Super Bowl Review


Jared Goodman

On February 2, 2020, the Chiefs took on the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV! The start of the game the 49ers jumped out to an early lead after a quick drive which ended in a Robbie Gould field goal. The Chiefs responded with a long drive leading them down to the redzone with only 1:30 left in the first quarter. On third down, quarterback Patrick Mahomes got tackled right before the first down marker, which left Coach Andy Reid with a tough decision. Should he take the 3 points and settle for a field goal, or go for it on 4th down with the possibility of failing to convert and ending the drive with 0 points. Ultimately, he decided to go for it and it worked! The Chiefs got the first down, and a few plays later, Mahomes rushed in for the first touchdown of the game. 

At the start of the second quarter, the 49ers had the ball for just two plays before Jimmy Garoppolo’s pass missed the intended target, Deebo Samuel, and ended up in the hands of Bashaud Breeland of the Chiefs. Taking advantage of the good field position, the Chiefs were able to run a few plays before they were forced into kicking a field goal, taking a 10-3 lead. When the Chiefs kicked off to the 49ers, they wasted no time driving down the field. Deebo Samuel, had a few big plays, including a 16 yard rush and an 11 yard catch, which lead them right near the endzone. Jimmy Garoppolo ended the drive by throwing a pass to Kyle Juszczyk who leapt into the endzone, tying the game up at 10 points a piece. The Chiefs and 49ers were each unable to do anything on their next drive, leaving us with a 10-10 game at the half.

The third quarter belonged all to the 49ers who scored 10 points on Raheem Mostert touchdown and a Robbie Gould field goal. The game was looking as if the 49ers were going to win their 6th Super Bowl and their first since 1995. As the game was approaching 12:00 to go in the fourth quarter, Patrick Mahomes made a crucial error. He and his star receiver, Tyreek Hill, were on different pages and Mahomes threw right into the hands of a 49ers defender. Up by 10 points and having the ball, the 49ers were feeling good about their chances. When the 49ers had to punt, Mahomes and the Chiefs were able to drive down the field in just over 2 minutes and scored a touchdown. Mahomes connected with Travis Kelce in the endzone, but the Chiefs still had work to do with only 6 minutes remaining, still down by 3. The 49ers got the ball, but good plays by the Chiefs defense led them to a 3 and out. The Chiefs now had 5:10 to drive down the field and either kick a field goal to tie it, or score a touchdown for the win. Mahomes connected with his receiver, Sammy Watkins, from the opponents 49 yard line, for 38 yards. The Chiefs were now on the 11 yard line. Running back Damien Williams completed the drive for the Chiefs, plummeting into the endzone and leading the Chiefs to a 4 point lead. With around 3 minutes left, Jimmy Garoppolo had one chance to drive and score a touchdown for the win. They were able to get into Chiefs territory, but on 4th down Garoppolo threw an interception. To seal the deal, Damien Williams rushed for 38 yards and a touchdown. 

Reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes, won the Chiefs their first ever Super Bowl. The young Mahomes also became the youngest starting QB to win an MVP and Super Bowl. To add to his impressive resume, he also won the Super Bowl MVP. A great season of football for the Chiefs and 49ers, ended in heartbreak for San Francisco, but excitement for Kansas City. Congrats to the Chiefs on their first Super Bowl!