What Differences Will Halloween Have This Year Due To Covid-19?


Sophia Bowman

With Covid-19 vaccinations, numbers for the virus have decreased. However, masks are still utilized for protection against remaining spikes and strains of the virus. On Halloween, kids and adults are always in contact through handing candy to one another at the door. Kids, 11 and under, are the ones who tend to go trick-or-treating and the ones that are not vaccinated or protected yet. Therefore, many individuals will decide to wear masks when trick-or-treating this year. Also, certain Halloween events and attractions will most likely be outdoors this year as large crowds indoors is not the safest option yet. So, how will these masks really help protect individuals from getting infected while participating in seasonal activities? Well, Covid-19 masks provide multiple layers of protection over the mouth and nose which is where Covid-19 can infect. Within seconds of answering the door to get Halloween candy, the virus can be transferred from one individual to the other. The mask prevents this from occurring and makes the experience a lot safer. Unlike last year’s Halloween, people will be able to be more social and have more of an experience. In 2020, most individuals were stuck indoors and were able to do little trick-or-treating due to contact with others. 

Even with Covid-19 cases at a higher rate currently, in 2020, there was a larger spike in cases causing many deaths, hospitalizations, and more precautions. In 2020, there was no immunity to prevent the virus as vaccines had not been released yet. As of mid-2021, vaccines have allowed for greater protection. However, having the vaccine does not change a person’s availability to receive the virus. Individuals can still get the virus even with the vaccine. It may not be as severe, but still dangerous. Masks will help to prevent spikes and spread of the virus. Wearing masks on Halloween when in contact with several individuals is a preventative measure.