Holiday Season 2019: What are your plans for the holidays?


Daniel Gratsas

As 2019 comes to a close as well as winter break coming, let’s take the time to celebrate our lovely moments with our friends and family. When you think of holiday season, what do you think? Trees, Presents, Chocolate, Santa, anything? We’re sure you do!

And to make things more festive, we are giving you the top ten things to do during the 2019 winter break as a Christmas present! You’ll thank us (The Elf Crew and Santa) later:

  1. Make gingerbread

What’s holiday cheer without a classical favorite? Gingerbread!  Gingerbread is a type of cake that originates in Germany. This cake is very pleasant to make, whether simple or difficult. Either way, this cake is really tasty (if done right). This is probably the simplest thing to bring holiday cheer.

  1. Shop Shop Shop!

Many of us don’t like to do it (myself included) but one thing I really do appreciate when it comes to shopping is the great deals during this time of year.  Many stores are even decorated for the holidays to get you in the spirit while shopping.  Don’t just stand there! Get moving because the items you want may be gone!

  1. Make art

What’s great about the holidays is how much art is seen and can be made. Art is a great way to express yourself no matter how it is done. Love games like Pokemon, Mario, or Call of Duty Be passionate and decorate! Love other designs, sculptors, sweaters, and even ornament making? Open your mind to a world like no other than with a piece of art.

  1. Community Service

Community Service is a great way to get away from being naughty (just don’t do it too late). There are so many people out there in need of a community. It’s great to help out in the soup kitchen to feed some hungry souls, help the elderly, or even clean up a dirty highway. Being kind to everyone and the earth is a great way to bring happiness together.

  1. Be kind

Holiday season is all about being kind to one another. And what more than to give but treat them with happiness and respect. This is something people would be happy to give and receive. If you feel grumpy, being kind will make you feel happy, I promise! Just like karma, if you’re kind to someone, they’ll be kind back.

  1. Celebrate other holidays

You don’t need to be Jewish to celebrate Hanukkah, and the same thing applies for Christmas. Celebrating each other’s holidays is a great way to lighten up the spirit. It also teaches tolerance so don’t be hesitant to learn more about different cultures. 

  1. Buy a tree and decorate (if you can)

Nothing is more jolly than buying a tree (whether for Christmas or New Years). This is also the start to creating a holiday’s journey. For those who celebrate, go get a tree before it’s too late! For New Year’s it is a great occasion. If you still have a Christmas tree after December 25th, keep it! No really, keep it, it fits really well for New Year’s. This is personally my favorite one tied with #5. When I was a kid, I loved decorating the tree, and still do when I get the opportunity. 

  1. Go to a Christmas Market

Holiday markets are very charming and certainly don’t come as a surprise. There are some very charming markets, and also there are some very beautiful ones. For those who want to experience something grand, I recommend you shop at Brock Farms in Freehold, NJ. It feels like a maze of wonder and excitement. It still charms me to this day! Trust me, this place is HUGE!

  1. Travel somewhere

If you have money, travel! There are many places in this world to see holiday cheer come to life. But in my opinion, anywhere in Central to Eastern Europe has the best Christmas celebrations and markets (Even East Germany aka: Dresden).  Quebec City also enjoys this time of year as well. However, if you can’t afford travel that’s okay! 

  1. Spend family time

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with the family. Exchanging gifts, talking, playing games, whatever. Your perfect opportunity awaits right here. Family is key to a happy life, so if you don’t spend time with them much, go ahead and spend more time.