The Story of Roy G. Biv – A. Ferrise

A. Ferrise

There’s a rushing fire,
A grand desire
For power and force
Your heart is beating like a drum as anger fills your blood.

There’s a smile on your face
As you leap around with grace
You lay under the sun,
Determined to know it’s comforting warmth.

There’s a bowl of emotions
Being stirred in a commotion,
For while you lay dying,
Your smile is wide and your mind is content.

There’s a forest to walk about,
Lush grass it cannot be without
Though you want these woods,
You wish for everything else your eyes lay on.

There’s a seagull flying around
Over the ocean it makes a great sound.
You fall into a peaceful slumber,
As a piece of nonfiction lay on your lap and the waves visit land.

There’s a fight on its way,
But you are too logical for the horseplay.
Look towards the time ahead!
Keep your balance and always be prepared.

There’s a ton of colorful balls of light
They fly through your mind and you don’t fright.
Your fantasies would make the best realities,
Run, run through the child of blue and red and don’t wake up!