The Storming of the United States Capitol—A Moment to Remember


Sophia Bowman

In recent times, a so-called “storming” occurred at the Washington D.C., United States Capitol. What was thought to turn out as a peaceful protest, turned into an attack on a historic building. Even with the Covid-19 virus getting even more contagious and infectious by the day, there were very little masks worn—if any—by the protestors. The Capital structure and the offices inside were trashed and vandalized. This anger was due to the Republican party, theorist individuals, and more, from the election results. Because this attack was so unexpected, the defense was very low. The National Guard and dozens of police forces had to rush to the capitol to take action against these protestors. But, why did these attackers come on this day in particular? Well, because Congress had been in session and were trying to make decisions before and in preparation for the next presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is the current president today. These decisions that were supposed to be made, angered people and made them want to protest. However, this protest that turned into a storm, created chaos and put many individual’s lives at risk, including the men and women of Congress. The people in the Capitol working and making political decisions were escorted to a protected part of the Capitol with security. Therefore, all Congress and Capitol workers were safe. But, many other people including protestors themselves and security workers were harmed or even killed. This storming or fight that lasted for many hours ending up in death has not occurred since the War of 1812—a war between Great Britain and the United States over more rights and more freedom. Because the United States president at the time, Donald J. Trump had encouraged some of these behaviors on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, he was blocked from most of these sites by the owners. Additionally, these site owners decided to keep him blocked even after the inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr., the new president of the United States. So how did people view violence? What did political experts do during this time of war in the country? What were their reactions?

Well, these reactions were not only from United State leaders; these reactions consisted of world leaders as well including prime ministers and government officials. As outsiders to this country, they saw this as something that was unlike a democracy and even unheard-of. They saw it as almost a destruction of unity and nationalism. While these officials from other places in the world were discussing their point of view on this situation, the political leaders of the United States in the Capitol took cover and hid in fear. Most explained how they had texted or called their families explaining what had been happening and said their goodbyes as if they were not going to survive this event. Additionally, many of these leaders had sent news associations information, videos, or recordings about the storming. Also, many of the protestors themselves showed their pride in this event by posting images and chatting with friends and family online. Because these people violated laws and trespassed, they are still being found and arrested today by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). But overall, many people can agree that this event caused chaos and physically harmed many individuals. So, this is an event to be remembered, analyzed, and learned from—today and in many years to come.