Joker Spoiler-Free Review


Michael Ward

(Note that such things as important characters and the ending will NOT be in this review for people who do not want to be spoiled.)


Joker was a movie that I was very excited about from the first trailer. I was honestly surprised due to how the trailer made it look like a completely different movie, which was good since the movie surprises you but is still predictable at some points.


The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and his descent into madness and anarchy.  Joaquin puts a great performance as the Joker with how his laugh looks like it physically hurts him.  The movie has a drab and gloomy feeling in the first act and switches to a more colorful pallette when Arthur is at his breaking point with him losing it and becoming more happy because of it.


The cinematography and editing are a highlight, with great transitions between scenes and it keeps you engaged the whole way through the movie. I do think that the movie uses the main theme a bit too much but it is a little nitpick of mine that doesn’t make the movie annoying. Overall, Joker is a fantastic movie with great acting and cinematography that keeps the audience interested.


I give this movie a 9/10.