Oxford High School walked into school with no intention of suffering a great deal. The recent school shooting in Detroit, Oxford High School caused an outburst of worry. The SWAT team, law agencies, ambulances, and panicked parents came to the rescue of the troubled students and staff. The suspect, a 15-year old male sophomore has been taken into custody along with a detected handgun. As of now, the reason behind the shooting remains a mystery. Although the suspect accepted him getting caught showing no resistance, he refuses to speak about his actions. The damage he caused is currently being dealt with. Three families have been given the devastating news of the loss of their child. A child who’s a student, sibling, another family member, friend, pet owner, and a human being with goals and aspirations of their stolen future. Eight other members were injured. Two went into surgery and are yet to be determined on their condition and the rest are in stable condition. The heartbreaking horror and pain inflicted upon these students and teachers are to be remembered and given justice to. In the meantime schools should enforce additional guidelines/precautions, preventing school shootings to occur in the future. 


Preventing School Shooting


It is very crucial to implement ways to maintain our safe, learning environment. A cohesive and supporting school climate should be further developed. Students should be able to freely express themselves in front of staff members and one another. There should be proper mental health resources and assemblies conducted to diminish suppression and isolation. Suppression and isolation are weaknesses oftentimes associated with strength that breeds violence. It’s important for schools to educate students on the effects and severities of violent acts. As humanitarian Edward James Olmos once said, “Education is the vaccine for violence.” Educate yourselves and spread your knowledge to others around you.