Can Anyone Stop Gonzaga?


Ethan Schwam


Throughout the whole college basketball season so far, even with all of the surprises and upsets we have seen, it has come to no surprise that Gonzaga has steamrolled through the competition. The number one team in all of the country has rolled to an amazing 18-0 record and beaten the likes of Virginia, Iowa, and West Virginia, all of which have been top 15 teams at some point during the season. Projected lottery pick Jalen Suggs and senior forward Corey Kispert have proved to be dynamic for a Bulldogs team that just doesn’t seem to be slowing down before the upcoming NCAA tournament, so is there really anyone that could take them down? Lets’s take a look. 

Coach Mark Few is known for his offensive mind and his ability to score inside and out, but Gonzaga’s defense has also been key to its success. They allow a mere 70 points per game as opposed to their 93 team points per game, so it is clear that they excel on both sides of the ball. Top teams such as Baylor and Illinois have high-powered, quickly paced offenses, whereas Gonzaga has tended to excel against more patient offenses so far this season, so these teams can prove to be a bit of a thorn in Gonzaga’s side considering their success throughout the year and the probability that Gonzaga and either one of these teams could meet in the late rounds of the tournament. 

As mentioned before, the offense is the focal point of Gonzaga’s game. At the top of the nation in points per game, and with four players averaging in double figures, they show that they can spread the wealth and be efficient when they need to. Their patience and ability to shoot at a high rate while having finishers who can get to the rim at any point is a huge factor in their success as a team, but a squad such as Houston has shown that they can lock any team up, so coach Few may have to come to a gameplan to answer Quentin Grimes and that Cougar team come late tournament time. 

There is no question that Gonzaga is the country’s top basketball team this season, and they look poised to continue their impressive run through the rest of the season, but don’t count out other teams yet. One of the best parts of the NCAA Tournament is that it’s win or go home, so you never know who can come out and surprise you. Tune into the rest of the college basketball season and  (hopefully) March Madness to find out if Gonzaga will be contained for the first time, or if they will cruise their way to victory.