Potential MLB Lockout


Jake Meyer

MLB could have a lockout in the 2020 season.  The primary cause for this potential lockout is because of money.  Firstly, player salaries are increasing, and some players are starting to make 300 million dollars.  Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton are two examples of these salaries.  Another issue is that owners are looking to save money on players’ salaries, and some of the owners want to pay their star players less than what they are worth.  This is causing the players to miss training camps or the preseason.  Third, players are getting one year contracts that are not being signed, causing them to become increasingly frustrated.  Players are beginning to voice displeasure, and are thinking of starting a strike.  Finally, the amount of revenue coming the MLB will eventually cause a strike due to ratings and ticket sales decreasing.  Overall, each of these reasons are contributing to why the MLB could potentially have a strike around the 2020 season.