Best Christmas Markets


Daniel Gratsas

  1. Basel: The market has some amazing products ranging from ornaments to beautiful Christmas souvenirs. Not to mention with the beautiful Swiss houses with timber frames, and the Basler Munster in the background.  This market is perfect for those who want something magical. 
  2.  Budapest: The Hungarian capital really loves Christmas. With a humongous square, you could be shopping for hours. The beautiful capital is outstanding with all the buildings. Although not as medieval looking as Basel, it has some amazing things to buy and see.
  3. Prague: Enjoy the beautiful, colorful Christmas medieval paradise with Prague. Prague is a city that really feels perfect for every holiday moment, even in the snow. Just like the last two markets mentioned, you could find amazing things to buy.
  4. Zagreb: Viewed as one of the best- this one is beautiful. It was viewed as one of the best markets known all over Eastern Europe. Walk around the beautiful Stare Grad (Old Town) and even see St. Mark’s with a beautiful Christmas feel. You won’t regret it!
  5. Zurich: Switzerland’s largest city is really something when it comes to Christmas. What’s unique is that they do it in multiple parts like the Munsterhof and such.  Just wait until you realize that it takes place in the train station! The market is huge. There are many things to buy, and the market glows with a tree like no other.
  6. Bratislava: The twin city of Vienna, is really hiding a skeleton in the closet. This city is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, but it also has a very beautiful town.  This town square is worth shopping for Christmas presents in.
  7. Bern: Known to many Instagrammers as the “most Instagrammed winter city”, this city really feels like a medieval kingdom. Unlike other Swiss cities, this Christmas market is really one of the most unique in Europe with its beautiful buildings. This pearl is something to visit!
  8. Vienna: The city of music really loves Christmas. It feels like a Disneyland as soon as you step into the Rathaus (Town Hall) district.
  9. Helsinki: This city (although very modern) really knows how to make the city perfect for Christmas. Usually medieval centers are charming, but this one really hits the eye with its beautiful Cathedral. Go figure!
  10. Moscow: The Russians really know how to celebrate Christmas. And what’s better is that it lasts to New Years and even the Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 6th. If you love to see snow as well, Moscow is perfect!