Captain Marvel Movie Review


Gavin Friedman

Captain Marvel is a movie is about Carol Danvers who is a Kree Soldier, or so you think.  She is chasing down skrulls, who are shape-shifting aliens. In the process, she crashes on Earth and meets Nick Fury, and they go on a wonderful adventure. Now for my review, as someone that reads comics and knows the origin of Captain Marvel I did not personally like this movie. The movie had no comic book relevance, and is an original story using characters names. The movie was also really slow, and they waited way too long to give Captain Marvel her full power.  By that time there was about ten minutes left, and it all happened way to fast. Her abilities included classic laser hands, flight, and a personal defense aura that may allow her to project force fields. My overall opinion of this movie is one of disappointment, and that is saying a lot coming from a person who is usually obsessed with these kinds of movies.