What is Tom Brady Going to Do?

What is Tom Brady Going to Do?

Ethan Schwam

Arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady has done it all with the Patriots. 6 Super Bowl titles, a 3 time MVP, and a 14 time All-Pro, all with New England. No player in the NFL has enjoyed a more successful career playing on only one team than Brady has. It is also important to note that over his career, Brady has signed a couple of extension contracts to keep his time in New England with storied coach Bill Belichieck intact, with his most recent extension being for 2 years and $70 million in 2018. That extension has come to a close after this year’s season, and it becomes the first time where any NFL fan truly questioned if Brady would return to New England. He is set to hit the free agent market with numerous teams reported to have interest in him. However, Brady is 42 years old, and he may be pondering retirement after playing his wildly successful career out in New England. But, what if he went to another team? What if Tom Brady left New England and went to take his talents to a new suitor? Here are 4 possible teams Brady can end up with if he doesn’t end up returning to New England or retiring. 


Dolphins: The Dolphins have had quarterback uncertainty for a while now, and with them slated to have the #4 pick in the upcoming draft, they could opt to take a young talent like Tua Tagavailoa or Justin Herbert. If they turn sour on those young choices, Brady can be an option for their team. The talent is there, and the Dolphins have tons of money to spend, it is just a matter of whether they stay healthy or not. If the team shows interest in Brady and signs some offensive weapons for him, Brady could be enticed to take his talents to Miami.


Buccaneers: Tampa Bay has had a playable quarterback in Jameis Winston for a while now, but coming off of a 30-interception year, the Buccaneers may want to move on from Winston. They have one of the most talented receiving corps in all of football, with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, so maybe Brady would want to sign there and be a part of their explosive offense.


Colts: The inconsistency of current Indianapolis QB Jacoby Brissett may make the Colts move on from him. The Colts do not have a high pick in the draft to target one of the promising college quarterbacks unless they trade up, so they might go after Brady to continue the franchise’s list of storied quarterbacks like Johnny Unitas and Andrew Luck. He would also fit well in the Colts’ methodical offense, so he could be deemed a fit for the team. 


Panthers: The Panthers are also uncertain about their current quarterback situation. Star QB Cam Newton missed the season with an injury, and while replacement rookie Kyle Allen showed promise, he was never really the answer for the team. There is also rookie Will Grier, who got a bit of a shot in the season but never really had a chance to be judged. Brady and star running back Christian McCaffery would make an insane offensive combination, so why not?


With Brady poised to hit free agency, there are a multitude of options that he can consider. It will be interesting to see how his decision will play out and how the rest of the NFL will be impacted by it. Will Brady continue his legacy in New England? Or will he find somewhere else to display his obvious talent?