What do Notre Dame and Florida’s Huge Wins Mean for the College Football Playoff?


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SOUTH BEND, INDIANA – NOVEMBER 07: Running back Kyren Williams #23 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish celebrates after his first quarter touchdown against the Clemson Tigers at Notre Dame Stadium on November 7, 2020 in South Bend, Indiana. (Photo by Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images)

Ethan Schwam

With a wild week ten of college football play wrapping up, we saw Notre Dame and Florida pick up two huge marquee, top ten matchup wins that can have major implications for who the top four teams making the College Football Playoff could be. Number four ranked Notre Dame took down number one Clemson, and number eight Florida defeated number five ranked Georgia in a convincing win. While Clemson and Notre Dame did stay in the top four of the latest AP poll rankings, Florida was left on the outside looking in at number six, and Georgia was knocked from the top ten with two losses now on the season.


For Florida to get themselves back into the top four with only five games remaining, they are going to need some help. They will need to win out in games against tough SEC opponents such as LSU and Kentucky, and will likely need to defeat Alabama in the SEC championship game to sneak themselves back into contention. The Aggies, however, have showed their dominance through the season and sit at number five in the rankings, but likely need another Clemson loss or an Alabama loss to get a spot in the top four.


As for Clemson, while they do sit at number four now after being number one for all other weeks of the season, they cannot afford another loss. In their last three games of the regular season, they play unranked opponents that if they were to get upset by one of them, it would likely knock them out of their current position and out of the playoff race for the remainder of the season. The team that beat them this past week, Notre Dame, currently holds the new number one spot but has a tough opponent in UNC looming. If Notre Dame wins out, they have a strong chance of holding their current number one position and control their own fate going into the four team playoff to crown a national champion.


Overall, teams in playoff contention have tough roads ahead of them when it comes to securing a spot in the College Football Playoff, but this wild weekend of events helped clarify the paths that these teams will likely need to forge in order to lock in their spots. What will happen in the last coming weeks of the college season? Who will be the four teams that will vie for the title come January? Follow college football live on popular streaming services such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and the SEC, ACC, and BIG 10 networks as the season comes to a close.