Seasons of Change – Jessica Mirkin

Jessica Mirkin

A Poem for a Friend

November came and turned my life inside out,
Complete mayhem, chaos; I was through
All had felt hopeless, it was simple better to lie about it –
That was until I met you.

December came and you became a close friend
Someone I could go to when I felt alone,
Or simply when I felt my world was coming to an end,
Where you would say to me, “I’m proud of how much you’ve grown.”

January came and you watched me cry on the phone
Saw my heart get torn in half as my world collapsed around me
Yet somehow you got me to feel grounded once again in that sweet tone,
And reminded me, I’ve been set free.

February came and we watched each other grow from each other
We stayed up for hours simply talking about nothing
Learning that we needed one another,
As ridiculous as it sounds, trust me, I’m not bluffing.

I want to give you white chrysanthemums, pansies; to show my love
And to thank you always being true and putting your faith in me,
Hollyhocks, crocuses, and amaryllis’; embodying the charismatic person I think of.

I would give you a spring flower to resemble my gratitude
To show you just how happy I am
To have met someone as amazing as you,
Because if I had not, I would not be where I currently am.

March came and you told me I’m your best friend
I could feel the warmth of your words sink through my skin
I let the words roll off my tongue to contend
That you are my best friend, the best that’s ever been.