Gus Malzahn Becomes New Coach of UCF

Ian Mulhearne

UCF has just recently hired former Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn to take over as their new head coach.  Gus coached in the SEC for a very long time and he has surpassed top notch level competition like Alabama or Georgia just to name a few.  His decision-making can be questionable at times, but he always manages to find a way to win in the end.  There was a time when Auburn looked like they were about to lose, then Gus called a bunch of amazing plays to help them win the game.

UCF will be very promising next year with the offense they have.  They will be on the path to success if they develop more defense.  Gus is also a very solid leader he’s very good with the players most of the time when it comes to big games.   He will probably have his players practicing everything left and right because he really cares about the game that much.  This conference he is going into will be a little less challenging than the SEC, but it is still a very challenging conference.  With teams like Memphis and Florida Atlantic, they are going to have to play very hard if they want to go undefeated next year because they recently lost a bowl game with their old head coach.  However, Gus Malzahn has goals of reaching new new heights and accomplishing a lot for years to come.