Covid Breaks Out in India


James Lin

Once again, Covid makes another appearance—this time in the largely populated country of India. However, this outbreak is seemingly different from any other outbreak ever seen before. As the cases spike, India breaks global records for daily covid cases each day, reaching nearly 350,000 cases and counting in a single day. The sudden rise in cases for India is perplexing scientists around the world, who are rushing to uncover what makes India’s variant so deadly and more importantly, how to prevent it from spreading any further.


What is the US doing to help?


Currently, the US is aiding India through distribution of vaccines as well as medical training. The Biden administration has already made the statement that the operation to assist India in supplies and other forms of aid is undergoing, and that the US wishes to help India much like how India has helped the US during early Covid outbreaks. 


When will India recover?


Unfortunately, cases in India do not seem to be slowing down at any rate, and it can be assumed that the situation will only worsen at this time. However, it is predicted that the cases will peak around mid May, and eventually die down. Currently speaking, the most we can do is hope that with the United States’ assistance, India will have a quick recovery from this devastating blow.