Why Was The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pulled From Distribution?


Sophia Bowman

As of the week of April 11, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been pulled from distribution. There had been a recall made due to six women ranging between 18 and 48 years of age. They all had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccination about three weeks before they developed these reactions. All of the women experienced blood clots. One woman died from this occurrence and the other women were either hospitalized or gained stability back. Therefore, this Johnson & Johnson vaccine had to be researched more and put to a stop, for now. Experts are hoping that eventually the vaccine will be able to be put to use once again. However, for now it is the best and safest option to pause it’s distribution. The F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) will continue to investigate how the blood clots could be linked to the vaccine. They will ensure security of this vaccine in order for it to be allowed back to distribution. So, how is this newfound information impacting individuals? What are their thoughts on vaccines now? 

Well, since there had been much controversy on this vaccine originally, now individuals are cancelling appointments or even just considering if the vaccine is worth it due to these effects. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still upholding their significance of around 95%. They both are showing to be effective for individuals and have not caused any fatal or damaging impacts. Therefore, people decide to get these vaccines as they know that they will help. So, what happens to the individuals who have already received the vaccination of Johnson & Johnson? They must keep track of the symptoms that they have after the vaccine. If an individual is experiencing migraine headaches, abdominal pain, pain in legs, or shortness of breath, they may be more likely to gain the blood clot disorder. If they have regular symptoms such as a sore arm, a regular headache, exhaustion, and fever, then they are less likely to gain the blood clot disorder. When experiencing blood clot symptoms, one should contact their doctor or health provider in order to advise on how to cure this. However, this may be very uncommon due to only 6 out of million of Americans experiencing these blood clots. Overall, the Johnson & Johnson vaccinations need to be monitored before future use.