One Hundred – Bianca Teves

Bianca Teves

(1, 2) 3
sure. let’s see
9, 10, 11
eyes red on december 7
but it’s friday
and i will go. gladly

winter 11… 12… 13…
seconds become an hour, quickly
20 simultaneously! –
21, 22, a little after 6:30
do nothing until 22 becomes 23.
23 – fill a page and a half –
eyes red, words blurry…
snap out of it.

fall into a rhythm 34 35 36
is this halfway or the beginning?
a blue number on 50,
sinking at the message,
but it’s friday
and it turned out all right anyway.

continue 52, 53,
comfort to uncertainty
61, 62. friday
do nothing until we
fill a page and a half
eyes swell by morning,
but they’re clear at noon
and the rhythm matters,
has mattered long before 15, 18
roses sprout and drip mint ice cream.

60s, mint becomes jade and
punctures eyes that want to sleep,
71, 72, 73
days blur into hateful monotony
although wait –
86… 89… 97-98! –
99, spring –
but it’s not friday, just saturday –
eyes see red, then nothing

09, 010, remember violet?
give on friday and regret
fall into a rhythm… a pit
snap out of it!
counting isn’t special,
roses aren’t here.
pages have been blank,
days continuous,
eyes mostly clear.