Amazon Continues to Dominate and Revolutionize the Retail Industry


Jack Jarashow

Not too long ago, if you wanted to buy a toy, you went to Toys R’ Us; if you wanted athletic equipment, perhaps you went to Sports Authority; if you wanted to read, you made a trip to the local bookstore or library. However, with the establishment of Amazon’s online empire, the culture of shopping changed drastically. While Amazon soared to the top, other retail stores were left in the dust, unable to contend with such a quick, convenient, and resourceful service.

Unfortunately for many of these businesses, the competitive force of Amazon only seems to be strengthening. For instance, Amazon plans on investing $800 million in hopes of delivering their free Prime packages in just one day. Certain to transform retail once again, Amazon’s plan successfully addresses the general eagerness of its consumers. After all, how could anyone resist the vast Amazon collection at their fingertips in the matter of only one day.

It is not uncommon for people to fret about Amazon’s growing, dominant presence in the retail industry. The thought that Amazon could destroy businesses and establish yet another reason to avoid genuine human interaction is one that provokes fear of an uncertain future. To be fair to Amazon, however, they are the best at providing their service, and deserve their massive success. Keeping this in mind, people should not hesitate to capitalize on the optimal shopping opportunities that Amazon creates. On the other hand, if the sentiment of traditional shopping is truly important society, there is absolutely no problem with taking the less-traveled memory lane, which still happens to be a viable retail option. While it may seem unsettling to put the retail industry, almost solely, in the hands of such an nontraditional corporation, considering the current direction Amazon is trending towards, they are sure to deliver.