Ophelia’s Ballad – Chaitanya Kadimisetty

Chaitanya Kadimisetty

Hard to understand, yet easy to see,
My love for thee shall never leave,
Chrysanthemums red and fiery as his blood
Giveth Prince Hamlet, with affections aflood

Returneth not my affection, returneth not my glee
For at every attempt at love, she dares to try and flee
Dearest Ophelia, I must giveth to thee
A token of my love, this aloe for free

My Dear! My Lily, My innocent sister,
Thy must be careful, and not fall for this mister
Young Prince Hamlet doth seek thy to swoon
Sweep thy up in his arms, and see thy as his boon

Proper as a primrose, and sweet as a daisy,
My dearest young daughter has men looking hazy
Thy must be cautious, for man is but a wolf,
Feeding on fair maidens, yet nothing seems aloof.

Among red roses, and bloody thorns there be,
My beloved daughter, in love and not free
Yet however free she may mean to be,
With this pretty little violet, her faith she shall set free.