New Zealand Sees a Sudden Rise in COVID Cases, Rise of Delta?


James Lin

Known for high success rates in keeping Covid cases to a minimum, New Zealand shocked the rest of the world when 160+ cases were reported in a single day. Up until recently, the country has been expressing great caution through strict procedures such as lockdowns, expecting to keep the virus out of the country altogether—a practice that has shown great efficiency. However, with the release of vaccines, New Zealand has switched their focus to utilizing mass vaccination to prevent any spread of the virus rather than staying clear of it entirely. 


Unfortunately, the switched course of action has seemingly begun to backfire. 


For starters, the Delta variant has recently found its way into the city of Auckland—the largest city in New Zealand and currently the center of attention for rising cases. With the virus now loose, New Zealand is reportedly struggling to manage its spread and is losing control over the rising cases. As a result of the outbreak, New Zealand is finding itself having reported over 100 cases daily, as opposed to their nearly clean record during the start of the pandemic. Although cases are showing at an alarming rate, the prime minister of New Zealand assures that the goal they are intending to achieve is worth the number of cases—which is to be expected at the current stage of their vaccination process.


What does the situation of New Zealand say about the state of the Delta variant?


With new showings of the Delta variant, it is reminded that there is still risk involved in ignoring precautions such as large gatherings and failure to use masks. As new procedures along with variants develop, it is unknown what the future holds for the virus and the rest of the world.