Marlboro High School Wrestling – Interview with Coach Frankel


Andrew DiLiberto, Assistant Editor In Chief

1.How many  years have you been the coach?

This will be my 4th year as head coach.

2. What are your goals for the team this year?

I have high expectations for our team this year. 


– Every wrestler on the team to do well in the classroom- B’s or higher

– Break the school record for wins “16” we tied the record last year

– Make the state sectionals for consecutive years. (last year was the first year in school history we ever qualified)

– Qualify 12 out of the 14 varsity wrestlers for the Shore Conference Tournament

– Qualify at least 4 girl wrestlers for the Girls Regional Championships

– Be top 3 in the District tournament as a team

– Qualify at least 7 wrestlers for the Regional Championships

– Qualify at least 2 to the State Championships

– Have at least 1 NJ state place winner

3.In what ways do you believe the team will be ready for the season?

Even though we currently only have one captain, our team is full of leaders that want one another to succeed. These current juniors and seniors have changed the culture, and will lead by example. We lost a few seniors from last year but return a good amount of varsity and JV wrestlers as well as some very promising freshman that put in the time over the summer to have much success in the upcoming season.

4.What expectations do you have for everyone on the team?

Aside from my goals, my expectations is that we become more than a team, we become united as a family. There will be good times, there will be bad. But if we as a whole look after one another, we push one another to get better every single day, we pick each other up when we are down, we cheer for one another during their victories. So if we become a “family,” “united,” we will be strong,  we will have fun, we will achieve our goals.


5.What accomplishments as a team will make you feel like you had a successful season?

Finish the team with over 40 wrestlers

– Accomplish 4 of my goals listed above


6.What values do you set for yourself as a coach of a team?

As I preach to my athletes, “you can always get better, train like your #2, don’t think you know everything, be coachable.” I set all those values to myself as a coach, I am always looking for new strategies, new techniques, I ask questions to other coaches when I have the chance. I have a lot of room for improvement and when I have an opportunity to learn something new I jump on it.


7.What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

The most rewarding part is  “Seeing my athletes achieve their individual goals,” and at the end of the year, when my athletes come up to me and say, “Thank you for believing in me,”  “You changed my life”.