Joe Biden Plans for His Presidency


Elizabeth Whitman

President-elect Joe Biden is planning to hit the ground running during his first 100 days in office. He wants to do everything he can to beat Covid-19. Joe Biden said that he would encourage Americans to wear masks for 100 days and require them in federal buildings, where he has that authority. He also wants to give 100 million Americans access to the vaccine within his first 100 days as president. Another thing he would like to accomplish within this time frame is to reopen most, if not all, schools. This is dependent on funding from Congress and the support of the states. A second important topic he is going to tackle within the early stage of his future presidency is climate change. Biden plans to hold a meeting regarding this. He wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord as soon as possible.

Also, Joe Biden is in the process of filling up his Cabinet and the rest of his administration. This includes choosing Antony Blinken as the Secretary of State, Linda Thomas-Greenfield as the United States Ambassador of the United Nations, Janet Yellen as the Secretary of the Treasury, and more. Additionally, Biden named Dr. Anthony Fauci as his Chief Medical Advisor. He has asked Fauci to continue to be the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which he has been doing for over 30 years. Biden has also made a Coronavirus Advisory Board to help him fight the virus. There are other topics on his agenda, such as gun safety and immigration. But, it is unclear whether he will be able to accomplish them in his first 100 days. Either way, Joe Biden is working hard to prepare to become the President of the United State in January 2021.