The Mitchells vs the Machines Review


Michael Ward

The Mitchells vs the Machines was a movie that had a lot of potential but ended up being extremely generic.


The movie centers around Katie Mitchell, a college student who is forced to go on a road trip with her family to college so the dad can reconnect with her. A robot invasion takes over the world while the Mitchell family is on their road trip and must figure out a way to stop the invasion. Sounds unique? Well the fact that you can predict plot points 5 mins before they happen shows you how predictable the movie is. Before the movie began I had a guess on what the ending was going to be and I was 100% right.


The movie is painfully unfunny and I didn’t laugh a single time. Every joke is just either loud or extremely annoying. It’s the most basic humor you’d come to expect from a movie where half the jokes are outdated internet humor. One thing I will say is that the animation is stellar and is full of vibrant colors. The exaggerated movements of the characters show how much effort they put into the animation.


Overall, The Mitchells vs the Machines was pretty disappointing and if it weren’t for the animation it would have been a 5/10.


I give The Mitchells vs the Machines a 6/10.