Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review


Michael Ward

(Note that the Spec-Ops mode will not be in this review but will focus on the Campaign and Multiplayer aspect of the game and that the Spec-Ops Survival (which is separate) mode is exclusive to the PS4 till 10/1/2020)


After the success of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Infinity Ward took a more slowed downed approach to the fast-paced formula that Call of Duty is known for. Though they messed up in a lot of sections of the game with tons of camping and claymores.




The story has 3 playable characters which are Alex, Klye, and Farah who are decent characters with strong goals but Farah is the only character who feels different to play.  Farah is only in two missions but contributes much to the game’s story and the themes that surround the message.The missions are different from each other, with great gameplay and setpieces. I was disappointed that the story wasn’t more mature with many moments feeling dumbed down with it being safe. The game doesn’t make memorable moments in the final few levels, except for a few instances.




The multiplayer is full of campers and claymores everywhere. Players walking around with shields and throwing grenades. The map design is terrible except for a select few maps that are decent enough to play on with the newly introduced mechanic… DOORS! Wow what a “genius” idea. Players are behind a window shooting into a door that make you die in 5 seconds.


Overall, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a game that doesn’t go all the way with its themes and multiplayer being a campfest.


I give this game a 7/10 (If it wasn’t for the campaign’s gameplay, it would have been a 6)