Move Over Singapore! Why You Should Also Visit Kuala Lumpur


Daniel Gratsas

You probably have not heard of Malaysia’s capital before have you? Well then, before I begin, I would like to ask you a question: Why isn’t this on your travel bucket list? Well, maybe these reasons may change your mind! 


  1. The close proximity from Singapore: If you are in Singapore, I recommend you take this opportunity while you still can. Luckily, it isn’t that far and you can drive there in a span of 3 to 4 hours. Buses cost $15-20 to get there per person. The borders? Don’t worry, there’s not much border security and you can easily cross.
  2. Multiculturalism at its finest: Singapore may be diverse, but Malaysia offers a wider range of culture-mixing and multiculturalism. It is a mix of Muslim Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans. Thanks to this beautiful blend of cultures, there are so many activities to do and food to eat. Which comes in next with:
  3. Food: The cuisine should be the number one thing to eat. As mentioned earlier, thanks to Malaysia’s diversity, the cuisine is very diverse. Try the national dish Nasi Lemak (which is a rice dish) to get a cultural feel of Malaysia. Don’t forget to also try the Chinese Malay dish, Hokkien mee (a savory noodle dish with vegetables and seafood but if you want pork or beef, it’s there). Considering its diversity, don’t forget to try Malaysian Chinese and Indian specialties while you’re there. (BTW I cannot name them all, look them up).
  4. The Petronas Towers: A visit would not be complete without visiting the world’s tallest twin towers! And luckily, you can enter! And the view is worth it! Well, if you want more information, here’s the link:
  5. The Rest of the Center: Kuala Lumpur’s city center area is so modern, green, tall and beautiful at the same time! The center continues to modernize and grow taller by the decade. I suggest you  visit the Menara KL Tower and witness the beauty of the entire skyline or enter inside the famous more than five-story mall. 
  6. Visit a famous mosque: As a Muslim majority nation, it has some pretty interesting mosques to look at. You don’t have to pray, but you may visit while there isn’t prayer. But if you are Muslim and religious, this must be heaven for you! You can pray there if you wish. 
  7. Enter inside the Batu Caves: Crazy how a cave can exist within an urban center! Well it exists and comes with a beautiful statue of a Hindu Deity. Make sure to pass by and enter inside if you can! Enjoy the beautiful site of Hindu temples and crystals. Did I forget to mention there are monkeys? Be careful a bit as they are sneaky. 
  8. Visit some famous Hindu temples or Little India: Do I really need an explanation? The beauty of the temples are amazing! And also, if you love Indian culture, you’ll wanna visit Little India, and it is located in Brickfields district.
  9. Enter the Chinatown, and see the temples and staples of Chinese culture: There are many temples and pagodas in KL. But if anything, if you want to feast your eyes on everything Chinese (including food), go to Petaling Street to see the Chinatown district! Your adventure awaits. 
  10. Culture and Traditions: Wanna celebrate a mix of holidays with twists? Wanna celebrate Chinese and Indian culture without going to China or India? How about enjoying some Malay cultural scenes (outside Islam)? Well, in this country, a festival is always around somewhere considering its diversity.
  11. Friendly Locals: Did I forget to mention how tolerant and friendly the locals are? I recommend you try making some local friends while you are there, trust me, you can get anywhere with them (Food, culture, invited to house, festivals, etc.  


**Tip: If you have extra time, visit George Town and Malacca if you can**