Lamar Jackson: History in the Making


Jared Goodman

Back in 2016, Lamar Jackson was dancing through every college team who stood in his way, while starting at quarterback for Louisville. That year, he won the Heisman Trophy, the most prestigious award a college football player can receive. In 2017, Lamar was nominated for the award, but did not win. Heading into the 2018 NFL draft, Lamar was not the top QB on many experts lists. 31 teams, including four who picked other QBs, passed on Lamar. When the Ravens were on the clock with the 32nd pick, they announced that Lamar Jackson would be their next franchise quarterback. Now, in just his third season in then NFL, Lamar Jackson is looking to become the youngest QB to win an MVP after taking the NFL by storm through 12 weeks.

Early in the season, Lamar’s great play was overshadowed by the Ravens slow 2-2 start. However, since then the Ravens have rolled for 8 straight wins and are now 10-2, atop the AFC. The Ravens beat the undefeated Patriots and stomped over the best defense in the NFL with relative ease. Although Lamar Jackson may be considered the best QB in the league, he is doing it in his untraditional style. Many of the great quarterbacks of the past and present have received their status through great passing and remaining calm in the pocket. However, Lamar Jackson is following in Michael Vick’s steps by rushing through defenses, while still getting the job done with his arm. 

This season, Jackson has obviously led the Ravens in passing yards every game, but amazingly has led the team in rushing yards in a game 6 times. Jackson is on pace to become the first quarterback ever to average 200+ pass yards per game while rushing for 60+. Amazingly, Jackson is averaging over 210 passing yards and 80 rushing yards a game which would blow away that feat. Another crazy statistic set by Lamar and his Ravens is that in weeks 10-12 they only punted 2 times! In those two possessions, Robert Griffin III was playing quarterback, Lamar’s backup, due to huge leads by the Ravens which allowed Lamar to take a rest. The Ravens are having a great season and Lamar Jackson’s MVP-like season and versatility is carrying them to the playoffs, and possibly a super bowl.