Regret – Rahul Trivedi

Rahul Trivedi

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Tick Tock Tick Tock,
Time passes by before our very eyes.
From the start of 12 AM on every clock,
Till the “everlasting” light finally dies.

Sometimes I wish we could turn back time,
Maybe take back the things I said that day.
Maybe try to fix the problem instead of sticking to my stance,
And not force things to go my way.

Maybe I should have just held it all in,
Let those gloomy depressing thoughts just burst in thin air.
Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like I committed a sin,
Maybe then I’d feel like someone still cared.

But I guess none if it really matters in the end.
There are so many thoughts that I’d like to admit.
We all have things that we’d like to mend,
But the question is, will it be worth it?

Because regrets don’t only hold you back,
Regrets help you see what’s important.