Left Behind – Rahul Trivedi

Rahul Trivedi

Change, all around us wherever we might be,
In the people we meet and in the places we see,
In the things we touch and in the dreams where we’re free,
Change, is that our last plea?

Time passes fast and society moves on.
Life as we know it will soon be gone.
And so people work from the start of dawn,
In hope that their troubles will finally be withdrawn.

And yet I’m still here, left behind,
Where will I be when your lives are refined,
When the things you dreamt are no longer confined,
When the life you live gives you a peace of mind?

Maybe I’ll still be here, waiting like today,
Waiting for things to be just like yesterday,
Hoping that life will give me another chance to convey,
That all I really wanted was for you to stay.