A Gift of the Present – Chloe Wu

Chloe Wu

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but

learning to dance in the rain” -Vivian Greene

To wait for the storm causes anxiety and worry

The more one waits, the more one urges life to hurry

I think dancing in the rain,

Actually eases the pain

Because to live in the moment

Is God’s greatest bestowment

Back in the day

Kids would go out and play

They’d read under a tree

Live life carefree


But in today’s society

We’re consumed by anxiety

Adults dread 90% of their life as they wait to retire

By the time they get to enjoy the other 10%, their life is practically expired


People don’t notice the time lost waiting for problems to mend

Is a mere part of the journey, which would eventually end

People take things for granted, and wait and wait

But do not realize, until it’s too late


It’s easy to see the increased pressure for me

And every teenager living in the 21st century.

Sometimes I forget that I am only fifteen

That in the movie of my life, high school should be the “fun and easy” scene

Yet everyday I think of my grades and school

How do I enjoy life while living up to expectations, my own standards, and rules?

We worry so much, about what the future holds

Even the rich can’t live up to the perfect set molds
Take the SAT scandal for starters.

Lori Loughlin had to bribe 1 million out of concern for her daughters

This woman went through such extremes, distressed over what their futures mean

She and her daughters should have “danced in the rain”

Enjoy the present, admired their fame

Yet Loughlin was so anxious while waiting for the storm

She tried to buy her way out of it, and her daughters a college dorm


It’s funny how to get to happiness

People must struggle for it first

How everyone forces themselves to chug the water

Just to quench their thirst

But I hope they’ve learned

That is not the case

To get to the finish line

You must also enjoy the race


“I can’t wait until I finish with school” I used to say

“I want to retire, so I won’t work a day”


Not until this quote, have I realized some things,

Realized all the time and opportunities that life can bring

That I shouldn’t expedite my life so much

As the present, cannot rewind or ever be touched.