Thanksgiving in 2021


Sophia Bowman

With Covid-19 still in existence, Thanksgiving of 2021 will be more normal, but still impacted by some Covid-19 disadvantages. One of these being shortages. Usually on Thanksgiving, individuals gorge themselves with stuffing, turkey, yams, cranberries, and more. However, these portions may be smaller in size due to shortages. Many of these items take time to produce. With production rates down, it is more difficult to get these goods to stores. Covid-19 has caused this as many workers have become unemployed. The economy has reached a low and many employees can not be afforded. Therefore, stores are selling smaller portions of this food and these goods in order to reserve food. There is less food to go around to each family this year in particular. In addition to food shortages, inflation has recently increased in the U.S. This means that Thanksgiving meals as a whole will cost more than in past years. Due to the inflated economy, researchers say that the average Thanksgiving meal will cost up to approximately 5% more than the original average. Turkey itself has increased in price to about $0.20 per pound, which is a large increase for individuals that are buying mass amounts of this. Overall, many individuals have started their shopping early for Thanksgiving in order to reserve enough food for the upcoming holiday. 

Regardless of Covid-19’s impact on Thanksgiving, there are still many family traditions that individuals practice at their feasts. Some of these traditions include sharing what each person is grateful for, breaking the wishbone of the turkey, holding a “Friendsgiving”, watching football, playing sports with family, eating traditional food, and most commonly, watching the Macy’s Day Parade on television. The Macy’s Day Parade was first started in 1924. The parade made a route in New York City from 145th Street to 34th Street or the location of Macy’s store. The parade usually includes many popular floats and balloons. In addition to these large attractions, many performers attend and at the end of the parade they display a float with Santa Claus. This is one of the largest events to take place during each year in the United States. It is an impactful experience for young children and exciting for adults as well. Thousands of individuals gather to watch this parade and some even in person. Overall, Thanksgiving creates family unity and nationally creates celebration. Even with Covid-19, Thanksgiving can still have large amounts of turkey and food for everyone at the table.